Monday, September 16, 2019

Mewsic Monday

Happy Mewsic Monday! This week's theme is celebrating Farm Aid - the annual benefit concert to raise money for family farmers. One of our momma's all-time favorite artists, Willie Nelson, helped organize Farm Aid and performs every year.

Us three LUV farmers. After all - without farmers, there wouldn't be FOOD!

So in honor of Farm Aid and family farmers, here's some of our favorites purrforming at Farm Aid.


My momma's seen Margo Price live - she is very talented!

Kacey Musgraves is another favorite of my momma's that she's seen live too - she puts on a good concert.

Momma's been lucky enuf to see Willie twice - he's a living legend for shure!

Sunday, September 15, 2019

Sunday Selfies

Hi pals!

Well, the good news is that the bacon drought has ended. 

We were all happy da mommas finally got dere buns in gear.

I mean we's growing kitties! Well, ok, only Bowie are really supposed to be growing. But there's always room to grow outward if we get enuf bacon.

Yesterday my momma FINALLY did some cleaning. She says I'm a diva since I wuz obviously happy with my clean room.

She should know Angelique are da real diva around here!

Anyways, the three of us have been ok.

Angelique's momma still has her knee messed up  - we think it's a cartilage tear and she's going to an orthopedist tomorrow. 

So da three of us are trying to be extra nice to her since she's hurt.

But now it's time for our selfies.

As ya can tell, we're ready for some pigskin.

Yummm, pigskin . . . 

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Never Forget

Others can (and have) said far more far more eloquently than we can about today.

We are all too young, we weren't there.

But our mommas will always remember that awful day. Purrs for everyone who lost someone they luv.

Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Bacon Drought

This face deserves bacon, right???

We have been suffering a bacon drought - no bacon for over a week and a half!

How are we supposed to live???

Ok, there's been chikken, beef, and I GUESS Canadian bacon counts. Not really though.

We're wasting away down here! I mean, how are we supposed to survive on Fancy Feast and cat treats??

Send bacon stat!

Sunday, September 8, 2019

Sunday Selfies

Well, it's Sunday, so it's selfie time! We're all wearing our Cowboys bandanas today.

Bowie has been playing wif da crazy dog a lot this weekend - they're getting to be really good friends. Sometimes they just stare at each other wif these longing looks when my momma are keeping em apart - like some kinda interspecies Romeo and Juliet.  

Yeah, Angelique are about as disdainful of THAT as she looks here. MOL!

Saturday, September 7, 2019

Birthdays, Bandanas, and BEEF!

Hey y'all!

It's been a busy couple days for da humans - yesterday wuz Bowie's daddy's (me and Angelique's grandpa's) birthday (62) and today it wuz my momma's grandma's birthday (90!) So da mommas has been busy!

But dey've been making time for us, so no worries there.

Yesterday we all got to wear birthday bandanas!

Yeah, we look good.

And bestest of all - we got some of da birthday noms! Bowie's daddy had eggs benedict for brunch, and yup, we got some Canadian bacon. And dere wuz anticuchos for dinner and German's sweet chocolate cake - we got a lil bit of da beef and TRIED to steal some cake too. 

Today we've been watching football wif da humans.

Well, I look good even if the team do not play that way.

Hope Texas does better than UCLA! Hook 'em! Bowie's ready for da game!

And I'm ready for some halftime snacks!

Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Tongue Out Tuesday

Baby Bowie is taking da lead photo today since he are showing off his tongue in spectacular fashuns. Speaking of spectacular fashuns, doesn't the new sugar skull bandana make him look badass??

Just as long as he keeps those fangs to himself, right Angelique??

Yeah, I know it's not gonna happen. But we can hope.

Monday, September 2, 2019

Happy Labor Day!

Happy Labor Day!

Now ya might be wondering, what are cats celebrating Labor Day for? "Cats don't work," blah blah. Well, we disagree! Us three have a LOT of jobs! Like bacon taste tester, entertainer, therapist, masseuse, kitchen supervisor, dog smacker, lizard hunter, bug killer, alarm clock, night nurse (we LUV to wake up the humans), bathwater tester, towel warmer, maid (we luv to clean off the tables by knocking things off), gardener (chewing is pruning the plants!), you name it! And that's not even counting that we're social media stars!!

So happy Labor Day! And let's celebrate how hard-working we are wif EXTRA treats!

Sunday, September 1, 2019

Ginger Cat Appreciation Day!

It's Ginger Cat Appreciation Day! A day made for appreciating US - ginger cats! The most wonderful cats of all! So enjoy these gingerific selfies.

We are da family's third and fifth ginger cats. And we got appreciated today - lotsa pets (yeah, I even interrupted da momma's exorcising TWICE), extra treats, and brand new bandanas so we could be stylin for our gingertastic selfies.  

Hey, why did Angelique get a new bandana too? And why did she get treats?? She's NOT a ginger!

"Ginger Cat Appreciation Day" - more like a case of gingivitis! Ginger Cat Appreciation Day is an example of the systemic patriarchy we live in since 75% of "gingers" are male. Where is Tortoiseshell and Calico Appreciation Day, a day that would elevate the feminine? And where is Bicolor Cat Appreciation Day?? Why must we engage in the elevation of certain colors of cats??? I believe this gif says it all . . . 

Maybe we should be happy she got treats too, imagine her attitude if she got stiffed!