Sunday, November 29, 2015

Sunday Selfies

So we didn't get any bacon dis weekend, but since we is still gettin turkey snacks when da peeps make turkey sammiches, we's not complainin.  Well, not TOO much anyways.

Besides, it are too wet and cold to complain - all dis kinda weather are good for are hibernatin!

And bein glad we is inside where it are warm and dry!

Friday, November 27, 2015


Well, our Fanksgivin wuz a day late, but I still got all dressed up in my leafy bandanarama for it.

Us kitties helped snoopervise da mommas cookin.

But we got locked up during da meal!  Just cuz I tried to launch myself in da middle of da pumpkin pie.  What da meow??  What's a pumpkin pie wifout a lil pumpkin-colored kitty fur???

Anyways, da peeps all really enjoyed da dinner.

OMC, does dat burd look delishus!

Da pies remained fur-free.

Oh look, dey made up a plate for us kitties - how nice.  WHAT??  Dat's not for us???

Ok, so we did get a lil turkey.  And we's fankful for it, although we woulda been MORE fankful if we'd gotten more.  Hope y'all had a wonderful Fanksgivin and Black Friday!

Thursday, November 26, 2015

My Momma's Birfday

So while da rest of da country was celebratin Fanksgivin wif da eatin of da giant burd, we wuz not.  Cuz it are my momma's birfday and she don't wanna share wif nobody, speshully not a big ol burd and cornbread dressin (not dat she don't like Fanksgivin food, she just wants what she wants for her birfday).  And ever since she had her 12th birfday on Fanksgivin go not so great and she whined bout it for years and years, da family just celebrates Fanksgivin on Friday when it are also my momma's birfday.

And she has da nerve to call me demandin - I's never demanded we move a nashinal holiday!!

Ok, she does hand out cat treats pretty good, and we's gettin da burd tomorrow, so I guess I'm ok wif all of dis.

Crockett gave her his signashure present - a big ol birfday razzberry!

And Angelique gave her a present too - she let my momma take a pretty portrait of her wif no runnin away and no bitin or scratchin.  Are Angie turnin nice now dat she are almost one and a half??

Da peeps started off da day wif a tasty brunch - crabcakes eggs benedict and grapefruit mimosas!

Me and Crockett got some crab last night when Crockett's momma made up da crabcakes.  We tried beggin dis mornin, but no luck.  Angie ain't really into crab, so she didn't care.

Here and my momma and Crockett's momma.

And my momma and Crockett's daddy.

And my momma and Angelique's momma.

My momma got tons of cool stuff for her birfday - at least she seemed to like it.

I didn't see any nip, wand toys, or bacon, so I's not shure why she wuz so eggcited.  Dere wuz a bacon-themed card from Crockett's daddy though.

Dey had crawfish enchiladas and tropical drinkies for dinner.

I tried to reserve a spot at da table, but I still didn't get nuffin.

And she had a salted caramel cake for her birfday cake.  Again, she didn't feel like sharin!  I's hopin tomorrow (our Thanksgivin) involves some more food I can eats too!

Monday, November 23, 2015

Da V-E-T Visit

Well, I had to go to da vet today for my annual exam.  I wuz past due and momma wuz already takin Whitley for her cold laser treatments and some eggstra x-rays, so I had to come along too.  I let out a couple of super loud meyowls in da car and one when we went into da vet, but overall I did pretty good.

I got to see my pal, da vet-tech and resepshunist.  She luvs me and says I are just da best cat ever.  I think it are cuz of my lack of bitin and scratchin.  I got some cuddles from her.  I weighed in at 10.1 pounds - so dere are plenty of room for more bacon and treats.  Always good to know.

Den da vetman looked me over and said I looked good.  He even complimented my bandana!  Dey took me back and stole my bloods den I hung out wif da mommas while dey did some stuff to Whitley.  It wuz pretty uneventful, but I still thinks I deserve some eggstra treats.

Crockett and me spent da rest of da day hanging out and groomin each udder.  We went lizard huntin last nite in da sunroom, but didn't get to go out dere today.  Instead, we had invaders come to our house to fix da heater (one of em wuzn't workin yet).  Now we is all roasty toasty.

Angelique are gonna be happy bout dat.  Crockett too.  Da heater and me and momma's side of da house wuz da workin one, so while I'm happy bout it being warmer everywhere, I'm not as happy as Angie and Crockett who had to deal wif da colds more.

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Sunday Selfies

Well, I guess all my meyowlin worked, we got our bacon dis morning.

Dere are nuffin like bacon to help warm ya up from da inside out on a wintery day.

So ummm, how bout a bacon dinner momma???  Speshully since I have to go to da vet tomorrow for my annual exam - if dat don't deserve bacon, I dunno what does.

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Lizards and ManCat Luv

Hey y'all!  Crockett had a big ol raspberry for my momma today - I think it wuz da lack of bacon dis morning.

She coulda at least shared a donut, but nope.

Angie looks perturberated too.  But dat are kinda old news, MOL!

It has gotten COLD here today and it are sposed to freeze tonite.  Which meant all of da tropical plants had to come in to da sunroom yesterday.

And ya know what comes in wif da plants???  LIZARDS!!!  And all three of us LUV chasin lizards so we has been havin tons of fun out there.  Cept for right now since da door are closed.  Come on, lemme go lizard huntin momma!

Last nite me and Crockett was bein real affectionate.  He wuz puttin dat tongue to good use.

We luv groomin each udder.  Sometimes we let Angie join in too, but dis wuz a pure ManCat brofurly luv nite.

Two-toned ginger goodness - you can really see what different colors me and Crockett are here.  He's our burnt orange guy and I is Mister Peachy.