Saturday, May 31, 2014

Sepia Caturday

Hey y'all.  It has been an ok Caturday round dese parts - it woulda been better wif bacon.  I got excited when da humans started eatin brunch - scrambled eggs, biskits, wait, somefin are missin!!  Where are my bacons?  Momma said somefin bout runnin outta it, I think dat are a pretty lame excuse.  She probably ate it all.  I just went to sleep when I saw there was no bacon, if there's no bacon, there's no point in me being awake.

Me and Crockett are gettin along pretty good.  He are now runnin all round da house - we plays a lot, but dere have been some hisses and growls too.  I mean, I's a nice guy and all, but there are only so long ya can put up wif a kitten bitin your tail.

I's also been super affectionate to my momma - I wants dat attenshun too!  I are still cute and adorable, dat lil dude are cute and all, but don't forget bout me!

And don't forget da bacon again, MOL!!!


Monday, May 26, 2014

Happy Memorial Day!

Happy Memorial Day!

It were a good day for me - I finally got some of dat bacon, even if it were, uh, "well-done" as ya might say.  It's still bacon and still tasty, hee hee!!  Da lil dude ain't gettin offered any yet since he are tiny and da peeps don't wanna upset his lil system.  And Maurice don't like it.  So all I has to share wif are da peeps and da woofies - so far.

Hope ya got some tasty treats today!


Sunday, May 25, 2014

Black and White Sunday

It's been a fun day round here - lotsa playin!  I been showin Travis all da cool places to explore in my room.  Dat lil dude are brave - he bounces right up to our woofies and wants to play wif em.  Da peeps are still holdin dem back - dey are nice to us kitties, but he are a tiny lil dude.  Dey do gets to sniff him and play a lil, but dey figure "better safe dan sorry."  Or somefin.

I didn't get any bacon dis mornin, or yesterday!  Dis are an outrage, I demands my weekend bacon!!!  Maybe I'll get some tomorrow, otherwise I are gonna start tellin da peeps off!


Saturday, May 24, 2014

Sepia Saturday

Happy Sepia Caturday!  We's been havin a fun day - playin and rasslin and all dat.  I been showin Crockett all kindsa fun stuff like my favorite hidey holes and new toys and all dat.  He are one cool lil dude.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Happy Birthday Finley

Today it are Finley's 8th birthday!  She are one of our woofies - not da one who is always woofin though!

Happy birthday Finley!

In other news, me and da lil Crockett dude are gettin along great, we are playin a ton.  And I are teachin him all kindsa cool things, like how to hop over da baby gate!  MOL!  And I gave him a bath earlier today too - I think we are gonna be real good pals.


Tuesday, May 20, 2014


Howdy, everybuddy! Travis already made my hellos fur me, but I thought I'd pop in and give my vershun of how thangs is goin'....
There I wuz last Saturday in da Petco in Garland, playin' wiff my brudder Sparks, anudder orangie, when dis trio of ladies came in. It were Momma and her girls-- one is Travis' momma, da udder Maurice's... I decided to turn on da charm, made da squee worthy meow face, tried to stick my nose thru the holes in da plastic window, you names it, I tried it. My brudder wuz turnin' it on, too. But the lady from Feral Friends weren't there, so they hadda call her and come back on Sunday. After playin' and pettin' both us guys, they picked ME! They wuz sayin' it wuz cuz I wuz a lil bit bolder and dat in their ranchero that would come in handy. So inta da crate I went, and they went shoppin' fur evfun more kitty stuff than they had before! Oh boy, all that's fur me! Yippee!
My name usta be Turbo, cuz I's so fast! But they gave me a brand spankin' new moniker... Crockett! After Davy Crockett, hero of da Alamo! I thinks they gots a theme goin' or sumthin' with the names fur da orangies 'round here... I likes it! Crockett, King of the Wild Frontier! Crockett da Rocket!! Yep, it'll do...
Well, I got here and everybuddy is purdy nice. There's Travis, of course, and I took to him right away cuz he's orange like me and my Momma. He took off at furst, but I think he wuz skeered of da dawgs' excitement and Maurice's hissin'-- well, I hissed back at dat big black and white guy, I ain't no chiggen, and that mighta skeered him, too! But he came back and we's been playin' more and more ev'ry day. Maurice is still hissin', but I think he's startin' to come 'round. He came into da kitchen tonight and watched me and Travis play. Maybe he will join in sometime soon.
Da dawgs have quit bein' quit so intense, if ya gits my drift. Da furst day, I thought Whitley was gonna have palpitations, she were so excited! I knows I's cute, but really, Whit, calm down 'fore ya has a heartomatack! Finley just stared and were kinda creepy, but she's gotten ovfur it. Right now, we's both nappin' in Momma's lap together.
Everybuddy is real nice here, and I gets lots of holdin' time, which I luvs. Da bestest place to nap is on a person, at least dat's whut I thinks!
Here's some photos of me, everybuddy 'round here is a papparazzi or sumthin'-- it's click, click, click all day long!

Y'all come back, now, ya hear?

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Introducing Crockett

Well, I'd been callin for reinforcements for my orange tabby army to defend Texas, and finally Crockett showed up.

Yep, my grandma adopted dis lil orange dude.  Contrary to some roomers ya may hear, I were not scared of him at first.  I just didn't like all da hissin dat him and Maurice were doing and da dogs were all excited and so I decided to beat a quick retreat to my room and go under my bench to form a good battle plan for me and da little dude.  

Soon I was puttin him through trainin, since dat are da job of a Commandin Officer.  Or "playin" as your humans may call it.  It are really trainin in da art of ribbon fightin . . . 

Now, off to go draw a line in da litter with my claws . . . 

- Travis

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Sepia Caturday

Happy Sepia Caturday!  It were a pretty good Caturday round here - I got some bacon dis mornin!  And it were delishus, even if I did have to share wif da peeps and da dogs.  Really, I should be gettin all da bacon, but no matter how much I meow, nobody listens.

Den my momma disappeared for hours and years or somefin and she came back smellin like kitten.  Hmmm, I wonder where she was . . . 

Monday, May 12, 2014

Limerick Day

Happy Limerick Day!  I saw dat Oz the Terrier is having a limerick writin contest, so I started thinkin.  And I thought I would write a limerick about my favorite thing . . .

I's a hungry kitty, yes I am
I luvs me some bacon and some ham
I don't need no fork
Just give me some pork
And I'll purr you a loud, "thank you ma'am!"

Did ya hear dat momma - I's starvin over here!!!

Look at me, I'm wastin away!!!  Da starvation has gotten so bad, I had to rip open da brand new dog food bag just to eat!

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Black and White Mother's Day

For dis Black and White Sunday, I thought I'd share a photo of me and my momma.  Well, let's put it dis way - she thought we'd do that, I were not so excited bout posin, I were more excited bout da crabcakes she were gonna make for her momma's brunch.  Anyways, we hopes y'all have a nice Mother's Day and give your momma some extra snuggles today!

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Sepia Caturday!

Happy Sepia Caturday!

It's been a good Caturday around here - da sun is shinin, da burds are entertainin me on Burd TV, and bestest of all - I gots BACON today!

I started goin crazy in da kitchen when da bacon came out of da package, I were meowsin and pawin at da counter.  And da craziness continued while da bacon were cookin and all da way through breakfast. And it paid off, my cute lil screamy face earned me some bacon!

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

More Ham for Me!

I's been a lil bacon-deprived lately - I hasn't gotten bacon since Saturday which I fink are WAY too long.  But I has been gettin another tasty treat and it are ham.  Some of da peeples been makin ham sandwiches round here and everytime I fink dat's what dey might be doing I rush in and gives dem my best adorable kitten face.

Den I scream for ham.

And it have been workin like a charm.  Last night, da grandpa dude ate a ham sandwich and he forgot to give me any!  OMC, I meowed big time then he went back into da kitchen and came out wif ham for me and Maurice.  But Maurice did not eat his ham.  Are you ok BFF??

See dat face?  Dat are da face of a kitty who don't know a treat when he are given one.  But I's ok wif Moe bein tastebud-challenged, since it just means more ham for ME!

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Black and White Sunday

Can ya beleeve it were a no-bacon Sunday round here?  Instead da peeples just ate some kinda borin coffee cake.  My momma said she can't eat bacon everyday, otherwise she'd end up lookin like a porker.  Well, dat do not explain why she didn't cook it for ME!

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Sepia Caturday!

Happy Sepia Saturday Caturday!  It has been a pretty good Caturday for me, I got some bacon dis morning!

See, nobody could resist givin dis cute lil face some bacons!!

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Sunshine Award

I got da Sunshine Award from my pal Finley today.  Fanks Finley!

Da Sunshine Award are given by bloggers to other bloggers dat dey admires.  Here are how it works . . . 
1.  Thank da person who gave ya da award.
2.  Name 10 things bout yourself dat others might not know.
3.  Pass the award on to ten other bloggers (show da Sunshine Award logo so dey can use it too!)

Ok, well, I already fanked Finley, so I guess it are time for 10 things bout me.

1.  I are a World Class Biscuit Maker.  I knead my momma all da time - every night!  And I also has been known to make biscuits on blankies, my cat bed, da chair, and even Whitley!

2.  I like to get high.

3.  I tried to steal a turkey leg dis Fanksgivin.  It didn't work becuz I was too small and da leg were too big.  Since I's gotten bigger, I'm hopin it'll work dis year.

4.  I has a super-loud purrbox.  I are so loud dat I can be heard from cross da room!

5.  I has bout a million jillion different meows.  I can even sound like 2 cats havin a cat fight!

6.  I NEVER has used my claws on peeples or bitted them.  Momma says dat dis are extremely rare - I don't know why anycat would wanna scratch or bite peeples, I just luvs dem!  I even luv da vetman - he luvs me right back and wants to steal me.  He are always sayin he would take me if my momma didn't want me no more - well dat are not gonna happen, and besides, get in line dude!

7.  I luv gettin my tummy rubbed.

8.  I has never met anybody I don't like.  I just luvs all da peeples, doggies, and kitties I's met.  I's a very easy-going dude.

9.  I loom over my momma for bacon from my cat tree.

10.  I are a nip addict and steal catnip toys.  I puts dem all in my room and a lotta times dey end up in my momma's bed!

Da 10 bloggers I are nominatin are:

5.  Maurice
7.  Madi

And here are a picture of me lookin all adorable and stuff!