Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Finley's Celebration of Life

Finley will be making her way to da land of infinite steaks and bacon tomorrow around 2:30 central time.

It just seems like she is getting worse everyday. She's having a harder time walking and standing and seeming more and more disoriented and had a couple of incontinence issues. And the yelping in pain is getting worse - it takes her forever to exhaust herself and just go to sleep. 

We're gonna miss our big woofie sister.

She's always been very sweet to us kitties.

Finleys's had a tuff life wif her itchies and arthritis. She also had a low-grade heart murmur her entire life. She survived her hip dislocation back in April 2020 (including an infection from the sling where her leg was literally starting to rot) was her rally. She managed to walk again (although never very good) and make it a whole nother year.

But in true terrier fashion, she never gave up. 

We had a celebration of Finley dinner tonite - she got steak and vanilla ice cream. 

We got some steak too.

And she's going to get a bacon and egg breakfast tomorrow.

We're gonna miss our big sister.


  1. Oh I know this is sad but if Finley is tired and wants to go, her little body has fought long to stay with you and I know she will be missed. I loved seeing her in the selfies.

    I am so glad she is being treated like a queen with such lovely food.

    Bless you * hugs for Finley *

  2. Purrs and prayers for an easy transition OTB for Finley. We're glad she is getting spoiled and extra love from all of you.

    The Florida Furkids and Mom Sharon

  3. This is Lulu. It truly breaks my heart reading this. I had the honor of meeting Finley in the furs a few years back. I love you Finley! You will be missed precious.😢

  4. guys; finley had de best life with ewe; and we noe her's gonna watch out for ewe all and de momma, once her getz ta heaven

    we R sorree; we understand how hard this iz ♥♥♥ hugs and lovez frum all oh uz ♥♥♥♥♥♥

  5. I'm so very sorry. What a beautiful celebration you're giving her before she leaves. Sending much love and purrs.

  6. I am sorry you all have to make such a hard decision but she had a good life with you and is now ready for her next life. Love and hugs to all of you.

  7. Prayers from all of us too. It's never easy but we know that Finley is telling you it is time. Love and hugs.

  8. Long live Finley's sweet memories.
    She is getting the royal treatment, as she so deserves...and then may her journey be peaceful and easy...and may all the realms of heavenly furs greet her with welcoming woofs and purrs.

    (((((Love and hugs to all of you ♥ )))))

  9. Fly free Finley ! Purrayers to you and all who love you !

  10. I’m so sorry about Finley. But it sounds like she got a wonderful send off. Sending you all many comforting purrs.

  11. I'm so sad for all of you. It sounds like Finley got so much love and goodies.


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