Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Happy First Day of Summer!


Well, according to da calendar, it are da furst day of summer. Apparently whoever makes calendars duz not live in Texas since we has been having triple digit weather since early May. Whatefur.

We has popsicle bandanas on to celebrate. I wonder if any of em is tuna-flavored?

Didya see a certain someone modeling on da Summer Solstice badge on da Cat Blogosphere? Dat's right, it's our very own Bowie (and Kinley too, but really, who cares about da D-O-G?)

Happy Summer ya'll! And hope you find some tuna-sicles.


  1. Pour the margaritas, and have a happy first day of summer!

  2. I hope you all are always cool cats! Love the badge!

  3. Happy 1st day of summer ! I can't wait til fall. :)

    1. MOL, momma actually likes da hots, so she are happy.

  4. Its been hot since way before the official day, here, too. Why don'r we furs just make the calendar correspond to the right season by the temps and weather?? Makes a lot more sense!


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