Monday, August 31, 2020

Mewsic Monday

Hey pals! Can you believe it are almost September? I mean, 2020 has only lasted like 9 years so far. MOL MOL.

So da calendar says summer are coming to an end. We're looking forward to those crisp Texas autumn days of 95 degrees. 

Ok, not really. We like our warm sunspots. But we are supposed to have rain this week, which should mean a cool down and extra snuggles. And now to get to da point, da theme for this week's Mewsic Monday are songs about the end of summer. So here ya go . . .

Ok, maybe this one would be good for NEXT Monday, but we're probably gonna have a different theme and since we always end up posting late at nite anyways, it would probably be too late for y'all to enjoy it.

Hey, today are Monday . . . 

One about summer love. Which we guess no one really got to have this summer. 

George Strait is one of Angelique's momma's absolute favorites. 

Momma doesn't want summer to end, but she wouldn't mind if 2020 would end. Well, except for Halloween, her birthday, and Christmas. 😉  Kinley will have some more end of summer songs for ya. 

Sunday, August 30, 2020

Sunday Selfies


It's Sunday so it's selfie time!

We had some storms this morning, but mostly it wuz a quiet Sunday for us. We did manage to get some chikken livers dis morning - yummmm.

Hope ya managed to snag somefin tasty today too. And if not, steal it!

Saturday, August 29, 2020

Caturday Art

Happy Caturday!

We got our bacon this morning - yum!

The momma has a couple pieces of Caturday art for ya - first up is a Caturday kitty sketch.

And last week she finished this painting. 

It kinda makes me hope that we'll get some salmon tomorrow.

Friday, August 28, 2020

Flower Friday

Well, tonite we managed to snack some chikken.


So what else has we been up to?

Well, uhh, as ya can tell we has been keeping on top of da news. YIKES! Ok, maybe that are not such a good plan.

And we got some napping in the sun in. And man, did we have some sun wif a heat index of 115 today! 

But even wif da HOTS, we still has some flowers bloomin for ya. 

Have a good weekend pals!!

Monday, August 24, 2020

Mewsic Monday


Well, it's been a pretty good day for us. I made shure to get some headbonks in while my momma wuz exorcising. 

Bowie and Angelique were chasing a lizard - on the wrong side of the glass. I wuzn't involved in that goofiness - I'll wait until dat lizard comes inside.

My momma has some THOUGHTS on the conventions, but we're gonna keep it to mewsic instead. MOL. It's a "your choice" week, so we're sticking wif 2020 songs. Complete wif my THOUGHTS.

My momma LUVS da pink. Well, have ya seen her bedroom?

Momma says Adam Levine needs hair on his head and to shave. She's not a beard fan - good thing I has short hair I guess.

Chicks?? Did someone say chikken??

I approve of the cat theme. 

Ok, this one are probably the most controversial song of the year. But really, the uproar sees to miss the point. I get that some pussies may want to play in the water (looking at you Bowie), but most of us prefer being dry. Why are Cardi B and and Megan thee Stallion rapping about wet ass pussies?? And why are only the kitties' butts wet? Bowie gets his PAW wet, not his hiney. So many questions . . .  

Sunday, August 23, 2020

Sunday Selfies

Hey pals - it's Sunday, so it's selfie time.

Me and Bowie tried to snag some pasta tonite. Da mommas say we is real life Garfields since we wanna eat everything - yeah, even lasagna (ok, tonite it wuz ravioli, but yeah, ya get da idea). 

Anybody else try to beg anything "unusual" from dere humans?

Saturday, August 22, 2020

Caturday Art


Well, it wuz a good Caturday for us. We got our bacon, lotsa head rubs, and naps in sunspots.  

Bowie had his eye on a lizard, but unfortunately for us (fortunately for Gordon Gecko) it wuz on da wrong side of da window.

Da momma ALMOST finished wif a new painting today. But she has to do da clear gloss on top of it, so you're gonna hafta wait until next week to see it. I know y'all are heartbroken - MOL. 

But here's a quick sketch of Angel Maurice to tide ya over. He wuz such a cool guy - I still miss him.

Friday, August 21, 2020

Flower Friday

Hey pals. Well, we've obviously had a busy couple days around here.

I know Bowie LOOKS like he is getting ready to nap in the sunroom, but he wuz really conducting important lizard hunting re-con-oh-sense.

And Angelique wuzn't just getting stoned, she wuz running quality control on the catnip. 

I wuz on kitchen duty - ya never know when bacon might be getting cooked, so it's best to constantly remain alert. 

Sometimes it helps to have an assistant.

Espeshully since Angelique wuz still on nip duty. Oh yeah, and we have some flowers for ya.

The last one is the winner. Something about that orange color. 😉