Saturday, April 25, 2020

Happy Birthday Brinley!

Another day, another dog birthday! Today it are Brinley's fourth birthday!

Brinley is the less crazy of the two young pups. Well, unless it's 2 AM and there's windshield wipers on the TV. MOL!

She's "technically" Bowie's sister, but since we all live together, she's everyone's sister. Well, she's actually Kinley's cousin if ya wanna get into genetics . . . But we prefur getting into bacon, which we got this morning since it wuz her birthday! And we're all getting STEAK for dinner!

So happy birthday Brinley!

Now we gotta wait almost a whole month for another birthday . . .  


  1. Woofies have birfdays? Who knew? Are they called woofdays?

    Happy Woofday!

  2. Thanks fur da birthday wishes, kitties!

  3. Happy Birthday to your doggy sisfur!!

    You sure benefited from those pups' special days:)

  4. Happy birthday to Brinley! And paws up for bacon and steak (neither of which I ever get!)!

  5. Happy birthday Brinley! Wow, bacon and steak! You are all eating the best things.

  6. Happy Happy 4th Birthday Brinley!! We are certain your Mama will make it extra special! Have a most pawesome day!

  7. 🐾😽💞Clean Pawkisses for a Happy Birthday, Brinley🎉🎉🎉


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