Saturday, May 16, 2015

A Welcome From Chewy!

Earlier dis week, we got asked by Chewy to join their blogger family.  I wuz so eggcited - our pup sisfur Whitley has been doin reviews for Chewy and her and Finley has been gettin all kindsa tasty treats.  So of course we said yup, sign us up!  In case ya don't know, Chewy are an online pet store dat delivers foods and treats right to your doorstep.  Food delivered right to me?  Sounds pawsome!

Our package arrived super quick - we gots it yesterday and me and Crockett wuz all over it, waiting for momma to open it.

We tried to get Angelique to come get in da photo wif us, but she wuz too busy hangin out on da cat tree.

She are still workin on her modelin poses I thinks.

I tried convincin momma dat everything in da box wuz mine since it wuz addressed to me.  No such luck there, but Chewy send enuf dat it are not so bad I gotta share.

Wow, what a welcome package!  Three different kinds of Greenies Treats, 2 Kong toys, some high-quality Kong Catnip (I think da real good stuff are called Chronic on da street, MOL), along wif some fun spring toys and sunglasses!  We scored big!!

Once again, Angie decided to give momma da back of disrespect and refoose to pose.  She's lucky she got some of da treats wif dat attitude!

All dat hairball-control should be useful, since both me and Crockett have been tryin to give Angelique a lotta baffs lately! 

Greenies are made in da USA wif healthy ingredients - and dey is delishus!!  I are gettin hungry just lookin at dat picture!

I tried to claim da salmon ones by rubbin on em.

Here I are givin Greenies my "Happy Buddha" face.

Ok, let's get to handin out da treats momma!

Crockett wuz eager to try em too.

Even Angelique agreed to pose nice to get some Greenies!

Angelique really enjoyed hers!

So did Crockett, he ate his up quick!

And I luved mine!  We got to try all three flavors today and all of em wuz delishus.  We are givin em 12 paws up, lotsa purrs, and one giant razzberry of approval!

We also played wif our new toys some - I claimed da green Kong - I think it goes good wif my eyes, don't you?

Crockett had some fun playin wif da blue Kong.

And Angelique tested out da springs - those are gonna be lotsa fun to knock around da kitchen floor.  In fact, we wuz doing dat dis afternoon!

Whitley stole our sunglasses, sayin somefin bout how she are da one who goes outside and not us so she needs em.  I think she just didn't like dat we got a package and not her!

We wuz super impressed by everything bout Chewy - the super-fast shippin and da great welcome package.  Fanks so much Chewy, we's happy to be members of your blogger family!

Disclaimer: As part of the Chewy Blogger Program, we wuz provided the treats for free for an honest review, but wuz not paid for our opinion.  Unless ya count payment in treats, which are pretty good payment as far as I is concerned.


  1. Luv yer review, kitties... and dat ya gots sum treatz of yer own!!

    And Whitley, you is rockin' dose sunglasses!

    1. It doesn't mean we won't try to steal da dog ones though.

  2. We love those Greenies treats too! Yum.

  3. It looks like you won the lottery :) I LOVE that big razberry of approval.

  4. You got a lot of stuff to review. I eat the Greenies hairball prevention treats. I'm not sure if they work, but they are tasty.

    1. Hairballs ain't too big a problem round here, so we don't know how we'll know if they're workin for that. But dey are yummy!

  5. You kittehz scored big!
    We love those little plastic springs, too. Our Mommy says they hurt when you step on them.

  6. We love greenies over here! And that was one fun package to get in the mail! Our Mama is going to look the hairball control greenies up. They would help this time of the year when lots of our furs are being dropped and slopped! :)

    the critters in the cottage xo

    1. Yup, hairballs are definitely somefin ya wants to avoid in da spring.

  7. SCORE!!
    OMC! What a haul!

    Pawppy loved that razmataz of a Crockett tongue, MOL!

    1. Yeah, he really gave a super razzberry.

  8. Great review friends ! You got a lot of cool stuff ! Purrs

  9. We order from them too...we LOVED seeing all of you in action, 'specially the SUPER-RAZZ!!

  10. Oh my, what a package! And Travis, how nice from you to share :P


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