Sunday, November 29, 2020

Sunday Selfies

Well, it's Sunday, so it's selfie time. I went wif an artsy shot - it is so good to be able to feel da sunshine again! 

We've had a fun couple days around here.

It's supposed to freeze tonite so grandma had to bring in all da tropical plants, so our sunroom are now a jungle. A jungle complete wif LIZARDS! We already caught one to play wif, but he got away. Which means we'll get to torture play with him some more. 

And momma put up the Christmas lights in my room! My room is all Christmas decorated now! I love it!

And da tree are gonna go up later this week - we're pretty good (so far anyways), and don't really climb it, but we love sleeping under it and I luv watching the lights.

Let's just hope those pesky elves don't show up.

Friday, November 27, 2020

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving weekend pals! We had our Thanksgiving Day dinner today. It has been a tuff year for most da humans, but da one thing my momma are thankful for is dat me and Bowie are both back to being healthy. I'm thankful I'm out of da kitty pen and free to roam da house again!

Bowie continued to be in full crazy kitten mode today - he wuz kept outta da kitchen for most of da cooking (after yesterday's cake crash) but he did launch himself at his daddy's pumpkin pie - he's a big fan of whipped cream. HE should stuck wif da mommas, since grandpa did not wanna share.

We all got s few turkey nibbles too.  

 Hmmmmm, I think I'm callling that left drumstick there.

Thursday, November 26, 2020

Da Momma's Birthday

So maybe it are Thanksgiving at your house, but at our house it are my momma's birthday. Yeah, she is such a diva we gotta move a national holiday for her. 


Angelique is not da only diva in da house.

Us kitties wuz snoopervisin da making of da brunch - it involved crab! YUM!

But den this happened - while da humans were eating brunch, the cake layers were cooling on wire racks on the counter. And the flying Bowie leaped up and knocked one of the layers to the ground. So grandma had to remake the cake.

He looks innocent, but he is trouble! 

I let momma take a pickshure wif me - it wuz her birthday after all. She joked about how come none of her presents meowed then said yeah, she really needed another $8000 cat. I'm worth every cent - just ask me!! Well, since I did cost so much, I let her take a pic wif me. 😉

Wednesday, November 25, 2020


Well, the parole hearing wuz today. Bowie came and testified in support of my freedom. 

Angelique wuz also a character witness. Well, a witness to what a character I am. Anyways, parole wuz granted . . . 

Ok, it took me a lil while to get used to freedom.

I had to explore EVERYWHERE.

That sun sure felt good!

I'm thankful for FREEDOM!

Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Almost Done (Day 27 of My Captivity)

So I'm almost done. I'm meeting wif da parole board tomorrow. I've been a ecksepshunally patient kitty for 4 weeks, so I'm hoping I can get in my freedom in time for da momma's birthday noms and Thanksgiving. 

Bowie says he'll be a character witness. I just gotta remind him to look his best - I think dis new bandana should do da trick.

Maybe Angelique will come speak for me too? If I promise her cat treats . . . 

Monday, November 23, 2020

Mewsic Monday (Day 26 of My Captivity)


Hey pals! It's my last Mewsic Monday stuck in da kitty condo and I are in da mood to pawty! The theme this week is to make a playlist that to where the first letter of each song spells out "GRATEFUL." I know it are for Thanksgiving - but I'm grateful I'm gonna be outta da kitty condo soon. And I'm grateful for turkey on Friday (yum) and momma's birthday foods I'm gonna get a share of on Thursday (yeah, we're doing Thanksgiving on Friday this year since my momma is not sharing her day wif a BURD).

Oh and we's also grateful for our new bandanas. We are looking pretty good, don't ya think?

Ok, now for da mewsic . . . I kinda has a theme here.

G - Greatest Day by Bowling for Soup. If I ever get outta da kitty condo, it'll be my greatest day.

R - Rusty Cage by Soundgarden. Self-explanatory.

A - Are We the Waiting by Green Day. I am the waiting. Waiting to get out of here.

T  - Trapped by 2Pac. Again, self-explanatory.

E - Escape by Hoobastank. Most of these don't need an explanation.

F - Folsom Prison Blues by Johnny Cash. I penned my own vershun, Cat Pen Prison Blues a few days ago. 

U - Under Pressure by Queen and David Bowie. I've been screaming "let me out" for weeks now.

L - Locked Inside by Janelle Monae. I'm locked inside too - I'll be GRATEFUL when I get out on Wednesday!

Sunday, November 22, 2020

Sunday Selfies (Day 25 of My Captivity)


Momma The Warden says this is the last Sunday selfie I hafta take in captivity. I can't wait to be out and about! 

Angelique went for a moody look in her selfie. I don't know what her problem is - she hasn't been locked up for almost a month!

Bowie better get ready to get up to some highjinks wif me. I've had nuffin to do but plan for weeks!

Saturday, November 21, 2020

Caturday Art (Day 24 of My Captivity)


So despite a brilliant redo of Folsom Prison Blues, I remain unjustly imprisoned. Momma says I'll be out in time for Thanksgiving her birthday. All I know is that I has earned some of that birthday food and a BIG helping of turkey on Friday. 

Yeah, Thanksgiving are on Friday in our house dis year. Cuz Angelique are not da only diva princess around here. My momma is not sharing wif no burd.


Bowie has been coming in and hanging out wif me. He still hasn't figgered out how to free me yet. 

At least I have been getting a lot of head rubs today. Not enuf though. Never enuf.

Bowie's fur is growing back pretty nice - you can still see where it's shorter, but it's less noticeable everyday.

My momma has a Caturday Art drawing for today.

Happy Caturday!

Thursday, November 19, 2020

Cat Pen Prison (Day 22 of Captivity)

The unjust imprisonment continues. Well, today I decided I would turn my meows into music - apologies to Johnny Cash.

I hear the fridge a-openin'
And in there's tasty food
And I can't see the sunshine
I'm in a real bad mood
I'm stuck in Cat Pen Prison
And time keeps draggin' on
So I keep on a-yowlin
Real loud, from dusk to dawn
When I was just a kitten
My momma told me, "T,
Always be a good boy
Don't ever block your pee"
But I blocked two times in a row
She thought I would die
When I hear that fridge a-openin'
I hang my head and cry  
I bet there's Bowie eatin'
Lots of fancy tuna fish
Angie's probably gettin' shrimp
And fillin' up her dish
Well, I know I had it comin'
I know I can't be free
But my pals keep on a-eatin'
And that's what tortures me
Well, if they freed me from this prison
If the big kitchen wuz mine
I bet I'd move it on, a little
Farther down the line
Far from Cat Pen Prison
That's where I want to stay
And I'd let that ol' fridge door
Chase my blues away 

Yeah, I know Bowie is getting da good stuff. And all da attenshuns and cuddle times and stuff I never really wanted that much before but now am desperate for. Life are tuff.

So if your humans is down about covid quarantines, it could be worse. They could be in Cat Pen Prison.  

Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Tunes on Tuesday (Day 20 of My Captivity)

Hey pals. Well, for SOME reason, I wuz denied computer privileges yesterday. It are tuff being stuck in da kitty condo. At least I am almost done - just a week and a day left!


Anyways, I missed out on doing da Mewsic Monday post. 

So today we are doing Tunes on Tuesday.

Cuz it are my blog and I can do whatefur I want!

As we has menshuned a few bazillion times, November are a birthday month for da humans around here - well half of em anyways. Last Friday (da 13th!) wuz Bowie's momma's birthday so this week for our Mewsic post, we are picking some of her favorite songs. 

Ya can see (and hear) some more over at da dog's blog.