Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Meowloween!

Happy Meowloween y'all!  I are hopin my momma are not gonna dress up so scary, she wuz a vampire last year and her cape scared me.  Crockett didn't like da dog's witchy costume and he hissed at her.  I's never seen such a confused pup, MOL!  Hope y'all get some yummy Meowloween treats.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Baff Time

It are real nice to have a pal who can make sure ya don't miss any spots.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Sunday Selfies

Hey y'all!  Hope you're havin a pawsome Sunday - we are cuz we gots our bacon.  And we thought we'd show ya just what we do to get it.

Crockett works dat whole kitten cuteness thing.

I are a bit more ready to pounce it.

My momma (dat are her arm in da picture) says sometimes she feels like she's bein stalked by mountain lions.  MOL!  It works though.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Sepia Caturday

Another Caturday, another day wif no bacon????  What da meow??  I are not happy bout dis, I better get my bacon tomorrow.  And da peeps better be makin somefin good for dinner.

Crockett gacked up a whole buncha stuff, we's guessin it was from da trash raidin episode.  Lil dude needs to learn to lick da paper towels, not actually eat em.  But don't worry, he's fine - eating good and poopin just fine.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Hangin Out

I like dat lil Crockett dude.  I even lets him hang out in my basket.

We have a good time together.  Besides snoozin in da basket, we've been playin wif da eyeballs we got from our pals at 15 and Meowing - thanks so much!  And when the pooch had to go to da vet today, we raided da trash can.  Now dat wuz fun!

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Sunday Selfies

We got our bacon today!  And a whole lotta good snoozin in my room!

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Sepia Caturday

Well, it have not been a great Caturday round here.  No bacons?  Can ya believe it?  Da peeps said somefin bout bacon tomorrow, but I want my bacon now!

I better get a lotta chin rubs to make up for dis!

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Crockett's wurds on sleepin'....

I sneaked onto da blog to write me a post... as ya can see from da pics dat Travis puts up, I's gettin' bigger all da time.... so I thought I should come on here and speak fur myself fur once....tonight I's gonna talk 'bout a favorite of da kitties... sleepin'.... I thought I'd share some photos of my vareeous sleepin' posishuns... it are very impurrtant to be a limber kitty and combine yer stretchin' wiff yer beeooty sleeps..

 It are also impurrtant to try out new sleepin' locales now and agin... I fur one, likes da bowl sinks in my folks' baffrooms... dey are nice and round and da purrfeck size fur a kitten...

 Anudder one I figgered out wiff a lil help from my furiend, da big guy, Maurice, was da top of da refrigerator.... it's like bein' on top of da world!

 A very popular place 'round here is da back of da couch.. it are comfy and dere is always some udder fur up dere to hang out wiff....

And of course, whut kitten could resist tryin' out da burd baff 'fore dey put it outside? It were nice and cool in dere, evfun wiffout water!

 Probably da favoritest place is on da cat tree durin' da day-- dat way ya is on hand fur any eats bein' dispensed and able to watch da burd tv out da window...

 Well, it were a purdy quiet day 'round here... da gutter guys came and fixed where dey had blocked da back door wiff a gutter downspout and I thinks da home improvement guyses are done... 'cept I heard sumthin' bout a garage door guy comin' tomorrow...

Lookin' at all dose photos.... wow, I sure wuz tiny!! Happy snoozin!

 Y'all come back now, ya hear??

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Sunday Selfies

Hey y'all.  We're doin ok, no bacon today, but I did hear da peeps talkin bout salmon.  I wonder how much of dat I can steal?

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Sepia Caturday

Hey y'all.  We're doin ok here, both of us are eating real good, so da peeps aren't freakin out bout us bein sick.  But I are missin Maurice.  I yowl at night when my momma are tryin to go to sleep cuz I are missin my big buddy.   But I'll usually calm down after I get some extra pets and cuddles.

Crockett and me has been playin and chasin each other round.

I'm gonna go try to convince Crockett's momma to cook some bacon.  Dese faces deserve bacon right?

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Crockett Update

Good news everybody - Crockett are back to eatin!  He ate some at da vet, and he has been eatin ever since he got home.  He got some fluids and immuno-support stuffs at da vet, and he are gonna get his blood tested.

Da peeps may be a lil paranoid right now after Maurice, but dey figured takin him to da vet today was da right thing.  For now, Crockett seems to be doin pretty good.

I wuz not happy at all wif him leavin and kept yowlin pretty much all day.  I's been upset bout Maurice and cryin at night, but I got really upset when they took my lil baby bro away.  I are glad he's home, even if we's sposed to be separated tonight so he can relax some.

Fanks for all da POTP and da good thoughts!


Crockett Needs POTP

My lil buddy Crockett needs some POTP.  He didn't want to eat this morning and was hiding under da bed.  And Crockett always wants to eat, it's very unlike him.  He turned away from da food.  He also had a slight temperature.

He's at da vet's right now, and we are praying it isn't that @#$% FIP, kittens are more susceptible to it.

Monday, October 6, 2014

Goodbye Maurice

We had to say goodbye to our Maurice today.  Da peeps took him to da vet to help him cross.  We did hear back on the results of the test on the fluid, which confirmed Moe had a bad case of FIP.

We're all gonna miss him so much.  Da peeps are all cryin, da pups are sad and dejected, and me and Crockett are real down.  I don't know what I are gonna do.  I been lookin up to da big guy since I wuz just a lil kitten, and dat were not dat long ago.  He taught me how to climb da cat tree and jump to da top of da fridge.  And now he are gone.  Our pretty boy who liked to give hugs are gone.  Now I'm da senior kitty of da house, and I'm just 1 1/2.  I don't know what to do, or how to teach crazy Crockett how to be an elegant mancat like you wuz.  

I hope ya are up there in heaven wif Jezebel and Charlie eating an endless supply of tuna fish.

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Maurice is Feeling Real Bad

Our sweet Maurice is feeling worse today.  He has been having some trouble breathing off and on and is getting very weak.  Da peeps are thinking they are gonna have to take him to the vet tomorrow to help him cross.  And it are breakin all of our hearts.  Just look at dat pretty face, how could ya not luv him?  And if ya knew him, ya'd know he wuz just da sweetest kitty.  

Last night, I hopped up on da ottoman and kept him company for a while.

Here are some pics of Maurice and his momma.  Dey luv each other so much.

My momma luvs Maurice a lot too.  

Da peeps took Maurice outside so he could enjoy da sunshine a lil today.  We's all inside kitties and Maurice had never been outside.  Da mommas noticed how Maurice's black fur has a blue-green iridescence to it when it are out in da sun.

Going outside seemed to perk Maurice up some and get him out of his funk he's been in.  I think he wanted to go kill a bird before he has to leave.

Watch out for da fluffy paw!

Da peeps luv Maurice's toe floofs, dey's just da cutest.

This nasty #$%^ FIP seems to really be takin it out of our Moe Man.  He's either sleepin or lyin there wif his eyes open like he is asleep.  He's also been tryin to go off and hide, but da peeps aren't lettin him do that one.  Right now, he are resting on the ottoman, but we're pretty sure he does not have very long left.  Dis disease are real nasty, it seems to have aged Maurice tons in just a month or so.

Dis  are a picture from August.  Ya can see how much healthier Maurice looks and how full his face wuz.  He used to have a big hinder dat he luved to swish around, but now he has protruding hipbones.

Please send him some purrs to help him feel a lil more comfortable before he has to make his journey.

Nobody are ready to say goodbye to Maurice.  Dis just sucks.  He are only four and he just grew into his full size (we think he is part Maine Coon and dey don't stop growin till round 4).  He are so pretty and sweet, everybody who meets him luvs him.  Da peeps all luved him from when dey first met him at the animal shelter a lil over 4 years ago and he wuz just a lil sweet kitten named Bingle.  Well, at least he got a better name.

Dis are just unfair.  Maurice deserved a long wonderful life.  He are not gonna get it.