Sunday, September 29, 2019

Sunday Selfies

Hey pals! Well, da good news are dat I are eating good today. I'm still not one hundred purrcent, but I think I'm on da mend. So thanks for all da POTP! Momma's still worried about me being so skinny - so I think I'm gonna be getting a lot of food in the future!

Angelique and Bowie are both doing good. Actually, they're doing GREAT since there wuz some bacon this morning!

Bowie really capshured his orange eyes in his selfie today - my momma thinks they are so cool looking! Since he's only a lil darker than me, they are pretty striking.

Saturday, September 28, 2019


Well, yesterday I had to spend another morning at the vet. And we still pretty much know nothing.

Bowie had a lil touch of tummy problems too - he threw up late last nite and wuz not eating great earlier today. But know he's back to his normal ravenous self.


Angelique is still doing good - no repeat of whatefur went on wif her on Tuesday.

I'm eating some more today, but momma really dislikes how skinny I am. I dropped so much weight this week - momma says I has a bony butt and spine. I say FEED ME! Which she are doing, but I am still just looking very thin. Momma's confused and upset - the only cats she's ever had feel skinny like this were old kitties. And I'm not old at all, I'm just 6. So I've been getting some high-calorie kitten food (thanks Bowie!) along with my normal FF. 

Angelique would like to get her paws on some kitten food too, but she's not getting any!

At least Bowie seems to have bounced back a lot quicker than me. He's back to bouncing around the house. 

Thursday, September 26, 2019

Health Update

Hey y'all! Well, I made it through da nite wif no puking or Montezuma's revenge. But it wuz back to da vet this morning. I got to hang wif da ladies and get lots of fluids and shots and all kindsa stuff. My preliminary bloodwork came back - it's all pretty much normal except for my platelets being low. And I had da runs there. But I only had to spend a half day at the vet, I got to come home before lunch and I've been chillin in my room. Eating some (momma will only give me a spoonful at a time per da vets suggestion) and napping a lot. I'm still being kinda sedate.

Angelique seems to have completely recovered from whatefur wuz wrong wif her on Tuesday nite. She's back to one hundred purrcent, so good news for her.

And Bowie's been providing da comic relief around here - he's zippin all over da place and playin wif da crazy dog. Yeah, he are definitely nuts.

And yeah, today are Remember Me Thursday. And if I wuz feelin one hundred purrcent, I'd be writing about pet adoption and how all three of us are from rescues and to adopt cats, but I figgered y'all knew to do that, right? So adopt cats and tell your peeps! Just not my momma, who I saw wuz looking at cats online while waiting at her sister's physical therapy appointment. Yeah, I peeped your phone momma. I don't need another sibling. At least not today. But maybe you do, and if so, go adopt at kitty!  

Wednesday, September 25, 2019

POTP Needed!

Well today wiz just sposed to be a nice post about Angelique's momma's birthday. Mostly her birthday wuz good, but me (and Angelique) has been havin some problems.

Not Bowie. He are purrectly good.

Well, good for a crazy kitten.

Last nite Angelique gave us all a scare. My momma has been flea-combing us everyday (we don't really have fleas but they have been an issue in the past and she's found this is really the only thing that works and avoids harsh chemicals) - anyways, she went to go find Angelique and couldn't. No one could. Which freaked da mommas out - Bowie's momma had been in and outta the house cooking birthday steaks. She didn't think Angelique slipped out, but ya know how humans start questioning themselves . . . 

After over an hour of looking, my momma found Angelique under my bed. And she wuz acting WEIRD. She wuz very scared and kept looking up like something would attack her. Later, we found a pee dribble in Angelique's momma's room. We think she musta had one of her seizures and no one knew and then she took off and hid. She wuz upset for a while, but she calmed down and is fine today.

I've been having some digestive issues for a few days - diarrhea and vomiting. And today they seemed to get worse - I even puked up water this morning then an hour later puked breakfast. So it wuz off to Dr. Shawn for a day of sub-q's, anti-nausea and anti-diarrhea meds, bloods being stolen, vitamins, x-rays, well a ton of stuff. 

Nothing showed on the x-rays, so there's probably no blockage. Da bloodwork are supposed to be back tomorrow. I've been able to eat a lil bit tonite and so far I've held it down. But I'm definitely not myself and I have dropped a LOT of weight since July. So I could use some POTP and purrs. Momma are very upset becuz she can tell I feel bad. She also said I'm an expensive kitty, but I'm worth it. And I'm still the superstar kitty of the vet's office - I never bite and scratch and I let them do all kindsa things to me. I'm just a chill dude I guess.

Monday, September 23, 2019

Mewsic Monday!

It's Mewsic Monday and there's no assigned theme this week.

So since it are Angelique's momma's birthday tomorrow and we all luv her (she gives PAWSOME head rubs), we are gonna share some of her favorite songs. Happy birthday Aunt Ally!

Angelique's momma are a big Xtina fan and this is one of her favorite songs. Fun story - my momma says she lip-synced this song for an assignment for speech class in high school with absolutely no preparation - she'd been sick and the teacher (who did NOT like momma) decided to assign her to go that day wif no warning. So she said she had to go to the bathroom, snuck out to her car, got the CD that wuz in her player out and did it. And got an A too.


Angelique's momma LUVS George and has since she wuz a lil girl.

She's also a big P!nk fan - the mommas got to go to her concert earlier this year and really had a good time.

She also likes Avril a lot and this is her favorite song by her. Hope you liked hearing some of Angelique's momma's favorites! Happy birthday Aunt Ally!

Sunday, September 22, 2019

Sunday Selfies

Hey pals!

Well, the two of us have finally decided to accept Bowie.

Here he are in Angelique's bed. Ok, it are supposedly her momma's bed - but he wuz in there playing wif Angelique.

And a couple nites ago, all three of us were sitting on the back of the couch - wif Bowie in da middle.

One of us, one of us! Gobble gobble, we accept him, we accept him! One of us, one of us!  

Ok, so now on to the selfies for today.

Selfies this good deserve extra cat treats.

Don't y'all agree??

Bowie's only been here 3 months, but he's already a selfie master.

Thursday, September 19, 2019

Meow Like a Pirate Day!

Ahoy ye hearties! It be Meow Like a Pirate Day and me, Cap'n Crunch Travis be takin this young swabby on as First Mate on a perilous journey to brave the briny deep and raid the Refrigerator of DOOM!

First Mate Bowie and I be plunderin and pillagin da kitchen - we'll wreak havoc and destruction!

Shiver me timbers! Pirate wench Angelique are jumping aboard to brandish her dangerous cutlass should any scurvy dog dream about stealing our booty!  Yo ho ho! Happy meow like a pirate day!

Monday, September 16, 2019

Mewsic Monday

Happy Mewsic Monday! This week's theme is celebrating Farm Aid - the annual benefit concert to raise money for family farmers. One of our momma's all-time favorite artists, Willie Nelson, helped organize Farm Aid and performs every year.

Us three LUV farmers. After all - without farmers, there wouldn't be FOOD!

So in honor of Farm Aid and family farmers, here's some of our favorites purrforming at Farm Aid.


My momma's seen Margo Price live - she is very talented!

Kacey Musgraves is another favorite of my momma's that she's seen live too - she puts on a good concert.

Momma's been lucky enuf to see Willie twice - he's a living legend for shure!