Sunday, August 28, 2016

Sunday Selfies

Well, we wuz all ackshually really cooperative wif our selfies today.

Cuz guess what we smelled comin in da house???  Dat are right - BACON!  Da mommas finally made it to da bacon store and got us some more.  It are bout time!

Now get to cookin!

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Traveling Shades!

Well, da Traveling Shades from 15 and Meowing have arrived!!  And we is rockin' em - I are thinkin I look pretty cool in dem!

And Crockett showed off his sig-na-chure tongue - he are definitely a laid-back dood.

And Angelique are goin for an in-cog-neat-o look.  Which, given dat she are still kinda in trubbull wif da man mite not me a bad idea!  MOL!

Keep readin all your favorite kitty blogs to see where da shades wind up next!

Friday, August 26, 2016

What Angie Did . . .

So I know I left y'all in sus-pents over What Angie Did.  Some of y'all guessed dat she scratched somebody or beat up Dubble Trubull.  Well, dat are just par for da course round here.  Some of y'all guessed dat she wuz da cause of my momma's old computer dyin - nope, it wuz just OLD - even older dan ME!  

What Angie did wuz make da mistake of attemptin to climb Crockett's daddy's Speaker Mountain in front of him.  And she didn't successfully climb it, she slipped and ripped a speaker cover and put a big ol claw hole in a woofer.  Or a tweeter.  I ain't heard no woofin or tweetin, whatefur.  And see, Crockett's daddy are OBSESSED wif his speakers, he are nutso bout em.  Some kinda stereo-holic or somefin.  So he wuz not in a good mood and for some reason, all three of us got da blame.  Probably becuz when he wuz parshully dismantlin Speaker Mountain he discovered even more cat scratches.   And fur.  He's still whining some bout us messin wif his speakers.

Now, ya wanna hear a secret??  My momma (and really ALL da mommas) thought da whole thing wuz funny.  Dey don't get da speaker obsesshun and are tired of being blasted wif some of da weird music Crockett's daddy chooses to play.  Like right now it's opera.  And no offense if ya like opera, but it are not eggsactly my momma's thing.  None of da mommas' things.  Da only kinda classical music she likes fee-chures fairies, dancing hippos, centaurs, and Mickey Mouse (yeah, she are talkin bout Fantasia, MOL!)

So dat are what Angie did dat got all of us in trubbull, well, at least wif da man.

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Repeat Vet Visits

At least it wuzn't me!  It wuz my lil brofur Crockett.  He had to go to da vet yesterday for his annual exam.  Ya know, da usual pokin and proddin and blood stealin.  I dunno what it are dey want wif our blood, but I has my suspishuns.  Let's just I hasn't seen da VetMan out in da full daylight.  Maybe I should wear a cross next time or bring some garlick??  

Anyways, poor lil Crockett had to go to da vet yesterday.  He sang da Song of our Peeples on da way there - very loud and yowly.  Everyone wuz happy to see him dere, dey luv us cuz we is so friendly.  But I think dey got us confused.  See, Crockett are da cat who's never met a stranger.  Me, I'm a lil more reserved, but I has never bitten or scratched a hooman.  Well, dey learned da hard way dat dat wuz nor Crockett, MOL!

Den his momma got a call - apparently dey didn't steal enuf of his blood to run his tighters.  So it wuz back to da vet for him.  Purrsonally, I just think dey got hungry at dat vet's office and only ginger mancat blood could sustain em.    But I don't think dere are any way dat da mommas are gonna manage to trick him back into a carrier anytime soon.

My momma's old computer died a couple days ago, so yesterday she got a new rose gold MacBook.  Angelique wuz lobbying for Space Gray (I wonders why), but I told her she should get copper.  I mean, all da best things in life are copper.  But she said dat wuzn't an opshun.  I tried to tell her to go for gold, but she went and got all girly on me instead and went for pink.  Whatefur momma . . . 

And as for what Angie did . . . you'll have to check back tomorrow to find out!  Feel free to guess though.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

I and Love and You Canned Food from Chewy!

Well pals, it are time for our monthly Chewy review!  Dis time, we got to try out I and Love and You Canned Cat Food.

Ok, we wuz pretty shure it wuz gonna be a hit becuz we has eaten dis brand before and always liked it.  And it wuz a big hit.

And it are a good thing dat we picked da foodz dis month since we wuz all out eggcup for this!  OMC!

But dis tasty goodness should tide us over.  At least for today.

I guess we can always try stealin Dubble Trubull's food if worst comes to worst.

But I think we'll stick wif dis for now.

Da I and Love and You Canned Cat Food 12 pack comes in a variety of 3 flavors in 3 oz cans.

Purrky Turkey, Oh My Cod!, and Chicken Lickin' Good.

Each recipe is high in protein and the first ingredient is fish or poultry (obviously dependin on what da flavor are).  Da food is made wif whole, deboned meat and real fruits and vegetables.  All three flavors are a pa-tay texture.  It are free of artifishul preservatives, flavors and colors, and contains no fillers or by-product meals.  It are grain, corn, wheat, soy, and rice free and also doesn't have any carrageenan.  And it are made in da USA.

Looks tasty to me!

Lemme at dat delishusness!

We tried all three flavors - as ya can tell, Crockett are a fan of da cod here.  Ok, Crockett are a fan of everything!

Just like me - I luved all three varieties!

Miss Angie (who has been being a real naughty girl and getting in trubbull, but dat are a story for anudder day) also really enjoyed it.  I fink she are eatin da turkey here..

We's givin da I and Love and You Canned Cat Food 12 paws up and happy kitty purrs!  And Chewy gets eggstra purrs too for da fast shippin - fanks for lettin us try dis tasty food!  Now, I think it are time for our late afternoon second lunch!

Disclaimer: As part of the Chewy Blogger Program, we wuz provided the food for free for an honest review, but wuz not paid for our opinion.  Who needs payment when ya gots all dis food?  Are I right or are I right??

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Sunday Selfies

It are Sunday, so it are selfie time.  It SHOULD be bacon time, but no such luck today.  At least we got some cat treats.

Crockett are showing off his Church Tongue today, a lil more appropriate for a Sunday dan dat egg-za-bishun yesterday.

And then there are da Fluffy Princess actin all Princessy on us.  Dubble Trubull are gonna learn not to mess wif her, Brinley tried barkin her today and Angie let her have a taste of da smacky paw.  Better a dog dan me I says!

Saturday, August 20, 2016

The Dark, Errr, Pale Side of the Tongue

I think Crockett got a lil eggcited bout how happy y'all were to see da Tongue back in ackshun.  I mean, he really went all out today.

Yeah, dat are what Angelique thought of it.  She was #notimpressed.  Course, she are not impressed by anything us orange boys do.

Let's just say it wuz definitely Saturday Nite Porno Tongue, not Sunday Morning Church Tongue.  Welcome to the rarely seen Dark Pale Side of the Tongue.

You're welcome tongue fans.  And yeah, dat is yours trooley photobombin in da back.

Friday, August 19, 2016

Da Return of da Tongue!!

It's BACK!  Dat's right, Crockett's tongue wuz back in full ackshun today.  I don't really know why - maybe he likes da taste of da humor-idity in da air or da rains??  Oh, I gots it.  I bets he wuz taste-testin da air to see if da Friday sossidge for da pizza wuz cookin yet.  No such luck, but momma says it are comin soon.

I has been being real sweet da past couple days and lettin my momma pet me lots.  Yeah, I are just a gin-or-us guy like dat.

Even Angie behaved dis morning and didn't swat at her!  Maybe she wuz just sleepy . . .

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Sunday Selfies

Hey y'all!  Well, dis past week has been CRAZY round here, but it seems like things are finally gonna get back to normal.  As normal as it gets round here anyways.

I's just hopin da bacon-schedule gets back to normal too - I been missin it!  I mean, looks, we's wastin away over here!!

Hope y'all are gettin more bacon dan us.  And if ya has any leftovers, ya knows where to send it . . .