Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Kittens Can Be Useful

Hi, everycat.  Jezebel here.

I know what you're thinking with that title.  Really?  Kittens?  Those disgusting little cutie pies that make the humans go "awwwww" and start talking like they've hit their heads.  "Who's da cutie pie kittencakes?  You are, yes you are."  Really, it can be a little disgusting.  Especially to an almost 21 year old cat.

But before you older cats go dismissing kittens entirely, they do have a few benefits.  Maybe not enough to have to put up with one, but if your human slaves insist on bringing you home a new brother or sister, I want to make sure you know how to take advantage of the situation.

First of all, kittens want to eat A LOT, which means that the slaves will be feeding cats more often.  Take advantage of it!  Make sure that you get some of that extra food too.  Don't let the kitten reap all the rewards.  Also, kittens will eat up your leftovers so you'll never have to eat dried out old food.  Or be expected to do so by the slaves.

And the human slaves really like use baby talk on the kittens.  Which means, hopefully, they'll be using it less on you.  Hopefully there will be a little less of that "sweetie," "fluffy," and other disgusting nicknames since they'll be using those on the kitten.  At least one can hope.

And my favorite thing, about kittens is that they're warm.  Us older cats can get cold, especially in the winter.  A kitten who insists on cuddling you can be used as a space heater.

So if your human slaves force you to put up with all that nauseau-inducing kitten cuteness, make sure you take advantage of the situation.



  1. These ish all catastic thought, Jezebel - more food from our cat slave ish always, always a great thing and honestly, I hopes yew dun minds my saying thish but yer baby brofur ish furry cute too. I means, of course yew ish still Queen Of The House and always wills be - just makes sure he totally unndertands that, and I finks it will be fine!

  2. Awww.... you and Travis looks cute all cuddlin 'up... but I's kinda jealous, ya usually cuddles me...

  3. Cindi Lou Who here. Being the senior cat at this house I agree with all of the above. When my slave brings home one of those little kitten creatures there is always more food and goodies available. The baby talk gets a little disgusting at times but for more goodies I'll take it.

  4. Jezabel you hit this one right on the kittens head! We have a new one here and he can be a handful but Me-Ow, our stinky goodness quota has gone way up!
    Glad to see you are set up with such a fine bloggie!

  5. meowloz jezz & travis N how ewe iz !!! hope all bee well in de lone star state...we iz not a loud ta play on line on de week oh endz sew we haz missed a few posts

    did ya get all yur stuffz kleered off catster...hope sew N ya could get it all saved bee for they shut down :(

    knot much goin on in de land oh trout cept snow N mor of it.....hay, ya want sum !!!


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