Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Maurice Needs POTP

Our Maurice are not feeling good again.  He had been doing better, eatin a lil more and bein more active.  But on Sunday, he stopped eatin again.  He didn't voluntarily eat anything on Monday (da mommas force-fed him) and today he wuz back at da vet.  

It looks like da pen-a-sillin didn't help him.  So da vet took more bloods to run a whole lotta tests, and gave him a different Aunty Bi-Otic.  And some other stuff too.  He has gained back a lil weight (he are now at 12 pounds - still too small for as big a kitty as he is).  But his spine and hips feel very bony.  His tummy is a normal size and feel, but da rest of him feels kinda skeletal.  And he wuz runnin a fever and anemic.

So please send POTP, purrs, purrayers, whatever ya got, to Maurice.  He's a good buddy and we're all real worried bout him.  Da new blood tests should be back tomorrow mornin, so hopefully we'll know somefin then.


Sunday, September 28, 2014

Sunday Selfies

We had a lazy day around here.  Me and Crockett tried to steal some waffles dis mornin, but da peeps wuz watchin us too close.  Den all three of us hung out in my room.  Momma said it looked like she wuz runnin some kinda kitty cat opium den in there.  Don't she know dat Sundays are for sleepin?

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Sepia Caturday

Hey y'all, we are happy to be back!  My momma busted her computer on Monday night and didn't get it back until yesterday, so dat are why we ain't been around.  

Maurice is still gettin better.  His white blood cell count was still to high on Monday, but he's been takin his medicines and eatin better.  And he's obviously feelin better since now he are givin da peeps a real hard time bout da medicines.  MOL!

Me and Crockett have been bein our crazy selves - stealin all kindsa food.  Probably da most interestin thing we stole dis week was chocolate cake.  See, it was Maurice's momma's birthday, and we thought we'd help ourselves to some cake.  It wuz delishus.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Sunday Selfies

Look at Crockett and da attitude in dat selfie - MOL, he are a silly lil guy!

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Sepia Caturday

Well, we has got real good news bout Maurice.  He are feelin much better and he are eatin good again.  Which means dere are not as much leftovers for me and Crockett to clean up, but it are good to see our buddy eatin.  Guess dem Aunty-Bye-Otics and other medicines are finally startin to kick in.  He are pretty good bout takin his medicines, well, good for a cat anyways.  MOL!  And he are bein a lil more active too, he even jumped up on a table to try to get his food quicker.  Fanks so much for all da POTP and purrayers dis week, I think he are finally on da mend!

I gotta go, I smell da smell of bacon cookin!

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Another Maurice Update

Hey y'all, we got another Maurice update.  He are still not doing good.  His pancreas numbers were back down to normal, but his white blood cell count is still elevated - about double what it should be. He didn't have to spend all day at da vet today, but he did go in to get a few shots of medicines and da peeps got some more medicine for him to take at home.

He are still not eating real good - he'll take a bite of food, then lie down by it.  He has been bein real affectionate to da peeps today - he spent practically all afternoon cuddlin wif my momma.  He even cuddled wif Whitley some.  So keep da purrs comin - we are not really sure what are wrong wif him and hopin it are nuffin serious.  He's a real sweet 4 year old guy, we just need to get him back to eatin and feelin better.


Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Almost Wordless Wednesday

Maurice spent another day at da vet today, he are doin a lil better.  He didn't like bein at da vet though, and showed his displeashure by peein on da towel instead of da litter box.  And he peed again in da crate on da ride home, so he had to have a baff when he got home.  And he wuz really not happy  bout dat one.  Da vet said he doesn't have to go in tomorrow and we gots some more medicines for him.  So keep dat POTP comin and purr dat he starts eatin good again.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Maurice Update

Hey y'all.  Da vet man got Maurice's numbers back today - his liver values were good (which we wuz a lil worried bout), but his pancreatic values were a lil high and so was his white blood cell count.  So he went back to da vet today for some more fluids, medicines, and force feeding.  He were not a happy dude.

He's back home now and relaxin.  He ate some more tuna, which are good (even though I woulda liked to eat it instead).  Keep da POTP comin, he are still not feelin da best.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Maurice Update

Fanks for all da POTP for Maurice.  He wuz at da vet pretty much all day today, gettin tests done and gettin fluids and stuff.  And he were not happy to go, he tried to claw my momma when he saw da crate and he meyowled there and hid his head under da towel in da bottom of da crate.

We don't really know nuffin yet, we are waitin for da blood results.  Da vet did say he seemed to skinny and had lost bout a pound.  Da peeps gave him real tuna - da kinda da peeps eat!  He did eat some of dat, which are good news.  We'll let ya know when we find out more, we are all just kinda waitin round here.  Da big guy needs to eat more, but he just don't really want to.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

POTP for Maurice

Maurice are not feelin too good - he hasn't been eatin real good and has been sleepin lots and not very active.  Da peeps are takin him to da vet tomorrow, but he could use some POTP.  

And Crockett's momma are gonna make him a boiled chicken chest to eat tonight - hmmm, do ya think I could get some???  

Friday, September 12, 2014

Happy Birthday Whitley!

Today it are our pup sisfur's birthday.  Happy birthday Whitley!  She are 12 today.

We's kinda been on a roll for bad behavior today, stealin bacon multiple times (both raw and cooked), knockin all kindsa stuff over, and breakin da plastic dat covers up da lights in da kitchen.  Even Maurice got a lil in on da naughtiness by chewin on some plastic.  Bout da only one who has been good today wuz da birthday girl, MOL MOL!

We also got interviewed by the Funny Farmer Felines for Mousebreath!  Head on over here to check it out!

Tuesday, September 9, 2014


We got way too much noise round here, and for once it are not just Whitley yappin (although she are yappin a lot and contributin to da noise level).  We got dese weird noises comin from our roof, it sounds like dere are some HUGE skwerrils runnin round up there.  Momma says dey are roofers and dat we are gettin a new roof and some other home improvements done.

If the peeps want to do home improvements, how bout a bacon machine dat makes bacon on demand.  AKA, constantly.  Dat sounds like a plan to me, and a lot more quiet dan da roofers.  Me and Crockett don't like em too much - the lil dude was really jumpy when they wuz bangin earlier, but he seems to have settled down some.

Maurice, Mr. Cool, remains unbothered as normal.  He didn't even get outta bed or move at all.

I's just wonderin how stoned he is on nip, da dude may have a problem . . . 

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Sunday Selfies

I think we's gettin pretty good at dis selfie thing - learnin da best angles and head tilt and all dat.  At least we's beating da dog.  MOL!

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Happy Caturday!

Hope y'all are havin a good Caturday!  Dere wuz no bacon round here today, because it were our grandpa/daddy's birfday (he's Crockett's daddy and me and Maurice's grandpa.)  And he wanted crabcakes eggs benedict for his birthday breakfast.  So I got some crab when da crabbycakes were bein made last night, but not nearly enuf.  I tried to get some today, but da peeps didn't give me nuffin!  I think I should get to celebrate too.

Anyways, happy birthday Grandpa.  Hope da peeps share some of da dinner.