Monday, November 29, 2021

Watch Where You're Driving!


Well, pals, we hasn't posted in a couple days cuz we had some bad news here.

See, on Saturday, my grandpa (AKA Bowie's daddy or my momma's daddy) wuz out walking in our nayborhood and he got hit by a car.

And not just bumped or something - he wuz hit so hard we wuz thrown in da air and landed hard in da street.

He had to go to da murgency room.

YIKES! We have been to da kitty vershun of that and it are no fun! 

His humerus bone are broken up in his shoulder. And no, it are not humorous at all.

He has to go to da orthopedist tomorrow to find out if he are gonna need surgery. Good thing he has three kitty nurses.

And he are in a lotta pain. So just as a reminder, everybody better watch where you're driving!

Friday, November 26, 2021

Happy Birthday Momma!


Well, while da rest of da country was either busy out shopping or recovering from a turkey hangover, in Casa de Travis we wuz doing something for more importante - celebratin my momma's birthday!

I gave her some headbonks and rubs. Yeah, it WUZ da best present, just ask me.

Ok, da brunch wuz also pretty good, MOL. Even if more shoulda been shared wif da cats.

Anyways, we think she had a pretty good birthday - I mean, gettin to hang out wif three cats on your speshul day has to be good, right??

Thursday, November 25, 2021

Happy Thanksgiving!


Happy Thanksgiving pals!

Well, me and Bowie (and Kinley) spent da day in da kitchen. We know what those delishus smells mean!

Angelique and Brinley came in once da food wuz done, so all of us got some of dat tasty burd!

I'm thankful for turkey! And all of my blogging pals! But mostly turkey . . . 

Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Travelin Travis


So I think I am starting to get da thing of dis whole travel thing. I even made shure to use da litter bx right before we hit da road. And I wuz quite da whole time, in fact da only time I meowed wuz when momma wuz loading me in da backseat and put my carrier on da roof of da car. I wanted to make shure she didn't do a Mitt Romney! Anyways, a few million hours later, we got to Plano. And I are not hiding at all dis time and only hissed a couple times. Gotta let Angelique and Bowie know I are still da Top Cat around here.

Ok, and me and Bowie already got caught napping together.

Angelique and me hung out in da sunroom some too.

And now I'm ready for some turkey! Happy Thanksgiving!

Monday, November 22, 2021

Monday Meowings


Well momma has been moving around da bags all afternoon - she says we are headed back to Plano tomorrow. And I have a LOT of opinions about it. Opinions that involve a lotta meowing. It are kinda funny, becuz I are quiet in da car - I never meow at all. But I am LOUD during the packing. Hey, I am just trying to make shure momma don't forget me - she are getting SO OLD and all. 

Sunday, November 21, 2021

Sunday Selfie


Well, apparently Travelin Travis are set to make a return since momma are packing AGAIN. Didn't we just do a road trip?? Anyways, she has been packin and she said I better not hide for too long dis time since I might miss out on turkey if I did. Hmm, I bet da smell of da burd will get me out and about. 

Saturday, November 20, 2021

Cuddly Caturday


Hey pals!

Well, I has been having a pretty chill weekend so far. Momma spent some time earlier this week sewing - she says some of it wuz Christmas presents for moi! And today we just hung out and I got BACON this morning.

So momma got some extra cuddles during da footballs dis afternoon, MOL.

Tuesday, November 16, 2021

New Bandanas


So yeah, I'm back in oh-so-eggciting Lubbock now, but I figgered y'all wouldn't mind another post featuring Bowie and Angelique wif pics from last week when I wuz in marginally-more-exciting Plano.

My momma made us all new bandanas.

The white side has squirrels. Angelique said SOMETHING about that being appropriate for a pair of orange cats.

Who could she be talking about??

The green side has deer - I'll try to get a better pic soon, but it wuz a fun fall-themed bandana.

Sunday, November 14, 2021

Sunday Selfies

So I am back in Lubbock, well, for a week and a half anyways. My car ride wuz pretty uneventful and I only hid for about an hour when we got back here, so maybe I am getting more used to traveling. 

Anyways, Bowie and Angelique took selfies wif my momma's camera before we left. And we all got bacon this morning, YUM!

Keep those cat trees warm for me you two!

Saturday, November 13, 2021

Happy Birthday Grandma!


Well, today it wuz my Grandma's birthday. And as ya can tell, I are out and about and pretty much back to normal - momma says unfortunately for me, I are gonna hafta get in da car for da ride back tomorrow.

Me and Bowie wuz even back to giving each other kitty kisses and rubbing on each other. Ok, Bowie wuz ready for dat day 1, but he's not da one who had to spend 6 hours in a car!

Anyways, today wuz Bowie's momma's birthday, which are da reason we all came back. And dere wuz shrimp and whipped cream involved. Not together though, not that I woulda minded that.

Happy birthday Grandma!

Thursday, November 11, 2021

Da Road Trip

Well, I survived my LONG car ride.

Yeah, I mean, da whole thing was a bit weird. Da only times I has been in a car has either been my move out to Lubbock or me going to da vet. But momma put in my carrier and drove for hours or days or something. I don't really know, I napped good in the car and didn't even sing da song of my peoples once.

And I wound up back at da old house in Plano! But it are weird - most of my stuff are not there and it kinda freaked me out. So I have spent two days getting used to everything again.

Yeah, and that includes things like Bowie.

And Angelique.

Ok, there wuz a good amount of hissing and hiding. But I am finally starting to relax. Momma's hoping da more times I do dis road trip, da more comfortable I will get wif it. Guess we'll find out.