Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Cats in Quarantine

Another day of quarantine, another new bandana to model. 

Now momma knows how we feel. Stuck inside, wanting to get out and KILL something.

She hasn't started hunting lizards yet, but she did seem to really enjoy killing that mayfly that got in the house the other day . . . 

Some of y'all have asked how Finley is doing. She's doing really well - her hip is still in place and she's moving better all the time. She still has to be on restricted activity for the rest of the month, but it seems like it is healing well.

Tonite there wuz pork!

We've heard some alarming rumors about a pork shortage - da mommas better get to the grocery store and make shure the hoarders don't grab up our bacon!

After all, there's cats that need it!


  1. I'm so glad Finley is improving. And definitely, your mom needs to get those pork products.

  2. Glad to hear you kitties and Finley are doing OK. We'll keep our paws crossed about the looming bacon shortage.

    1. It are not gonna be pretty if I don't get my bacon!

  3. Cute bandanas. We stashed some pork chops in our freezer. Sadly, no room for bacon or a big pork shoulder (for carnitas). Hopefully the hoarders won't hoard it all.

  4. I'm glad that Finley is healing well!

  5. We're so glad Finley is feeling better ! Purrs

  6. That is good news about Finley. I hope the mommas get plenty of pork in before the hoarders grab it all.

  7. We're glad to hear Finley is doing better too. Yes, go fetch the bacon!

  8. We're so happy to hear Finley is doing well. Go get the BACON!!!

    The Florida Furkids


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