Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Travis da Teacher

The lil dude and I are still bonding. 

I'm trying to teach him things.

Like dat my tail are NOT a kitten toy. And when I flick it, ya ain't sposed to try to attack it. Just cuz ya wuz attacking your OWN tail earlier . . .  

There ya go. That's a kitten toy to attack.

And word to da wise, don't even think about gettin near her tail. She hissed ME earlier.

Monday, June 24, 2019

Cat World Domination Day!

Happy Cat World Domination Day! Today we are celebrating cats dominating the world! This holiday wuz created by our good pal Summer's human and we LUV it! I'm dominating this cat tree right now - it gives me a good view of the kitchen - a very important place to dominate!

Angelique's dominating a table in her momma's room. Ok, she kinda dominated her momma during grooming too. MOL!

It's Bowie's furst Cat World Domination Day so I had to explain da whole idea to him.

He caught on kick and dominated dat purple macaroon toy like nobody's business! You show that macaroon who's boss Bowie!

Happy Cat World Domination Day to you!

Sunday, June 23, 2019

Sunday Selfies

It's Sunday, so it's selfie time.

One of our pals said Bowie could be in charge of teeth selfies. I think he heard ya. Look at those kitten fangs! Momma says he must be teething since he keeps trying to chew on her fingers.

Now that's a winner of a selfie. Good going young grasshopper.

Hissy Missy keeps on hissing. GIRLS, am I right??

Saturday, June 22, 2019

Caturday with the Kitten

Well, today wuz lil Bowie's furst full Caturday wif us. And we had so much fun!

He has some big paws on him - hope he duzn't plan on getting bigger than me!

We had our Caturday morning bacon - Bowie got a tiny taste and we have anudder bacon fan on our paws!

Angelique's still being a hissy missy. 

I got some time watching Burd and Skwerril TV in this morning. Momma says she luved how my eyes looked here. 

Bowie got in a number of play sesshuns today. 

You can see the spots on his belly in this pic.

He showed that octopus who's boss!

Bowie's also been making friends wif da dogs.

Today he really got to play some wif Brinley. And she wuz very nice - we couldn't have asked for better behavior outta her. So that's two outta three dogs he's really gotten to know. Finley, our 13 year old, has been sweet from his very furst day home (she's very experienced wif kittens) and now he's made friends wif Brinley. Kinley has gotten to sniff him through the play pen and has been nice so far, but she's the most hyper, kitten-obsessed, typical terrier of the bunch, so her momma are being careful wif the introductions. 

Bowie also hung out on my cat tree some.

As you can tell, we are getting along good.

He's a lil ball of energy.

Momma luved this shot of him - it's very artsy.

But even a busy kitten has to stop and clean himself. 

As you can see, Bowie got his name tag yesterday. 

He's still trying to figger that one out!

I'm having a good time watching this lil guy.

He's definitely a character.

We even shared a kitty kiss!

Everyone around here are kinda in luv. Well, except Angelique. But you know girls, she's gotta play hard to get.

Friday, June 21, 2019

Friends and Flowers Friday

Hi pals! Happy furst day of summer!

Yeah, there's some kitten cuteness for ya.

I'm liking this lil guy more and more. Grandma even caught us playing together on da cat tree. I tried to pretend like I wuzn't really playin wif him, but she saw us. I guess my tuff guy reputayshun are ruined. Not that I ever had much of one.   

Angelique's diva reputayshun are still intact. She's been sounding like a leaky air hose!

It duzn't seem to bother Bowie.

He is having a lot of fun exploring and playing. 

Wand toys, balls, lil stuffed animals, the tract toys, he's luvin em all.

And now for the flowers . . . 

A peachy hibiscus. 

A scarlet hibiscus.

A peach daylily.

Yeah, there's lotsa flowers going right now. 

These are just a few of em!