Tuesday, April 30, 2019

National Tabby Day!

It's National Tabby Day! Time to break out da bacon, niptinis, shrimpies, chikken livers (I'll take ALL of those), Temptayshuns . . . 

We is ackshally da family's third and fourth orange tabbies. Da furst orange tabby wuz Bevo, who my momma had as a lil girl (he wuz her first cat) and da second wuz Charlie, who wuz abandoned at my momma's apartment complex and had been there for over a decade when my momma took him in (he only got one year inside, but it wuz a GOOD year). And Crockett's momma had some tabbies growing up - Sluefoot and Tiger. So we is proud to carry on da Tabby Tradishun!  

And becuz us tabbies are such nice doods, we'll even share some of our niptinis and treats wif our sister. What can ya say, orange boys are just dat sweet! As long as da mommas is watchin anyways . . .

Monday, April 29, 2019

Mancat Monday?

Yeah, it are Mancat Monday! 

Angelique are just gonna hafta deal wif it!

WHAT? Ya is gonna slash da patriarchy??? Uhh, we meant it wuz Mademoiselle Monday. Yeah, dat are what we meant. TOTALLY. Girl power. Please don't claw us.

Sunday, April 28, 2019

Sunday Selfies

Happy Sunday pals! Can ya believe my momma didn't want to share her ice cream wif dis face tonite?? She wuz putting up da Blue Bell carton and guess who wuz up on da counter gettin a lick of dat Key Lime Mango Tart delishusness?? Well, ya can't blame a guy for trying. 

I think Crockett are just jealous he wuzn't in da kitchen just now.

Besides da ice cream, it wuz a pretty good day. Sunspots, lotsa pets, and a lil bit of shrimpy. And head rubs while da momma watched da Game of Thrones thing. Which by da way, needs more cats.

Saturday, April 27, 2019

Caturday Art

It's time for the Caturday Art blog hop!

Today we got our photos artsy-fied on Luna Pic.

This effect even gave Angelique some tabby stripes!

Well, we had a pretty good day. Caturday morning bacon returned (FINALLY) and we got some sun time dis afternoon.

We all got to wear our Spurs bandanas today - if they don't start playin better, it might be da last time for a few months.

Momma also has some Caturday art contribushuns. Here's her Caturday kitty sketch. 

Some of y'all might know she also does cross stitch. She finished this one last Saturday.

It's pretty cute I guess, but it has made her want a Siamese kitten (even more than normal, MOL).  Hey, I say, da more da merrier. But ya is gonna hafta make more bacon, cuz I ain't lessening my share.

Friday, April 26, 2019

Friday Photo Fails

It's Friday which means it are only one day till bacon! At least I hope so.

We get a lotta compliments on our photos, but they don't all turn out winners. Momma winds up wif a LOT of bloopers. Which are why she luvs digital cameras - ya can take a million photos (and sometimes it feels dat way) in order to get dat one winning shot. Well, unless Angelique's claws feel otherwise . . . 

Usually we get some "fails" everyday. But when momma decides to take a selfie wif us, we get TONS of fails. And momma decided she needed some new photos wif me dis month. And well, we got some interesting ones . . .

I are not really feeling dis photo . . . 

Eyes closed.

Eyes closed and too much flash.

At least da flash are gone, but dis photo are too dark. Momma looks like she's rocking her September tan here.

I'm in profile and ya can't even see my cute face.

Just no.

Finally, a winner! Sometimes, the fails are worth it!

Thursday, April 25, 2019

Happy Birthday Brinley!

Happy birthday Brinley! Brinley are Crockett's momma's pup and she are three today!


Brinley are a sweet pup and she duz not act nearly as crazy as her cuzzin Kinley. Well, unless ya consider obsessive TV watching and barking at 3 in da morning crazy. She durn't really try to chase us much though, so we think she's da better behaved of da two puppies. 

And she had a good birthday - bacon, ham, and STEAK for dinner.  

And da best part of all wuz we got some too! So happy birthday Brinley and thanks for being da better-behaved of da double trouble puppies!

And remember, puppies who share their birthday treats wif dere kitty siblings get extra presents!

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Happy Birthday Kinley!

Well, today are Kinley's birthday. She's three now. Which I think should mean she should start acting a lil grown up, but she are still da world's bounciest puppy.

So bouncy in fact dat she knocked Crockett's momma to the ground today. Ok, she had some help from Crockett - they wuz playing chase and he ran in between his momma's legs and Kinley tried to follow . . .  

Well, besides toppling da humans, I guess da dog had a good day. Da best part wuz her birthday breakfast - she had a ham and cheese omelet and we got HAM. Yummmm!

Angelique are kinda over dis whole dog birthday thing. She says to wake her up when it's June.

Monday, April 22, 2019

Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day! We luv da planet Earth around here and our mommas try to help take good care of it, wif da gardening and recycling and all dat good stuff.  

We's all for taking good care of da planet. I mean ya gotta take good care of Earth - we need lizards to chase, burd and skwerril TV, flowers to try to eat (and then throw up) . . .  

And maybe most important, tell your humans dey got to help save da Earth, otherwise what would Caturday brunch be?

Pee Ess - We should be back to visiting better tomorrow - da momma wuz crazy busy wif Easter and den somefin for da dogs. Let's just say it rhymes wif Earth Day . . .

Sunday, April 21, 2019

Hoppy Easter!

Hoppy Easter pals!

We got our Easter bandanas on for our selfies today.

But more importantly, look at da Easter brunch!

And even more importantly, da mommas shared ham wif us! And I even got a lil bit of hall-and-daze. YUMMM! Now dat are worth waiting for! 

Momma got a new stuffed bunny and a bunch of candy-filled eggs.

I think dis one are particularly handsome, don't you???