Monday, December 31, 2018

Mew Year's Eve

Happy Mew Year's Eve y'all! I has been thinking - a lot of da peeps make resolushuns dis time of year. Well, I don't need resolushuns since I are purrfect. But my momma on da udder paw, she could use some help. So I are providin her wif some good resolushuns.

1. Bacon is a once-a-week MINIMUM treat. No eggscuses!   
2. More chikken livers for ME.
3. Less lookin at kittens online. Yeah, dey are "cute." But I are all da cat ya need. And if ya want more cat, you can feed me more.
4. Speakin of feeding me more, let's add in Third Breakfast.
5. And Second Lunch.
6. Nip - it are legalized everywhere, so I demands da chronic. 
7. More play time - dat means wand toys, throwin nip mousies, knockin jingle balls around for me.
8. More bandanas. I's a fashion forward kitty and I has a reputayshun to maintain.
9. Start appresheatin my vocalizayshuns more. Ya's lucky ya has a man(cat) willin to talk to you.
10. Stop calling yourself a crazy cat lady. You're no lady. 

But dat are not it. I also wrote resolushuns for da DAWG.

1. Cut it out wif da slobber. It are gross. We know how to clean ourselves, and don't need your spittle interfering.
2. Stop barkin at us. Ya is loud and annoying. Unlike me when I meow for breakfast five minutes after getting breakfast.
3. No more chasing us. Yeah, I'll rub on ya and den run away. I's a cat. I's entitled to change my mind.
4. You are MY dog. Dat are why I rub on you. Not cuz I like you or anything. Stop thinkin I does.
5. SHARE the food. Not my food - YOUR food.
6. I wuz here furst, so no hoggin da momma. 
7. Stop tellin everyone we is friends. Keep it on da D/L.
8. Learn how to groom yourself - you're a mess and momma has to spend way too much time taking care of ya.
9. Learn to sleep at momma's feet, not next to her. Ya don't deserve da primo real estate.    

Happy Mew Year! Bet momma and da DAWG starts breakin da resolushuns tomorrow.

Sunday, December 30, 2018

Sunday Selfies

Look, we's ackshually managing to do our Sunday Selfies post before 11 at nite - MOL!

Da mommas got a mini-razz today. For da lack of bacon, ham, or anything meat-related at brunch. And even though we asked, dey didn't share da cinnamon rolls.

I think more sharin wif da cats should be one of da human's new year's resolushuns, don't you??

Saturday, December 29, 2018

Caturday Art

Well, since it are our Caturday art post, I guess I'll start wif da artsy photos.

Angelique really looks like a painting here!

And Crockett is razzing, even if he are doin it in an artistical way.

We's had an ok few days here.

Things have calmed down a lot after all da Catmas craziness.

Now it are just time for us to relax and enjoy da Catmas lights.

Ok, we's cats. We wuz relaxin da whole time.

But now maybe da mommas can relax and do important things. Like pet da cats.

And remember Caturday morning bacon (which they DID!) 

As ya can see, I wuz opening my mouth just a lil bit at da smell. Crockett went for da full razz.

Angelique had to go to da vet on Thursday for her annual - she had one of her stress seizures on the way there, but her momma wuz able to get her calmed down. She are doin ok now - she got her rabies shot at home and are doin fine.  

Oh, and my momma are back to doin her Caturday art after all her Christmas drawings. In case ya wants to see it . . .  

Maybe anudder kitty painting to start da new year???

Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Boxing Day!

Ya know what day it are???

It are one of da funnest days of years!

Boxing Day!

And after yesterday's Catmas present-palooza, dere are still some boxes around.

Angelique really got into da Boxing Day spirit!

And I are sniffin dis box. My momma's new shearling boots came in it - do ya think I are smelling da sheep???

Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Meowy Catmas!

Meowy Catmas pals!

Santa came and wow - we scored!

Good thing we bribed dem elves wif cookies and NOG!

Da pups had some scheme involving blackmail - well, dey needed da blackmail since dey are naughty stinkers! 

We on da udder paw, are PURRFECT.

And so wuz Catmas morning!

Some of dose presents wuz for da humans (and da pups).

Angelique keeps wanting to get up on dis sideboard - I don't know how she finds da room.

Anyways, dis are what Catmas looks like at da Casa de Lone Star Cats.

Us kittehs luv to get in on da festivities.

Angelique are a big one for playin in wrapping paper. 

And Santa Paws delivered lotsa presents!

I wuz checkin out da nip on dis reindeer from my Aunt Ally (Angelique's momma).

Lotsa toys and a couple bandanas!

Angelique scored too!

Santa musta been happy wif Angelique!

Becuz WOW!

Da feather queen got a TON of feathers!

She are gonna have fun!

And my BFF Crockett made da nice list too!

Even if he thought Catmas deserved a mini-razz.

Those mousies look like fun!

More nip toys and balls!  

Yeah, he are one happy cat.

Den it wuz time to open our Secret Paws present!


Our Secret Paws wuz Angel, Kirby, and Max - from right here in Plano! We didn't know there wuz another cat blogger just across town, it are really cool to meet ya! 

And even cooler dat y'all sent such pawsome presents! 

A ton of fun feather nippy toys, a giant tub of Temptations (YUM!) and a set of cat magnets for da momma!   

Fanks so much!

Angelique wuz very happy wif all da fevvers.

Ya can't claim em all Angelique!

And we usually aren't big on fan of human pics (zzzzzzz), but when your momma wears a shirt dat says Purr...fect Christmas and features a jingle cat, ya gotta let her be on da cat blog. After all, it are not like dat sweater are gonna get her a hot date, MOL. I'd call her a Crazy Cat Lady, but she's no lady.