Saturday, October 31, 2020

Happy Meowloween! (Day 4 of Captivity)

Happy Meowloween! As you can tell, I got a lil bit of freedom today in order to take my Halloween photos. Momma had considered incorporating my Cone of Shame into a costume and making me be a Meow-tini, but she decided to lemme be a vampire kitty instead. Just call me Count Catula. And I got out of the pen to pose on the table!  

In fact, we had a whole coven of vampires! Bowie even let out a hiss about his cape, MOL!

Angelique is definitely ready to drink some blood. MOL!

Unfortunately my freedom wuz short-lived and the Cone of Shame wuz put back on me and I went straight back to my Kitty Condo. Sigh. At least I got a teensy taste of freedom. Happy Meowloween!

Friday, October 30, 2020

Day 3 of Captivity

Day 3 of Captivity. A quiet day for me, spent enjoying nip and buprenorphine. I guess I am a true Planonian now since I are on da opioids. I am being super sweet and enjoying a lot of head rubs from my momma. And oh yeah, modelin my Meowloween Calvin collar. Fashion stops for no bladder surgery.   

Angelique spent da day getting high off of nip and meowing. She still hasn't come to see me. Doesn't my sister like me anymore? I need her to help break me out since for some reason Bowie can't figger it out.  

Maybe it's becuz he are too busy modeling Calvin collars too.

Thursday, October 29, 2020

National Cat Day (Day 2 of My Captivity)

So today is National Cat Day. You'd think I would be freed on a day that is supposed to be all about me, but no. The day started in my makeshift prison of 2 dog crates wired together. And I started the day just like I spent yesterday, pouting while sitting in the litter box. At least I got to spend some time hanging wif momma in da bathroom - she says we have to go in there to hang since she's pretty shure she can make shure I don't jump have any fun in there.

Bowie got to spend National Cat Day free. Free to come stare at me in my jail cell, free to sit on the table and the Halloween placemat . . . 


I guess Angelique got out of bed for National Cat Day. I don't know since she didn't come see me.

But then my National Cat Day present came - my very own deluxe puppy play pen kitty condo! Pals, I LOVE it. It's the best. Seriously, if ya ever have to be confined post surgery, this are the BEST. Or even if ya just want a cool place to hang because maybe ya has workers in da house or your humans are moving and need ya somewhere safe. Or for kittens - it would be a great place to keep kittens safe if ya didn't want em loose. We knew about these cuz Bowie's momma had a purple one for him when he wuz a kitten. But Finley took it over once she dislocated her hip earlier this year and she wuzn't giving it up. And she has stunk it up as only a 14 1/2 year old dog can. No thanks. So I got a brand new one in a manly shade of blue. As ya can see, I am out of the litter box and I haven't been sitting in it since my condo came. I've got a little box, food, water, a couple of toys, and a nip pad in there. Yesterday, some of y'all suggested my basket might fit in there - I don't think ya know how big my basket is, MOL. Da mommas tried a bed, but I seem to just like a nip mat in there so I have more room to spread out. Momma keeps some music on low or da TV on for me and I has my twinkle lights to stare at. And sometimes Bowie or a dog comes and visits. Ok, maybe this captivity aren't gonna be too bad.

Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Home, But Locked Up!


Well, I'm back. I had to be cut open - momma says I had stones in my bladder. Well, I don't know how they got in there since I didn't eat any stones, but they are gone now. And ya would think I would get to be free now, but now. I are locked up - in some kind of dog crate nightmare! I am not a dog. Momma says my puppy play pen are on the way and hopefully I'll like that better. WHAT? I'm not a puppy! I'm a cat and I want to go sleep in my basket on top of momma's trunk. But she says I can't jump for a whole MONTH and that I just gotta get over it. Get over it? I had my legs shaved, my belly shaved and cut into, I gotta wear dis dumb plastic satellite dish on my head, and I are stuck in a dog crate. It are just RIDICULOUS. And I even wuz nice to the vets, I made em all fall in love wif me. Seriously, they were telling momma what a good cat I wuz and how I wuz just wonderful and a lot better than the other cat at the surgery center. Momma says I'm not quite worth my weight in gold, but apparently I am worth two to three times my weight in silver. Yeah, she thinks she's a comedian. But seriously, you'd think good behavior would earn me freedom, but no. 

And there's Bowie sitting in a basket. SO unfair! 

And Angelique sitting way up high in her room. I want to be up high! I want to be in a basket! I want FREEDOM! Momma says I can get free for her birthday - WHAT?? I'll never make it to Thanksgiving. I've been on a bit of a hunger strike since coming home. But it are hard to be Gandhi when that food duz smell pretty good . . . maybe I'll work on tunneling out a la The Great Escape or The Shawshank Redempshun.  

Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Travis Had Surgery

Hello dahlings. Well, Bowie has been doing admirably well with the blog, well, for a mancat, but today I am taking charge. As I should, since divas should be in charge. Today Travis had an ultrasound of his bladder - apparently he had stones in there.  

No Bowie, they weren't named Mick and Keith. Anyways, Travis had stones and the internist who looked at his ultrasound said Travis needed surgery - a cystotomy to remove them. They discussed the possibility of a perineal urethostomy, but his momma and the doctors agreed that we are going to hold off on that for now. So Travis will not be getting the Caitlyn Jenner special as Bowie called it yesterday (not that it matters to us - we are a hearts, not parts family). The surgery was successful - there were a lot of little stones in Travis' bladder. The catheter had displaced them, and then they slid right back to block his urethra when he was home. The stones are being sent off for a stone analysis. The good news is that Travis is supposed to get to come home tomorrow. He will have to be confined for two weeks to a  small dog x-pen (puppy plan pen). We can't wait to have our head mancat home. After all, I need more than one boy to boss around!  

Travis - the world's most expensive cat. He may not always need emergency vet care, but when he does it cost thousands and thousands of dollars.

Monday, October 26, 2020


Soo, uhh, me, Bowie, are havin to take over da blog again. Cuz my big brofur are at da emergency vet again. He had a really good day yesterday, but today wuz not a good day. Da mommas noticed he wuz havin some problems straining again. So da mommas took him to da vet. Just da regular vet dis time. She said she thought he wuz blocked and needed to go to da emergency vet. So off he went. Again.

They got him unblocked. But his bloodwork wuz not good - his glucose wuz high and his kidney values were off. And we don't know why he reblocked. Da mommas has been giving him da urinary food and even putting extra liquid in it to make shure he wuz drinking. Our regular vet seemed to think he needed an ultrasound - she are worried he might have bladder cancer or something that are causing this. And both da emergency vet and our regular vet menshuned a perineal urethrostomy. Which momma are callin da Caitlyn Jenner speshul, but don't worry, Travis are not gonna be changin his name to Caitlyn. 

Tonite da mommas went to see Travis at da emergency vet - dey actually let em in which wuz nice. But dat makes momma worried too - she hopes they were just being nice and letting em in and not letting em becuz Travis are that sick.   

But for tonite Travis are ok. He are resting at da emergency vet. We all just want him home and feeling better. I are keeping his bed warm for him though.

Sunday, October 25, 2020

Sunday Selfies

Ok, so enuf of dis nonsense of Bowie and Angelique takin over my blog. Yeah, I had a blockage and I had to go stay at da emergency vet. Which I do not recommend. Ya don't even wanna know what they put up where. YIKES! Anyways, I are glad dat are over and I are home. I has finally stopped peein everywhere (hey, you try getting pumped full of water and see if ya can control your bladder) and I are just getting to hang in my room. It beats havin to hang in da bathroom, which is where I had to be yesterday since uhh, all da peein.


Ok, I guess Bowie didn't do too bad wif my blog, so I let him hang out wif me. Momma wuz watching to make shure he didn't do any "Bowie kitten antics" but he wuz actually very chill and calm. We touched noses and den we napped. 

Angelique, da resident niphead, has been making shure that none of the nip goes unused. And she are still being a loud stoner, MOL. Hope ya enjoyed our selfies and have a pawsome week!

Saturday, October 24, 2020

Travis Are Back Home!

Well, Travis are home from da emergency vet. Me, da Bowie, are gonna be writing today's blog entry since Travis are still kinda stoned and ya don't let your big brother get on da internets when he are more stoned that Willie Nelson and Snoop Dogg on 4/20. Ya just don't.

So uhh, let's see - he are eating his speshul foods good and he are definitely peein now! Peein like a drunk on Bourbon Street during Mardi Gras! Momma says it are cuz of all da liquids dat dey pumped into him.  

We are happy he is home.

I been being real sweet and I got to see him and I gave him nose kissies. 

We wanna thank all our pals for da POTPs and purrs and prayers and all of it. Fanks so much. <3

Thursday, October 22, 2020


Angelique here - Well, this is not the post that Travis' momma had planned to write today. She had planned on us showing off our new martini bandanas and making some kinda joke about how maybe we could wear them when the new James Bond movie came out in 2029. But, today 2020 kept 2020ing and Travis is staying at the emergency vet - he had a urinary blockage.

Yeah Angelique, it stinks. My big brofur had been hanging out in da litter box a lil bit more dan normal, but da mommas didn't really know he had a real problem until today when Travis' momma wuz exorcisin and Travis attempted some innappropirate peein in front of her. And he NEVER does that. He also seemed like he wuz in pain when he wuz picked up - he even hissed my momma and he never duz dat. They made him a vet appointment for tomorrow but after talking to the vet again when he seemed to be in pain, they decided to take him to da emergency vet since he'd hafta go there anyways if he wuz actually blocked. 

And it's good they took him because he did have a blockage - the vet says his bladder wuz the size of a baseball. The good news is that he unblocked easily, his kidney values were still good, and the urine that came out wuz only streaked with blood. He had a combination of a mucus plug and struvite crystals. We only feed wet food, but Travis is going to have to be on a urinary diet and da mommas are gonna try giving him broth to make shure he gets enuf water. He's gotta be at the emergency vet for a couple days, but they did say da mommas caught it early. I just want my buddy back.   

Tuesday, October 20, 2020



Today we're joining Ducky in remembering his brother Derby by celebrating TockTober!

I got round tocks and I cannot lie.

Bowie got in da TockTober spirit too.

Very bootylicious!

Angelique decided to show off her demure lady-like side.

But then she got down and luckily NOT dirty!

Happy TockTober!

Monday, October 19, 2020

Mewsic (or is it BOOsic) Monday

Hiya pals! Well, it's time for another Mewsic Monday post.

And today our theme is Halloween Meowloween songs. So get ready to get scary (well, it's already been scary if you're a Cowboys fan watching MNF, but I digress) . . .

Da momma has a Halloween playlist she has been listening too wif over 200 songs on it MOL. We told her she had to only pick a few, but Kinley will have some more if ya just can't stop getting your spooky on.

Sunday, October 18, 2020

Sunday Selfies

It's Sunday so it's selfie time. It wuz also BBQ chikken time, so I got a lil bit of that.

Not enuf. We'd happily each take a quarter of da chikken.

That would leave a whole quarter for da humans which we think are pretty generous . . .