Thursday, January 23, 2020

The Invayshun of the Garage Monsters!

OMC, we had an invayshun here today! And I'm da only one that seemed bothered by it. Probably becuz my room are next to the garage and that's where they invaded. Momma claims da guy who wuz fixing the busted spring on the garage door. (I are not shure he wuz just a "guy" and not an alien or a zombie or a goblin - goblins sound like they'd be found in garages . . .) 

Bowie wuz unaware of any monsters since he wuz on the other side of the house showing off his toe beans. So I retreated to my Monster Defense Bunker to plan a counter-attack of epic proportions. And yes, my Monster Defense Bunker is located under my momma's bed, but where else would you locate a bunker?? 

I mean, Angelique wuz napping on the job. But, thanks to my preparayshun and planning (and grandma handing over a check) the garage monsters were defeated and all is right in my world. I think monster fighters deserve bacon, don't you??

Monday, January 20, 2020

Mancat Monday

Just your friendly couch mountain lion standing (errr, lying down) watch on Mancat Monday.

Some of us can't spend all day in bed like Miss Diva. Ok, that's just becuz my momma pulled me outta bed, but whatefur. 

I think Bowie musta spotted crazy Kinley. For some reason, he really likes to play wif her, even if he does end up being a spitty kitty. Don't ask me!

Sunday, January 19, 2020

Sunday Selfies

Good news - no more barfies this weekend! Da mommas think it might have been caused by a lizard since they found a dead, partially eaten one. What can ya say, I'm a dragon slayer! 

And in even better news, there wuz bacon!!!


I also got a lotta cuddles since momma spent some time reading. I luv it when she duz that.

She also worked on da Bowie painting. It should be done for next week's Caturday Art.

We even got sunpuddles back! Yay!!

Friday, January 17, 2020

Friday Fill-Ins

Well, after yesterday's Barf-o-rama (4 or 5 pukies), I only did one barf today and it looked like that wuz becuz I had been sampling the indoor salad bar. Da momma kinda obsesses over me after my tummy problems dis fall, so she's been on High Alert for gacking cats.

Angelique are still in full diva mode. She spent most of tonite curled up by da fire. As opposed to curled up in her bed. Life is good for Angelique. Bowie's trying to figger out new ways to get in trouble. Now that the tree's down, he's having to find new things to knock over. But he's cute and gets away wif everything.

And now for the fill-ins.

1. I could not BE HAPPY without MY CHRISTMAS LIGHTS. Momma has the white twinkle lights up for me now that the multi-colored ones are packed up.
2. A simple pleasure I enjoy is HEAD RUBS.
3. If I could change one thing about myself, I'D HAVE THE ABILITY TO OPEN THE FRIDGE.
4. BACON is hard to find these days. It's been almost a week!

Thursday, January 16, 2020

Purrsday Puke

Ya don't KNOW it wuz me dat puked on your brand new shoe momma. Ya just THINK it wuz me. There's no proof.

For all you know, it coulda been Bowie. Look at dat kitten face. Looks guilty to me. Or maybe it wuz Angelique. Just look at her Queen of It All stare down. Yeah, I think she are da Purrsday puker.

And really, if ya buy shoes wif those annoying lil westie dogs on em, what do you expect??? Notice that I The Mystery Puker did not puke on anything wif CATS on it. 

Pee Ess - We're trying out a new browser, hopefully wif better results. Paws crossed.

Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Forced Wordlessness and Not Just on Wednesday

Well, it looks like we are gonna be forced into wordlessness, and not just on Wednesday. Momma made da big MISTAKE of upgrading to the newest vershun of Safari and it is impossible for us to stay logged in. So we can't comment on your blogs, we can't respond to comments. It won't let her restore the previous vershun of Safari and she is very frustrated.  

There's a complicated work-around, so we might be able to comment occasionally, but until we get this figured out, or Apple releases a fix to their update, we won't be able to comment much.

I say all this stress deserves extra treats. For us anyways . . .