Friday, November 29, 2019

Turkey Hangover

So there's a bit of a turkey hangover around here. 

We all enjoyed our turkey. In fact, me and Bowie enjoyed it so much we decided to take a post-Thanksgiving nap together.

He came into MY room, but I wuz the one who decided to nap next to him.

I like him when he are asleep, MOL.

My momma and my grandma started Christmas decorating today. And yeah, I say started. If ya has seen our decorayshuns before, ya know it takes days and days to go up. So far, the living room is mostly done (except for the tree and garland) and my room is done.  

At least they took a break from decorating to eat some turkey (and give some turkey to cats!)

Thursday, November 28, 2019

Happy Thanksgiving!

It are finally here! The most wonderful day of the year! TURKEY DAY!

I'd been tellin Bowie all about it. And he wuz going nuts dis morning in aunty-tis-ip-ayshuns. He wuz literally running laps. And tryin to bite my momma's hair and play with her leg while she exorcised, MOL.

Me and Angelique knew not to waste our energy on that kinda stuff. Not when this is coming . . . 

Let me at it!!!

I started beggin last nite when da mommas made da cornbread for da cornbread dressing and da pies. But today, when I smelled dat BURD - OMC! Gimme some of those giblets!!!

I wuz happy to get em. Bowie didn't know what to do wif turkey kidney - he looked a lil confused and didn't eat it. I didn't have any qualms (and neither did da dogs).

Den it wuz time for that beeyootifull burd. And ya wanna know somefin really funny?? Bowie slept through Thanksgiving! Me, Angelique, and the dogs were all beggin and getting turkey and Bowie wuz asleep in the light well! Don't worry, he got turkey when he woke up. Da mommas say it's probably a good thing he wuz asleep since he woulda been in the middle of everything otherwise. I say it's good becuz I wuz the only orange begger around!! Now when are it gonna be time for pie???

Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Happy Birthday Momma!

Today it wuz my momma's birthday!

She had a pretty good day - dere wuz tasty food (crabcakes eggs benedict for brunch and king crab legs for dessert), cool presents (even if she dey were nipless) and da mommas went to see Frozen 2. 

And dere wuz also dis cake . . . 

Yeah, my grandma (Bowie's momma) made dis cake, featuring all 6 of us!

Me, getting ready to go fishing!

Brinley and Angelique.

And look, Angelique caught a bird!

And dere's Kinley and Bowie.

Yup, they're in LUV. Just like in real life. It's weird. They even Lady and the Tramp it and will eat off the same plate together. It's unnatural.

Yeah, I thought y'all needed another shot of the most handsome candy figure of all.

It wuz a lemon cake with lemon buttercream frosting. Us animals is made our of modeling chocolate. Which Bowie attempted to eat last nite. Crazy. Although, I probably woulda tried too if I thought I could get away wif it. 

Anyways, happy birthday momma!! And thanks for da lil bit of crab I got.

Monday, November 25, 2019

Pre-Turkey Monday

My momma made da three of us new fall bandanas, so we are all ready to dig into some turkey! It are gonna be Bowie's furst Thanksgiving - I bet he will be as a big a Turkacanus Freak as me!

But in our house, there are somefin even more important than Thanksgiving happening this week. Well, at least my momma says it are more important, MOL. She says it's da most important day of da year. Have ya guessed it?? It are gonna involve some VERY tasty seafood noms.

It's a whole week of good eats here! So it looks like I'll be getting my booty back sooner rather than later.

Sunday, November 24, 2019

Sunday Selfies

Well, as ya can tell, in this selfie, my lip is FINALLY starting to go down some.

And Bowie's scab from his scratch are gone.

So are Angelique's nails (ok, not GONE, but shorter), MOL.

Oh, and we had a request for a full body shot of Angelique. So here she is in uhhh, all her lounging on the bed glory.

Hope that wuz nice enuf that she won't decide to break out the claws.

Oh, and in some other news - we FINALLY got one of those holiday cat scratchers from Target - the RV camper. By the way, it wuz in the back at our Target, not out in either the pet or the holiday area. So if ya want one and the website says your store has em, but you don't see em, be shure to ask since dey might be hiding em. Me and Bowie have both already been exploring it.

Maybe we need a No Girls Allowed sign on it - or judging by Angelique's expression, maybe not!

Friday, November 22, 2019

Friday Fill-Ins!

Hi y'all. As ya can still see, my permanent pout are still here. My lip are finally going down a lil, but it is still swollen.

She may look all innocent, but she's packing daggers!!

He knows what I'm meowing bout. 

Ok, now for the Friday Fill-Ins!

1. I can't wait to sink my teeth into TURKEY on Thanksgiving. I LUV me some turkey. I even tried to steal a whole turkey leg as a kitten.
2. I will pass on MY LIVER MEDS on Thanksgiving. Ok, I'll pass on those things everyday.
3. I wish CHIKKEN LIVERS was served at holiday gatherings. Espeshully since I'm the only one who likes em. Ok, Bowie hasn't gotten to try em. He'd probably eat em too.
4. I will always be thankful for GETTIN ADOPTED BY MY MOMMA. I luv her. Even if she is a weirdo, MOL.

Hmm, I bet Bowie are gonna be getting some turkey too. 

Angelique says he better not mess wif hers!!