Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Christmas Can't Be Far Away


Christmas is coming, it's practically here! 

Yup, it's Christmas Eve Eve in da casa de los Lone Star Cats, and for once, all the presents are wrapped, all da cookies are baked, and da mommas is just relaxing wif da fireplace and da Christmas movies. It are kinda nice. 

In prior years, our pals have always liked seeing our Christmas decorations, so we thought we'd show them off again. There'll be more pics of the living room and the tree tomorrow.

The front door.

Da wreath.

The front door.

I still say they need light up CATS. My momma says if they saw some, they'd get them.

The wooden deers.

I'm not the only one who likes Christmas lights. 

More light up dudes.

Our house is the brightest one the block. Not that there's a ton of competition.

Even momma's 'stang dresses up and wears antlers and a Rudolph nose.

Yeah, we like lights.

This lil dude are on the porch.

The backyard is decorated too.

As is the carport.

And the back fence.

Yeah, the mommas are the only ones in the nayborhood who do this. 

There's even a wreath back there.

And here's our Christmas tree.

I'll show some more pics of it tomorrow.

Now for my momma's room.

Da wreath.

Da dog's crate. Yeah, she's da living Buddy the Elf.

Our cards!

It's like da North Pole in here.

There's Christmas stuff everywhere.

My momma's bed.

Yeah, ya could say she likes Christmas.

He's new this year.

Her mini pink tree.

These guys are new too.

The countdown Santa! 

I told ya everything wuz decorated . . . 

There's no such thing as too much Christmas.

Obviously momma never heard less are more.

The lights stay on 24/7. 

And Christmas music are playing constantly.

Somehow she always finds room for new stuff.

Yeah, there's a lot.

Her ceramic tree.

Another view.

I luv it when it's all decorated.

Oh, and I almost forgot - right above my food bowl, MOL.

Meowy Christmas!!


  1. WOW!! You have the most decorated home we have ever seen!!
    That really is a Christmas wonderland!!!! Pawsome :)
    Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Purrs, Julie and the mum

  2. We JUST LOVE seeing your house all decorated inside and out every single year. It's part of our Christmas fun!! The coolest thing is even though every inch is covered with something it looks neat and beautiful and so HAPPY......we do hope all of you have a MAGICAL Christmas and a healthy new year too. Thanks for being our friends.

    Hugs, Teddy and Mom Pam

  3. WOW oh WOW, your Christmas decorations are beautiful, really!!!

  4. Amazing ! You do love Christmas and lights indeed, it's magical ! Merry Christmas ! Purrs

  5. Wowsers!!! What gorgeous lights...we always love seeing yor house at Christmas!!

  6. Wow ! What great decorations. We think the little wooden dude on the porch looks a bit like Bowie...

  7. Wow, that is a lot of decorating! No wonder it takes the mommas so much time to get it all done. They must be exhausted by the time they finish, but it is worth it.

  8. I am most impressed. Your family could be on the show, America's Great Christmas Light fight. You are definitely all on the nice list except for those stinkin elves. XO

  9. You guys really know how to get tricked out for Christmas! That's awesome!

  10. Oh, My Catness!!
    I have seen it before, and still it never ceases to amaze me!! Wowzers!!

    So pretty!!

    Those new soft snowpeeps carrying a little pup reminded me of MJF...he sort of loved Christmas, too...our hooligans now, don't even touch the wrapping paper....they must know about 'being good'...MOL!

    1. Finley used to love to rip open presents. Now Kinley will sort of open them with her paws, but nobody opens like Finley did in her prime.


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