Tuesday, September 27, 2016

A Scary Day

Well, yesterday wuz a bit too eggcitin for us round here.  Angelique had anudder one of her attacks.

She had anudder see-shure.  She's only had dem a couple udder times - it kinda seems like it happens when she is stressed out since everytime she's had one has either been when she wuz fightin wif one of us boys or going to da vet.  She's ok now - we just wish we knew how to make shure dey didn't happen.  She's been tested - all her numbers are fine and it's kinda hard to get whatefur it is figgered out since she is fine afterwards.  Anyways, she had to have a baff cuz she made a bit of a mess.  Talk bout addin insult to injury.

I know we joke bout her bein a diva, but we all really does like her.  Purrin she won't have anything like dis again.

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Sunday Selfies

So, as we menshuned earlier in da week, we had anudder birfday round here yesterday.

Ya can see da birfday balloons behind me.

Dat are right, it wuz Angelique's momma's birfday!  She turned 27!

And bestest of all, she had da good sense to ask for dubble bacon - bacon to go wif brekkyfast and avoCATo bacon potato salad to go wif da Aunty Cuchoos.

Fanks Miss Allison.  Us kittehs appresheate all da bacons.

We could also appresheate some of da whippy cream off of your chocolate cheeseycake.

Just puttin it out there . . .

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Happy Fall Y'all??

Apparently it's sposed to be fall.  I say sposed to be since it are still 95 here.  At least we has da Ay-See to keep cool.

Crockett are givin autumn a big ol razzberry.  It probably deserves one.

And Angie are just goin for da glam look.  Again.  Dat girlcat thinks she's a model or somefin.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Purely Fancy Feast Natural Treats from Chewy!

Today we has a Chewy review for y'all!  Dis month, we got to try out da Purely Fancy Feast Natural Treats.

We luv Fancy Feast round here.  One of da cats who came before, Jezebel, wuz known as da Fancy Feast Queen back on Catster and even got sent a huge gift basket of Fancy Feast one Christmas, so we wuz eggcited to try out these treats.

We couldn't wait to try em out.

We got da variety pack of Purely Fancy Feast Natural Treats - 10 packages of chicken, tuna, and salmon.

Dese are single ingredient treats - each one has only steam-baked and flaked chikken, tuna, and salmon.

Da only problem wif dese treats is dat da pouches are small.   But it does make for a yummy appetizer!

Not dat we need anything to get our appetites goin . . . 

Dey wuz a hit round here.

We couldn't get enuf!


We's givin da Purely Fancy Feast Natural Treats 11 paws up and happy kitty purrs!  Dey get one paw off for da packages being so small.  And Chewy gets eggstra purrs too for da fast shippin - fanks for lettin us try dese tasty treats!  Now, I think it are time for our late afternoon second lunch!

Disclaimer: As part of the Chewy Blogger Program, we wuz provided the treats for free for an honest review, but wuz not paid for our opinion.  Who needs payment when ya gots all dese treats?  Are I right or are I right??

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Sunday Selfies

Crockett decided his peeps needed a big ol razz as a welcome back.  At least it are a better use of dat tongue dan lickin dogs.  Yeah, he has been tryin to bathe the dogs.  Not that they don't need a good baff, but really . . . 

We're glad everyone is back home - da more peeps who are here, da more peeps who mite feed us!!

Now if we can just get em to work on cookin up some bacon.

Saturday, September 17, 2016

A Real Horror Story

Are your momma one of dose peeps who likes Howloween and all kindsa scary things??  Mine are.  She wuz watchin da new episode of American Horror Story this week and I got interested.  See, dey wuz makin all dese piggy noises . . . 

And shure enuf, somebody left a dead piggy right by da front door of da characters' new house.  Dis wuz sposed to be creepy or somefin, I don't get it.  I wish someone would leave me a piggy.  Think of all dat bacon . . . 

Anyways, den Mr. Show Me Da Money wuz diggin a hole.  And I thought, ok, LUAU time!!

But no, he just buried it.  All dat bacon, all dem ribs, all dem pork chops, GONE to WASTE!  Dat wuz by far da scariest part of da episode.

And den da real life horror happened - a Caturday wif no bacon!  Just becuz Crockett's peeps are outta town!!  OMC!

Luckily, we have bacon guaranteed next Caturday - it are Angelique's momma's birfday and she has requested avocado BACON potato salad as da side to go wif her Aunty Cuchos.  At least we can count on Ally!!

P.S. Like our new Texas Longhorns bandanas??  My momma made em for us!

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Sunday Selfies

Well, it's September 11th and we would say something, but nuffin we can say can accurately put it into words.

Just remember to luv your peeps eggstra today, we've noticed dat dey tend to get real sad and emoshinul on dis day.

And bacon makes everyone feel better.  Not a demand, just a suggeshtun.

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Da Bacon Drought Ends!!

Da Bacon Drought has finally ended!  Dat are right, Caturday Bacon wuz back!!

For da furstest time in furever, all da mommas wuz home and ready to eat bacon for breakfast on a Caturday!  And I FINALLY got my bacon. 

Even if I wuz kind of a stinker.  I's still sayin dat it wuz Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum's fault - if dey hadn't have been barkin me like psychos, dere is no way I would broken dat mug.  At least my cute bacon-beggin face got me outta trubbull long enuf dat I gots my bacon.

I tried to tell momma dat I should get 4 pieces and Crockett should get 3, but for some reason da hoomans insisted on havin most of it.  Stinks.  What I got wuz delishus though.  I's hopin for some more bacon tomorrow!