Tuesday, November 16, 2021

New Bandanas


So yeah, I'm back in oh-so-eggciting Lubbock now, but I figgered y'all wouldn't mind another post featuring Bowie and Angelique wif pics from last week when I wuz in marginally-more-exciting Plano.

My momma made us all new bandanas.

The white side has squirrels. Angelique said SOMETHING about that being appropriate for a pair of orange cats.

Who could she be talking about??

The green side has deer - I'll try to get a better pic soon, but it wuz a fun fall-themed bandana.


  1. Gee, I guess Angelique thinks you boys have the same colouring as squirrels. Maybe, but you two boys are way cuter ;)
    Those bandanas are really nice!
    Purrs, Julie

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  3. Those are some cute bandanas ... Angelique, you be nice to those boyz!

  4. You all look fabulous in those new bandanas!

  5. Very nice. You all look adorable. XO

  6. How nice that everyone got new bandanas!

    1. Yeah, and momma has been making some more for Christmas.

  7. New bandanas! More wardrobe accessories; love the themes of deer and squirrels!
    Watch out that your doggy sisfurs don't try to chase them, LOL!


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