Friday, January 31, 2014

Lap Kitty?

I never used to be a lap kitty when I was younger.  Laps just didn't interest me at all.  Sometimes I'd sit next to the humans slaves, but never on them.  I was more of a loner, and I didn't want to let them think I actually liked them.

But all that's changed in the last few years.  I've discovered that I really like laps.  They're warm and you get a lot of pets when you sit in them.  Sometimes, you can even try to steal a little of their food if they're eating.

So if you're more of a loner kitty, I really suggest to try sitting in the slaves' laps.  Wish I had discovered it sooner.


Thursday, January 30, 2014

Insert Foods Here

Yep, dat are where da food goes - in my mouth.  I loves all kindsa food and tries to eat everything under da sun (and under da clouds too) - bacon, bread, shrimpies, pot roast, mashed taters, butter, flour and Crisco (my grandma had floured a pan fors a coffee cake and I was caught licking it), coffee cake, enchiladas, da Christmas tree, eggs, pizza, toast, yogurts, cookies, chickie wingses, a whole turkey leg, pancakeses, sandwicheses, pasta, cereals, dog foods, uh well pretty much whatevers I can get to.  I's a real life Garfield, cept I's got da whole kitten cuteness and sweetness going for me like Nermal.

And looking dis cute, how can da humans resist giving me at least some of what I wants to eat???

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Happy Catuday!

Happy Caturday!

Travis here, and I wants to talks to ya bout a very important thing.  It are belly rubs.  I luv me some belly rubs.  Almost as much as I loves dinner, well ok, nowhere near as much as I loves dinner.  But I do loves me belly rubs.

I know a bunch of kitties don't like dere bellies rubbed.  Miss Jezzy doesn't like her belly rubbed and I can't figure why.  And Maurice, he sometimes lets da people pet his belly, but he do not ever roll over and ask for belly rubs.  Me, I's always askin' for belly rubs.

Momma says I's a dog in a cat suit sometimes, but I don't think there's nothing un-cat-like about enjoying some belly rubs!  How bouts you, is you a belly rub fan or not?


Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Kittens Can Be Useful

Hi, everycat.  Jezebel here.

I know what you're thinking with that title.  Really?  Kittens?  Those disgusting little cutie pies that make the humans go "awwwww" and start talking like they've hit their heads.  "Who's da cutie pie kittencakes?  You are, yes you are."  Really, it can be a little disgusting.  Especially to an almost 21 year old cat.

But before you older cats go dismissing kittens entirely, they do have a few benefits.  Maybe not enough to have to put up with one, but if your human slaves insist on bringing you home a new brother or sister, I want to make sure you know how to take advantage of the situation.

First of all, kittens want to eat A LOT, which means that the slaves will be feeding cats more often.  Take advantage of it!  Make sure that you get some of that extra food too.  Don't let the kitten reap all the rewards.  Also, kittens will eat up your leftovers so you'll never have to eat dried out old food.  Or be expected to do so by the slaves.

And the human slaves really like use baby talk on the kittens.  Which means, hopefully, they'll be using it less on you.  Hopefully there will be a little less of that "sweetie," "fluffy," and other disgusting nicknames since they'll be using those on the kitten.  At least one can hope.

And my favorite thing, about kittens is that they're warm.  Us older cats can get cold, especially in the winter.  A kitten who insists on cuddling you can be used as a space heater.

So if your human slaves force you to put up with all that nauseau-inducing kitten cuteness, make sure you take advantage of the situation.


Wordless Wednesday

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Happy Caturday!

Hi everycat!  We are coming over from Catster, the site is closing down.  Hope y'all have a happy Caturday!