Friday, August 31, 2018

Friday Fill-Ins!

Happy Friday y'all! We wuz hangin out in da kitchen dis morning - hopin for somefin good. Too bad da mommas ate see-ree-al. Don't dey realize it are deadly? I mean, we's all heard bout see-ree-al killers right???  

Bacon, on da udder paw, now, bacon are a good idea . . .  

Angelique told me they wouldn't buy it. But it never hurts to try. Now I are gonna try da Friday Fill-Ins.

1. The best teacher I ever had was ANGEL MAURICE. He taught me how to be a sweet mancat. Maybe he didn't want quite as much of my kitten luvin as I wanted to give him, but he did give me some good pointers about nip toys (he luved da giant nip mouse and da dynamite stick) and belly rubs.
2. The worst teacher I ever has was MOMMA. She has some CRAZY ideas - like not meowin while she is feeding me. Which is why I ignore her.
3. I recently learned how to TOLERATE KINLEY ENUF TO SLEEP ON THE BED AGAIN. I liked it better when she wuz in the crate though. "LOCK HER UP!"
4. I think everyone should know how to GIVE ME BACON. Obviously.

Thursday, August 30, 2018

Thoroughly Poetical Thursday

Mewlo pals! We has been enjoyin some more of da summer hots - dere are nuffin like spendin da day nappin to enjoy summer. Ok, it's kinda how we enjoy most of da year . . . 

But in between naps, I did write dis poem. Hope y'all like it. As always, da picktual inspurrayshun are provided by Teddy and Angel Sammy of Two Spoiled Cats.

What are goin on, I cannot tell
She ain't gettin up, even if I yell
Are dis lady "stoned" or are she dead?
Did da mary jane go to her head?
I wouldn't chose such a place so scary - 
What if it's a Pet Sematary? 
Dere's better places to smoke your pot
Like da Taco Bueno parkin lot!   

Ok, I don't think Angelique are impressed. But momma has been feelin a lil depressive dis week and needed me to write a silly poem for her and not a "Deep Thoughts" one. Not dat I have deep thoughts. Unless ya consider my plots to open da fridge and eat everything deep. And yeah, according to my momma, behind da Taco Bueno wuz/is da stoner Plano Senior High stoner hangout. Hmmm, just how duz momma know dis?? And since I couldn't hint at a Ramones song wifout givin ya some "mood music."


Sunday, August 26, 2018

Sunday Selfies

I wuz hangin out in da kitchen dis morning - hopin for some bonus bacon, but no such luck. Da peeps decided to eat lemon coffee cake instead. I told em I'd take some of dat, but dey didn't share. I are kinda like Garfield - I luvs gettin any hooman food I can!

Crockett looks like he wuz makin my momma an offer she couldn't refuse. Well, eggcept for da tongue. It kinda ruins his whole tuff guy look.

Angelique just went for a glamour shot selfie. I gotta give da girl credit, she duz do a diva shot well.

Saturday, August 25, 2018

Caturday Art

Well, we has our Caturday Art today.

Angelique are lookin all miss-teary-us here - wonder what she are up to??

We wuz up to gettin our bacon dis morning, so we wuz happy kittehs.

And dere wuz lotsa sunpuddles to lie in today! And nippy toys to play wif!

So pretty good for a Caturday!

Momma has anudder sketch today for her Caturday Art . . . 

And da bestest news of all (well, besides da bacon) - momma ackshually started a painting and it are gonna be of ME! It's gonna be in her Cartoon Kitty style - she's done a number of kitty paintings, but it has been a while and I has never got one (Jezebel and Maurice did if ya remember dem). She'd been talkin for a while, but she finally stopped talking and ackshually started. Ok, she didn't stop talking, dat would be like me stopping meowin - NOT gonna happen. But she started painting - maybe in a week or two we'll have a Caturday painting for ya!

Friday, August 24, 2018

Friday Fill-Ins

Happy Friyay pals! Crockett has a wink for all ya lovely ladies out there.  

Dood, I don't think winks work on sisfurs.

I don't even try wif her.  But I are gonna try wif da Friday Fill-Ins . . . 

1. CATNIP brings out the best in me. What can I say? I get sweeter, more affectionate - it are better livin through chemicals. Remember pals, say YES to DRUGS.
2. BEING DENIED CATURDAY BACON makes me grumpier than Grumpy Cat. I luvs my bacon and I better get it - I are real disappointed if I don't.
3. If money grew on trees, I would HAVE A HUGE MANSHUN OF MY OWN WIF FUN CAT SKYWALKS AND TUNNELS. AND BACON EVERYDAY. Nuffin wrong wif dreamin big, right??
4. I have a fear of VACUUMS. I don't like the noise and will take off and hide. 

Thursday, August 23, 2018

Thoroughly Poetical Thursday

Happy Purrsday pals! I has anudder poem for ya - inspired by dis photo . . .

Hey kitty cats, I gots a plan
Let's all get in this groovy van
Da hippie style, it can't be beat
So let's all cruise down da street
And if ya think I'm in a daze
Don't worry, it's a catnip haze 

Seriously though, don't nip and drive. I just nip and roll round myself, MOL!

I say we should all get our nip on in honor of dis photo. Any excuse, am I right??

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Grain-Free Goody Box from Chewy!

Hi pals! We had a fun treat from Chewy this month - the Grain-Free Goody Box for Cats!

The three of us LUV Chewy's Goody Boxes - every one we've tried has been full of fun surprises and da Grain-Free Box are no different.

The Grain-Free Goody Box for Cats has at least five premium toys and grain-free food and treats. Which makes if purrfect for pals who are on a grain-free diet. And da Goody Boxes are always packaged so nicely - dey make a purrfect gift for you or a speshul feline friend.

We couldn't wait to open ours up! 

And Chewy did not disappoint! We got 2 toys (a Fat Cat Eeks! catnip mouse and a OurPets 24 Karat catnip carrot with fevvers), Blue Buffalo Wilderness Chicken and Duck moist treats, Purina Muse Natural Tuna & Tilapia in broth cat food, Vital Essentials Salmon freeze-dried treats, Solid Gold Tropical Blendz Salmon Paté food, and Caru Beef Bone Broth! WOW! 

I wuz a happy dood for shure! I've already tried some of da food and treats (YUM) and am happy to report dat da nip in da toys wuz definitely potent!

I think Crockett wuz just as eggcited as me to see all da goodies in dis Grain-Free Goody Box for Cats! Angelique are already tryin to claim da fevver-topped carrot - I think we'll all be sharin dat one though! 

We is givin Grain-Free Goody Box for Cats 12 paws up and 3 happy kitty purrs. Tasty treats, tasty noms, and fun toys - it are purrfeckshun! And it would make a pawsome gift at just $19.99 wif free shippin. As always, Chewy gets 12 paws up and 3 purrs for fast shippin and pawsome customer service  - fanks for lettin us try dis pawsome goody box!

Disclaimer: As a Chewy Influencer, we wuz provided the goody box for free for an honest review, but wuz not paid for our opinion.  Who needs money when ya gots free food, treats, and toys? What else are ya gonna buy??