Saturday, October 16, 2021

Caturday Art


Hey pals. Well, it's Catuday night.

And yeah, I got some bacon today.

I also kept my momma company while she watched da football. And I got some very cool Meowloween toys - I'll show em to ya soon!

I was ad to hear about my friend Giulietta becomin an Angel Kitty. She was a beautiful girl and we are all gonna miss her.

Today's Caturday Art are Meowloween-themed. Hope ya liked it.

Sunday, October 10, 2021

Sunday Selfie


It's Sunday, so it's selfie time. So, today is one those days it's good to be an inside guy - momma says the weather today is "dust" and the winds are nuts - ya can here da commoshun it is making when ya is upstairs in da apartment. I think I'll take my warm spot in da chair, thank you very much. And if ya do decide to make chikken tacos tonite momma, I'll gladly take some of dat chikken off your paws too. HINT HINT.

Saturday, October 9, 2021

Caturday Art


Well, I had a good Caturday. My momma made BACON. So of course I wuz meywoin and goin crazy and I got some bacon bites. YUM. 

Then I kept my momma company while she watched TV and finished new Meowloween bandanas (I'll be showing mine off in a few days).

Here's a quick Caturday drawing she did. She thinks she are gonna start a painting soon - I think anudder Travis portrait would be good . . . 

Thursday, October 7, 2021

Purrsday Poem


So a long time ago, I used to do Sammy's Purrsday poems. And while I wuz meyowlin, tryin to convince my momma I needed to eat AGAIN (NO, 30 minutes is not too soon to be askin for more foods), I got all poetically inspired again. So I thought I'd share it wif ya.

It are wrong to starve da cat.
I wish I wuz lookin fat
I are so hungry it's true
So hungry I'll meow you
I ate ten minutes ago
Are I sated? Answer's no!
Feed me, feed me, feed me now
Or you WILL hear me meow

And ya know what? It wuz inspired by a true story!

Wednesday, October 6, 2021

Wordy Wednesday


Hey pals. 

Well, grandma and Brinley went back to Plano. Which stinks cuz I wuz enjoying dose hard head rubs of grandma's and having anudder person around to con outta food. And Brinley MOSTLY kept Kinley occupado, which I most definitely appreciated! 

Monday wuz Natishul Taco Day, so of course I had to hang in my taco truck. I luv it.

Anyways, things are back to normal around here. Well, as normal as they ever are. Momma got da place all decorated for Meowloween - well, as much as she can wif what she brought. Since this is a one year gig, some of her stuff are still back in Plano awaiting our next destinayshun.

Just as long as they sell bacon there!

Saturday, October 2, 2021



Well, I has been having some excitement in el apartamento.

We has visitors!

Grandma came to see ME!

Ok, maybe she likes seeing my momma too, but I know it wuz really me, her favorite grandchild, that got her out to Lubbock.

Bowie and Angelique stayed back in Plano wif Angelique's momma and grandpa, but Brinley came to visit!

And she greeted me really sweet, wif a nice lil nose kiss. Well, then Kinley had to go ruin it by thinking I wanted to play chase. Ugh, dat girl are nuts!

Well, when she's not asleep that is.

Anyways, I has been having a good time wif my grandma. Tellin her all about how momma STARVES me and to please send bacon and cat treats. It's good to have another feeder around.