Friday, December 25, 2020

Meowy Christmas!


Meowy Christmas y'all!

It wuz a tuff year for us (like it wuz for so many kitties and peeps), so we have really been looking forward to Christmas.

After all, we MORE than earned those presents.

It looks like Santa came!

He stuffed the peeps' stockings.

And look at all those presents. There's gotta be some good stuff for us under there!

Bowie got to get his presents furst.

Nip toys! And a nip mat! And a bandana!

He wuz really getting into da nip.

A face dis cute just had to make da nice list.

And Santa Paws really delivered!

As did our Secret Paws, da kitties (and human) at Life and Cats! We got a package of Temptations, 3 felt toys from Haus Panther, and some super strong Yeowww nip sardines. Fanks so much! 

Those nip sardines are amazing!

Angelique couldn't wait to get her presents.

I think Santa musta heard she liked feathers.

And nip!

She got a nip mat and a bandana as well as lotsa feathery toys.

I wuz very excited about opening my Secret Paws presents.

Do I smell nip?

I told ya those sardines were amazing.

Ok, maybe I got a lil stoned.

But can ya blame me, look at all dat nip Santa left! 

I got nip toys, a nip mat, and a bandana.

I guess Santa heard I wuz a good kitty! 

Meowy Christmas pals!!


  1. Merry Christmas. Not too much nip! Your gifts are exciting and you look sweet.

  2. Merry Christmas!!

    That nip sure got you all in its grip!!

    We had nip sardines here too...and the gently used ones went to the shelter, so they too could have their Christmas 'fix'!

  3. Wow! You guys had an awesome Christmas!

  4. What a pawsome Christmas ! Pixie loves those sardines too, and says you can never have too much nip. Merry Christmas ! Purrs

  5. You all must have been really good for Santa to bring you so many great gifts! Don't worry about getting stoned, it is Christmas after all.

    1. Yeah, this whole next week are gonna be purrfect for being stoned!

  6. I'm so glad you sweeties had a fabulous Christmas, that's quite the haul!

  7. Santa came! He treated you well. With gifts and treats ... for
    good kitties all.
    Happy, happy, merry meowy!

  8. Wow! You guys hit the Christmas presents jackpot!

  9. Oh my goodness, you all made out like bandits this Christmas!

  10. Your home looks gorgeous as ever! Love your tree! So happy the kitties had a great Christmas and I hope the humans did too! xoxo

  11. Santa and your Secret Paws sure delivered to your house this year! WOWY! You got lots of good stuffs there!

    Your xmas tree is loaded to the gild with ornies and it is super pretty, too! Tummy tickles.


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