Friday, January 31, 2020

Fashion Friday

Hey y'all.

Well, my momma made us some new winter bandanas and we're modelin em.

Luckily,  we don't hafta be out in anything that cold. 

We're all snuggly and warm inside. 

Sometimes even together.

Ok, a lotta catnip wuz involved which explains my face.

Angelique didn't join da bromance, but she wuz playing wif all of us tonite.

Oh, and momma saw Cuzzin Bob today on her bike ride and got a photo. So that's our contribushun for Nature Friday. 

Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Tuxedo Cat Appresheayshun Day

Our pal CK has declared today Tuxedo Cat Appresheashun Day. Angelique fully approves. 

Us mancats are smart, so everyday around here are Tuxedo Cat Appresheayshun Day.

After all, girlcats DEMAND appresheayshun. 

And lotsa Fancy Feast, MOL.

Wait, wuz that a can opening we just heard??

Monday, January 27, 2020

Monday Selfies

So it's better late than never wif da selfies.

Bowie really has figgered out da timer on da camera - I don't know how he does it! Kids and tecknology I guess.

He's even photobombing Angelique's selfie!

He's a crazy kid - his latest obsession is the mantle in the living room and knocking everything off of it.

Don't ask me, I didn't teach him that one. I've never been a knocker.

And while Angelique likes to knock stuff over sometimes, even she doesn't try the mantle.

Saturday, January 25, 2020

Year of the Rat?

Happy Chinese New Year!

For some reason, they went and named a whole year after a rat. SERIOUSLY?

Unless the year of the rat involves us getting to catch rats, well, we're not that interested.

Momma says it's good there aren't rats to catch in the house. Well, not after some rat bait went up in the attic anyways.

We ARE however, interested in da spicy cashew chikken da mommas are making for tonite.

Well, me and Bowie have really been gettin along good, momma even got a photo.

Nuffin wrong wif some mancat kisses. LOVE IS LOVE my friends.

Momma did finish the Bowie painting. It's pretty good I guess. Not as good as the one of yours truly, but what are??

Thursday, January 23, 2020

The Invayshun of the Garage Monsters!

OMC, we had an invayshun here today! And I'm da only one that seemed bothered by it. Probably becuz my room are next to the garage and that's where they invaded. Momma claims da guy who wuz fixing the busted spring on the garage door. (I are not shure he wuz just a "guy" and not an alien or a zombie or a goblin - goblins sound like they'd be found in garages . . .) 

Bowie wuz unaware of any monsters since he wuz on the other side of the house showing off his toe beans. So I retreated to my Monster Defense Bunker to plan a counter-attack of epic proportions. And yes, my Monster Defense Bunker is located under my momma's bed, but where else would you locate a bunker?? 

I mean, Angelique wuz napping on the job. But, thanks to my preparayshun and planning (and grandma handing over a check) the garage monsters were defeated and all is right in my world. I think monster fighters deserve bacon, don't you??

Monday, January 20, 2020

Mancat Monday

Just your friendly couch mountain lion standing (errr, lying down) watch on Mancat Monday.

Some of us can't spend all day in bed like Miss Diva. Ok, that's just becuz my momma pulled me outta bed, but whatefur. 

I think Bowie musta spotted crazy Kinley. For some reason, he really likes to play wif her, even if he does end up being a spitty kitty. Don't ask me!

Sunday, January 19, 2020

Sunday Selfies

Good news - no more barfies this weekend! Da mommas think it might have been caused by a lizard since they found a dead, partially eaten one. What can ya say, I'm a dragon slayer! 

And in even better news, there wuz bacon!!!


I also got a lotta cuddles since momma spent some time reading. I luv it when she duz that.

She also worked on da Bowie painting. It should be done for next week's Caturday Art.

We even got sunpuddles back! Yay!!