Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Snuggle Kitty??

So I think I've menshuned this before, but I've never really been a lap kitty. I like some headrubs and pets, but it's always been on my terms. I wuzn't one to snuggle wif da momma either. But for the past few nights, not only have I been wanting to sleep right up next to my momma, I've literally been wanting hugs and snuggles.

Bowie's always been a lap kitty - maybe he convinced me of da benefits of it. Or maybe Angelique did.

Or maybe it's just gonna be a cold winter, MOL!

My lip is still VERY puffy. Momma told me dat I missed da boat on da Kylie Jenner lip challenge by YEARS and that besides, that wuz for thin-lipped teen girls, not kitties. She thinks she are funny.

I think a certain sister needs a nail trimming.

Bowie (and the scratch above his eye) second that motion! 

Sunday, November 17, 2019

Sunday Selfies and Nip Madness

Hey pals! It's Sunday and we've got selfies. 

Ya might notice me and da lil dude are lookin a lil beat up in our selfies. Well, there's one girl to blame for that . . . 

Yeah, those daggers of fury of Angelique. Bowie got a scratch above his eye and I took it on the lip (again).

Yeah, my bottom lip is swollen, but it has stayed the same this weekend, so momma's just watchin to make shure it duzn't get worse.

I'm not shure if Angelique meant to go at me or if it wuz a case of mistaken identity.

Maybe it wuz a nip-induced frenzy.

Reefer Madness has nuffin on Nip Madness!!

Look at those addict's eyes! A lil nip trip are one thing, but when it harms innocent orange mancats . . .

Well, at least we still have our good looks mostly intact.

Right ladies??

Thursday, November 14, 2019

I Guess Da Kid Can Stay

Well, as most of y'all know, I wuz very sad when my BFF Crockett died in May.

Da mommas wuz hopin me and Bowie would become besties, but it wuz taking a while. 

Angelique can tell ya about it - Bowie wuz a lil pounce-happy and at 6, I just didn't really wanna put up wit kitten antics.

But this afternoon, my momma walked into her bedroom and saw this.

And this togetherness wuz instigated by ME - I had been sleeping in a basket earlier and Bowie wuz already on da bed.

Yeah, I guess da kid can stay.

After all, he are a pretty good-lookin lil guy.

What's that "of course YOU would say so" Angelique??

Anyways, yesterday it wuz Bowie's momma's birthday yesterday. We wuz wifout internets because AGAIN a utility company cut our cable line (Verizon this time), so we're doing our birthday post for her today.

My momma made her crabcakes eggs benedict for breakfast - and YES, I got some crab!

We all wore our birthday bandanas. Even if we didn't get birthday mimosas . . . 

She had a good birthday, even if none of the presents meowed!

My momma did a lotta work - making the cake, the brunch, wrapping presents . . . Unfortunately she still remembered to give me my medicine.

Bowie made sure his momma had a good day wif lotsa kitty cuddles. 

Do ya think I could sneak some of that cake??

I mean, she won't notice a few licks right??

Monday, November 11, 2019

Mewsic Monday

It's Mewsic Monday and this week my good pal CK is the guest host. Since it's Native American Heritage month, she chose that as the mewsical theme this week.

What a pawsome theme! Our native people have NOT been treated right - our government has broken promises OVER and OVER and continues to do so after trying to exterminate their culture and stealing their homeland and lives. My momma has always been interested in and appreciated native culture - there's native artwork in our home and da mommas all have a big collection of Native American jewelry (mainly Navajo, but also some Hopi and Zuni). Bowie's dad are from Arizona and one of the best parts about going to Arizona for my momma wuz going to the trading posts.

So with that said, here's some tunes by/inspired by Native Americans.

Shí naashá is a Navajo song composed in 1868 that commemorated the release of the Navajo from internment at Fort Sumter.

Now That The Buffalo's Gone by Buffy Sainte Marie - a protest folk song.

When ya think of Native music, ya might think of flutes and drums, but Natives can also rock out, as the Navajo punk band Blackfire shows.

Yeah, it's Disney and we know Pocahontas isn't historically accurate. But it's a beautiful song and gave kids of my momma's generation their first exposure to native culture. Unlike the old movies where the protagonists were the white people and Indians were the enemy, the protagonist here is a young native woman - making all the kids empathize and idealize her. And it duz make a difference. When my momma wuz in kindergarten, they did a Thanksgiving dinner - the kids could choose to be a pilgrim or an Indian. Well, my momma wuz the only girl who chose to be an Indian. Three years later, when Angelique's momma wuz in Kindergarten and Pocahontas had come out, LOTS of girls wanted to be Indians. Hopefully, it made at least a couple of them care more about native issues. And according to Ancestry.com - all da mommas are ackshually direct descendants of da REAL Pocahontas. Pretty cool.

We're ending with Johnny Cash's The Ballad of Ira Hayes. It's the purrfect pick for this Veterans Day - our veterans and our native Americans both deserve more than they get. Kinley Westie will have some more songs for you.

Sunday, November 10, 2019

Sunday Selfies

We had a pretty good weekend around here! I spent a lotta time hangin wif Angelique. I'm still eating and doing everything else (MOL) normally. So from now on, ya can assume I'm doing good unless I say otherwise.

Bowie has been impurrsonatin me - he confused 2 outta 4 people here today!

There's no mistaking that face though. YIKES! What did ya do to her Bowie??

Ok, now it's time for some selfies. Didja see dat black cat on Monday Night Football last week?? Cowboys fans think he wuz a good luck cat.

Well, we're not black, but we are representing.

Hope y'all had a pawsome weekend!

Friday, November 8, 2019

Feelin Good Friday!

Another day and I'm still feeling good! I've been eating good and having no issues - really making momma doubt that IBD/hepatitis diagnosis. She's still confused about exactly what is going on, but since I'm healthy and seem to be doing good, that's what's important. 

I've been teaching Bowie the fine art of lizard hunting - since the plants had to come into the sunroom for the winter, there's lizards to catch and kill! So far, we've gotten 2.

Hey, us inside cats have to let our inner killers out SOMEHOW.

Thursday, November 7, 2019

Caw-shush-ly Optimistic

Momma says she are "caw-shush-ly optimistic" about my health isshoes (she is tired of thinking I are better just to have something else happen). I says I are doing great - I has been eating like a champ (3 1/2 cans yesterday!) and have not had any of da yucky stuffs. I'm out and about - probably more social dan I've been in a while (who wants to be social when you're sick??) Dat vet wanted me to come in for more tests and all dis other stuff, but we didn't since I'm doing so good. And if I do have any IBD, unneeded stress are bad, so why mess wif a good thing?? Da only thing I don't like are dat I are getting liquid hepato twice a day (it's a milk thistle and vitamin supplement for my liver) - it tastes kinda nasty. Maybe I just need to cut back on my drinking if I've got liver problems. But a couple niptinis couldn't hurt.

Bowie are still bein a crazy boy. He's full of energy. And in luv wif da dog - it's just WRONG!

Angelique's doing well too. Well, when she's not havin to lay down da smacky paw on Bowie. But I guess she duz dat well and she seems to enjoy it.