Monday, June 28, 2021

Meowvalous Monday


Hey pals.

Well, the box-a-palooza continues. 

Yeah, we don't really know what it means, but we are not complainin.

Anyways, we have been busy trying to con da mommas outta as much food as possible. 

And fly-hunting. Due to da male human's OCD FitBit habit and how long it takes him to close a door when he goes on his walks, we has gotten a few flies in da house. 

They don't last long though!

I mean, who could object to a lil extra protein?


Anyways, we might FINALLY be able to get back to blogging more.

My momma are almost done wif da rough draft of her paper. 

65 pages so far and not a word about cats.


Thursday, June 24, 2021

Cat World Domination Day!

It's Cat World Domination Day! Finally, a day to celebrate what we know is true EVERY day around here.

Ok, maybe all we're dominating lately is a ton of moving boxes.

But dominating boxes is something cats are pretty good at. And we did get bacon to celebrate. So all in all, a pretty good Cat World Domination Day!

Sunday, June 20, 2021

Happy Birthday Angelique!


Happy birthday Angelique! 

Our resident girl cat is seven today! And she celebrated in style with lotsa new nip toys, a bandana, and treats!  

Oh yeah, it wuz also Father's Day.

Grandpa got a speshul brunch and some presents, but Angelique got her presents first. #Priorities.

It's also da first day of summer.

So me and Bowie decided to relax on da table that's appeared in da middle of kitchen (our house is a mess from da packing) and snoopervise da brunch making. Apologies for da blurriness, but momma says it are hard to catch da two of us together.  

Is that shrimp we smell??

Saturday, June 19, 2021

Cat-or-Racs and Caturday Art

Hey pals!

Long time, no meow. 

We're gonna hafta blame da secretary for dat one.

Anyways, da mommas has been busy dis week. 

Bowie's momma had her furst cat-or-racs surgery. And I are pretty shure da cats won, since she seemed happy wif it. And we didn't see any of the masked dudes hanging around braggin.  

Anyways, she said dat anyone who needs to get it done should go ahead and do it and not be scared. We think the racs musta stolen her glasses though, becuz she are not having to wear em anymore. Oh, and there is a rematch next Tuesday.

Or something like dat.

My momma has been endlessly working on her paper she's trying to write. So far it's a little over 13,000 words (it has to be 20,000-25,000). So she's making progress wif da length even if she are not shure about the quality, MOL.

Pretty shure she should have us make a cameo. After all, lawyer cat wuz a hit, why not law professor cat??

And here's today's Caturday art!