Saturday, October 23, 2021

Caturday Art


Happy Caturday pals!

Well, it's been a pretty good Caturday. I got bacon dis morning (well, momma calls it morning. It wuz afternoon, MOL!) and I spent da day hanging out wif my momma.

And the dog had to get groomed, so that wuz funny. Good thing it's not ME!

Here's momma's Caturday Art for today. She finished a painting too, but since it is going to be a surprise for Bowie's momma, we won't be showing it for a while.


  1. Any day that involves bacon and doesnt involve grooming has to be a good day, in our book at least. Plus your moms artwork always makes us smile, though this week Mrs H cant read what is on the stone, and hopes whoever it was got their bacon too, as well as their chips, MOL

  2. Happy Caturday! I wish my human ate bacon, but alas, our home is bacon-free.

  3. Glad you got your bacon and that is lovely art once again!

  4. Bacon!! Yum!
    Hanging out with your Momma sounds like the best kind of day! Is that a mouse that was RP n your art?? MOL!
    If you say that the painting is a surprise...for Bowie's Momma, well, now she knows that she has a surprise coming her way! LOL!!! You let the cat out of the bag, so to speak, Travis:)

    1. Well, she knew there wuz a painting - she just duzn't know what it are!

  5. Bacon is yummy no matter what time of day it is served. Your Mom's drawing is terrific, we got a kick out of the rest in pieces it reminds us of a book series we read.

  6. Oh, that Caturday Art made Mummy giggle!

  7. Any day that starts with bacon is a good day.

  8. That is good art, and I am glad you got your bacon.


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