Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Remembering Madi

Hey pals! Today we are remembering our good pal Madi. Since Madi's signature color wuz RED, we is rockin red baseball bandanas. 

Angelique thinks Madi musta been on to something - look at how dat red sets off gray and white furs.

I hopped in dis box for Madi. Well, ok, I LUVS boxes (like most of us cats) and woulda hopped in it anyways, but ya can't prove I didn't do it for Madi.

And since Madi luved to laff, here are Crockett, givin his signature razz. 

And I wrote a poem for Madi too -

Dere wuz a gorgeous girl named Madi 
Her Raz shure wuz a lucky laddie
She wuz a sweet gal, never a jerk
And she really luved to dance and twerk
She wuz a great friend and so much fun
We are all gonna miss her a ton


  1. We dint know Madi, but we have been admiring all the red she loved we see in her tributes. And all the tributes from her friends...

  2. Oops, we specifically meant to mention we noticed the red bandanas you are all wearing in remembrance. That was a nice detail...

  3. Nice poem and great tribute to Madi, the twerking queen :) XO

  4. Dear Angie, Travis and Crocket!
    Your hearts are each the size of Texas and they are full of kitty love. As always your scarves are purrfectly gorgeous and your momma knocked the poetry out of the ballpark with one of her best poems!
    Your bfffffff x87
    Angel Madi and mom

  5. Awww...thanks for that super poem and you all look great in your red bandanas!

    Madi's guy Raz and The Florida Furkids

  6. we were sad to hear about Madi,hugs Speedy

  7. You all look good in your red bandanas for Madi. That is a great poem too.

  8. Such a wonderful tribute for Madi...and the pawfect poem!
    Rosy, Jakey & Arty

  9. guyz...thiz izza awesum post for madi !!!!! we noe herz lovin it ......♥♥♥

  10. We love how you pay tribute to Madi.

  11. Fabulishious post for a fabulishious lady cat! I KNOW she would have rocked one of your bandanas but I must say Angelique IS the cat's MEOW!!! Red IS her colour!


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