Saturday, January 31, 2015

Sepia Caturday

Would you deny dese three cute lil kitty faces bacon??  My peeps did dis morning, dey didn't make any!  OMC!!!  It was a TRAVISty.  At least we got some of da scrambly eggs.  But no matter how much da dogs go nutso for it, eggy weggy are not bacon.

Ya know what would really make tomorrow a "Super" Sunday?  Bacon!!

Friday, January 30, 2015

Sossidge Night

My momma makes a pizza every Friday night, well pretty much.

She cooks up Eyetalian sossidge for da other peeps to have on theirs, but she just likes plain cheese.

Which means she has no problem sharin dat tasty sossidge with hungry kitties who keep her company in da kitchen.  Which means I get some sossidge most Friday nights, which makes me a happy kitty.  I dunno why she doesn't want it on her pizza, but I'm happy to take it!

P.S. - See, Crockett does keep dat tongue in sometimes!

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Sunday Selfies

Well, no bacon dis mornin - even though we all got up on da cat tree in our bacon receivin posishuns. I keep hearin dis stuff bout diets and how da peeps can't eat bacon everyday.  No one asked dem to eat it everyday, just cook it for us!!

Well, after dis mornin's disappointment, Crockett decided to go nap in da bathtub.  What da meow?  I like explorin a damp bath tub as much as da next cat (probably more dan to be honest), but ya won't catch me nappin in dere.  Doesn't he know da peeps sometimes turn dat water on?

Somehow I don't think Crockett or his tongue care about dat.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Caturday Bacon

Another Caturday, another bacon-filled brunch!  Dis mornin I tried to claim a place at da table since Crockett's daddy wuzn't here - I figured I could maybe get his two slices of bacon dat way.  But it didn't work out and I wuz forced to go to da cat tree, dat are da closest to da foodz dat da mommas will tolerate us bein.  But I did get some delishus bacon, we all did.

Angelique are really becomin one of da pack (I know dat are used to describe dogs and not cats, but ingore dat).  She are hangin out more and more wif me and Crockett and we are havin all kindsa fun chasin each other all over da house.  And dat floofers on her - well, she needs some help wif da groomin, and ya knows me, I luvs to groom other kitties.  One thing I don't luv though are nail trims.   And we all got ours done last night.  I thought I'd escaped dat, but den I made da mistake of crawlin on Crockett's momma and she got me.  Oh well, we're all gonna have to work on sharpenin em back up.  Ya never can tell when one of dem dogs are gonna get outta line.  Dey don't very much, but Whitley's on da roids right now for her hot spot, and she might come sniffin round my foodz.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Sunday Selfies

Well, da mommas didn't disappoint and we got our weekend bacon today.  And it wuz delishus!  I claimed my rightful spot on da top of da cat tree, Crockett wuz on da level below me, and Angelique wuz da level below him.  It are like some kinda kitty totem pole, MOL!  Angelique's gettin smarter, she made sure she made it into da kitchen early today so she didn't miss any bacon.

P.S. Today are our one year blogaversary!!

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Sepia Caturday

It wuz a no-bacon Caturday for us.  Da peeps had sin-a-men pecan coffee cake instead.  I tried to steal some of it, but got chased off da counter.  Momma's promised me bacon tomorrow and says I shouldn't be complainin since I got mid-week bacon.  I guess I'll just have to see if she follows through wif da promised bacon tomorrow.

Angelique's finally discovered da joy of cat piles.  Last night she got up on my bed wif me and Crockett and today she was snugglin in da cat tower wif Crockett.

Dey's only 3 months apart, but Crockett are a lot bigger than she are.  I are still da big boss of da house though, at least for now.

Hope y'all have a happy Caturday!

Thursday, January 15, 2015

My Dream Came True!

Last night, I wuz cuddled up in my bed wif Crockett.  And we wuz both dreamin dreams of delishus mouth-waterin maple bacon.  Now, I usually has dese dreams, but dis one wuz really vivid - almost like da bacon wuz real.

Den I woke up, and my dream came true!  Mid-week bacon!  Da mommas had decided to have breakfast for dinner and made scrambled eggie weggies, toast, and BACON!  Which meant mid-week bacon!!!  Dat almost never happens round here.

We wuz three very happy kitties!

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Sunday Selfies

Angelique is looking pretty and floofy in her selfie.

A lil Crockett tongue for all you tongue fans.

And me, I'm just dreamin bout bacon.  Which didn't happen today, but it are still worth dreamin bout. We's all relaxin and watchin da Cowboys now and hopin for some good eats later.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Madi's Box Bash

Sarge is hostin a Box Bash for Madi today in celebrayshun of her term as Blogville Mayoress.  And while we didn't get our pictures in in time to be part of da offishul post, we wuz not bout to miss out on da fun.

I smells bacon in da air, which makes sittin in dis box even better.

Even Angelique cooperated and let da momma take her photo in a box!

Hope ya has a pawsome day filled wif some quality box time.

Thursday, January 8, 2015


We's furozen here - luckily all of us are warm and snuggly inside.

But da cold weather has given us all da zoomies - and we's all been wantin to play a lot.

Me and Crockett are keepin an eye on da wand toy my momma was makin fly for us.

Angelique are snuggled down after she finished bunny kickin dat nip toy - she are hangin out wif us more and more.  She are definitely da lil princess of da house and makes sure everybody knows it.  I even let her have some of my cat food last night, what can ya say, ladies first?  I's a gentleman cat I guess.  It's not like it wuz bacon.