Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Happy Mew Year!

Happy Mew Year!  2014 wuz a tuff year for us, at da beginning of da year dere wuz a different kitty trio here, we lost both Jezebel and Maurice dis year.  I's da only kitty dat wuz here at da beginning of da year.

Even Crockett thinks 2014 deserves a big ol raspberry.

Dere wuz some good stuff dis year, like gettin Crockett and Angelique.  I luvs my kitty BFFs - we're all rockin our New Year's Calvin collars tonight.

And of course da bromance is goin strong and will continue into 2015, I'm sure!

Happy Mew Year!

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Sunday Selfies

The tongue is back for all you tongue fans.

Well, no bacon today, but we are all still havin lotsa fun wif our new toys - and fun runnin round like crazy!  Hope y'all are havin a fun Sunday too.

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Sepia Caturday

Happy Sepia Caturday!  I FINALLY gots my bacon today, and it wuz tasty!  Angelique missed out on bacon again - she wuz snoozin.  And let's just say dat me and Crockett didn't wake her up, MOL MOL!

Other than bacon, we's been havin lotsa fun - the weather here is kinda dreary, but dat didn't stop us from gettin da zoomies and runnin round da house like crazy cats.  And we had all kindsa new toys to play wif too - da Tunnel Part 2 are already gettin a whole lotta use!

Friday, December 26, 2014

Dory's Pawty

Me and Crockett are headin over to Dory's birthday pawty.  We heard some roomors dat dere wuz gonna be a ton of bacon!  Angelique are stayin home, she are too young and innoscent for such wild shenanigans as we are sure are gonna be happenin.  Plus, us orangies don't wanna share any bacon, MOL MOL!

I think dese Christmassy disguises are gonna help us steal a ton of bacon!

Thursday, December 25, 2014

A Meowy Christmas!

We all had a meowy Christmas around here and we hope ya did too.  We got tons of fun new toys, new collars, and me and Angelique even shared some Christmas kissies.

Here's what Christmas looked like at our house.

We got all kindsa fun toys - wand toys, reindeer mousies, a catnip bird, a brand new tunnel, and a fun multi-level track toy.  Crockett's testin it out.

My momma had to be a comedian again - at least the "coal" bag is filled wif black scrunchie balls - one of my favorites!

Meowy Christmas to y'all!

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Meowy Christmas!

Meowy Christmas to all our pals in Blogville!  We luvs all y'all and hope ya have a wonderful holiday!

I are hopin Santa Paws brings me a whole ton of bacon and lotsa crab, shrimp, fish, turkey, chikken, steaks, pork, sossidge, butter, well all I gotta say is his sleigh better be real heavy-duty.  MOL MOL!

We made up an e-card for all our pals to see - we emailed some of y'all who'd sent us one it last night.  Here it are for da rest of ya.

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Christmas is Coming!

Christmas is coming and today da three of us got an early Christmas present - new fluffy holiday collars!  They are called Calvin Collars and da peeps ordered them from The Cat in the Clover, an Etsy shop run by one of our pals from Catster and da Faceybooks.  Calvin collars are named after her kitty Calvin, who passed away in 2009.  Once 25 collars are sold, she sponsors a kitty at Best Friend's Animal Society in Calvin's memory.

We actually like wearin da collars and think we look pretty stylin.  It are WAY better than antlers or Santa hats.  And by da way, our friend didn't ask us or pay us to menshun her shop or anything, we just thought y'all might wanna know bout it cuz she's got some cute stuff.

Here's are glamour queen - she's even got da pout of a French fashun model.

Crockett says "da button says I've been naughty, da tongue says it wuz worth it."

I believe in Santa Paws.  Please bring me a ton of bacon.

In other news, da mommas wuz busy making decorated sugar cookies today - dey make dem every year and dis year dey wuz real proud of demselves for decoratin em before Christmassy Eve.  Yeah, not really somefin to be proud about, but whatefurs.

Westie cookies, but no orange kitty cookies.  Somefin are not right.

Dey look tasty, don't they?  Well, they are thinkin someone (and for some reason MY name came up) made off wif a Santa becuz dey had 12 cooked and somehow there wuz 11 when they went to decorate.  Innoscent until proven guilty I say.

Da onliest one of us who got caught being naughty today was Angelique.  She jumped right down on da table and knocked over a tree cookie.  Da peeps said better a tree cookie dan da tree.

Which are gettin presents under it - I sure hope some are for me!

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Sunday Selfies

Well, we gots our bacon today, so we agreed to pose for these Christmassy selfies.  I'll do anything for bacon.

Saturday, December 20, 2014

No Bacon

Well, we had a major crisis here today.  Dere wuz no bacon.  Momma says dere wuz bacon, but only 3 pieces which wuz not enuf for everybody.  Two for me, one for Crockett, I didn't see what da problem wuz.  Anyways, I got to da top of da cat tree when breakfast wuz served, AKA, my bacon receivin posishun.  Crockett wuz on da level below me and Angelique wuz on da level below him.  We wuz all ready.

And den I saw it.  Scrambled eggs.  Toast.  Jelly.  Milk.  Coffee.  NO BACON!!!!

Crockett's momma gave me a bite of scrambly egg, but dat wuz not cuttin it.  I been bein tortured all week wif antlers, Santa hats, jingle collars, you name it.  I earned extra bacon, not a baconless Caturday.

I stalked off and gave da peeps da stink eye.

At least dey came home from shoppin wif three packs of maple bacon.  I hope I never has to endure dis kinda TRAVISty again!  And I better get a LOT of bacon tomorrow.

Friday, December 19, 2014

Jingle Cats

The only thing momma made us wear today wuz da jingle collar - and the dogs had to wear da antlers.  MOL MOL!

And for all ya fans of da tongue, Crockett's tongue made an appearance today.

We're hangin out more and more wif Angelique, but me and Crockett still got our bromance goin.  Ya know, bros before h-- ok, momma says I can't say dat one, but y'all know what I'm gettin at.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

The Santa Hat Wuz One Thing . . .

Antlers are another.  I are Travis da Unhappy Reindeer.  Haven't ya ever seen da Grinch momma - it's da dog dat has to wear da antlers and be a reindeer, not da cat.  Dis are what happens when you are da "good kitty" who never scratches anyone.

Crockett got to rock da Santa Hat today.

And Angelique got to go decorashun free.  Somefin bout her being new here and blah blah, I purrsonally think it wuz cuz she scratched up my momma's finger good da other day.

So today's lesson - be bad or risk wearin antlers.