Thursday, October 31, 2019

Happy Meowloween!

Happy Meowloween! This year, Angelique had to be a unicorn. And she ackshually didn't mind it too much this year - she only looks like she wants to rip ONE of my momma's eyes out. MOL. But she is a pouty lil unicorn.

Bowie got to be a Tacocat for his furst Meowloween. And ya know, tacocat backwards is tacocat.

And finally, I am the KING again. This year, a lion king. Fitting as I am da HCIC around here. Simba who??

Everything the light touches IS mine!!

Wednesday, October 30, 2019

No Tricks, Just Treats for Shelters!

Well, da mommas has finished their Meowloween costumes (I know, BEFORE Halloween - they are early this year!) and are finishing up the decorayshuns today (by da way, Angelique wuz scared of a paper mâché skull - MOL!!)

We're joining the No Tricks, Just Treats for Shelters Blog Hop. Money gets donated to shelters for every post in the hop. We're sposed to talk about how we have or will help out a shelter/rescue. I tried to volunteer donating the dogs, but momma said NO. Ok, I are just kidding, I ackshually kinda like em. Sometimes.

The three of us came from local rescues (Feral Friends and Furry Friends) and our humans have donated food before. And Angelique's momma volunteered with a local rescue cleaning out cages. Becuz she are a good person, MOL. My momma don't do no volunteering, but she did adopt me, so that counts right??? I think I'm gonna volunteer to find some Meowloween snacks . . .

Tuesday, October 29, 2019

National Cat Day!

Happy National Cat Day!

We think everyday should be National Cat Day. Around here it kinda are I guess. 

We wore Meowloween Calvin collars today to celebrate!

But it wuzn't all just fun for me - I had to go back to da vet. They stole my BLOOD! I knew no good would come of going to see a vampire right before Meowloween. Anyways, my blood and poop are gonna be tested (I don't know how they're gonna pass, since they didn't even study - MOL!) For now, we're staying with my prednisolone dose once a day. And I'm eating good and no pukeys, so I guess we'll see what happens.  

Now, about those National Cat Day treats . . . 

Sunday, October 27, 2019

Sunday Selfies

Hi pals. Fanks for all da POTP and purrs. I are feeling a lil better today - momma has been giving me some of da prednisolone and it seems to have kicked da pukeys. As for da udder end - it are not normal, but no more of the bloody yucks.  

Sorry if it's a lil TMI, but hey, it are MY blog and I are gonna right about how we are - da whole truth, MOL.

I don't think Angelique are all dat impressed wif my honesty, but whatefur. Anyways, momma are not a big fan of giving steroids, but sometimes ya gotta do what ya gotta do. She's been teasing saying I are gonna get roid rage and dat Bowie better watch it. 

He looks innocent in his selfie. Looks being da key word. 

And me, roid rage?? Not likely momma.

Anyways, right now I am doing ok - we'll be keeping ya up to date.

Friday, October 25, 2019


Hey y'all. There's been a relapse. And nope, I'm not talking about Angelique's nip addickshun. 

After all, ya can't relapse if ya has never quit. MOL!

Or about Bowie relapsing wif his strange puppy addickshun. Again, he never quits her. It is weird and semi-disturbing, I keep trying to tell him CATS don't fall in luv with dogs, but he duz not listen . . .  

Nope, I had a relapse wif being sick. And just as I wuz finishing my Aunty Bye-Otics too! It wuz nasty too - biley barf, some bloody mucusy poo. I've just been sleeping a lot. I have been drinking water and I've eaten some (not a lot, but some). Momma just let me sleep - she's keepin an eye on me and will take me to the emergency vet if she needs too. She's just kinda confused right now - she duzn't know what it wrong or why I can't seem to get well. She knows it could be something bad - we're hoping it's not but right now we just don't know.

I better get well - otherwise dat GIRL is gonna think she's in charge.

Or Bowie might even think he's top cat. I can't have that!!

Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Don't Get it Twisted

Hey pals! Didja hear about da tornado here? 

Well, if ya wuz worried about your favorite Texas trio (we ARE your favorite Texas trio, aren't we), no need. Yeah, da sirens went off and we had to be put in da hard-sided PTUs and be put in my momma's bathroom. And yeah, we sang da song of our people about it. LOUDLY.  

But da tornadoes hit south of us. There were 9 total in the Metroplex and the biggest one in north Dallas/Richardson wuz an EF-3. For those of ya who don't know, we live in Plano, which is the suburb directly north of Richardson. Bowie's momma's favorite garden center wuz hit pretty bad and there are lotsa people who had their homes damaged, but luckily no one got killed.   

So maybe we shouldn't be whining too much about having to sit in the PTUs in the bathroom. Ok, who are we kidding, we're cats, we're gonna meow just as loud da next time it happens.

But tonite we has clear skies are watching da World Series.

Go 'Stros! Texas needs somefin good to happen after this.

Sunday, October 20, 2019

TockTober and Sunday Selfies!

Well, it's here. TockTober. Da day created by Angel Derby to show off you tocks.

I's been a lil worried about TockTober this year. As most of ya know, earlier this month I wuz sick and I dropped weight. Would my tocks be worth showing off???

Angelique had no worries wif her fluffy tocks.

It's Bowie's furst TockTober - see if ya can tell me and Bowie's tocks apart.

Who's the furst pair of tocks?? And whose tocks are these??

No mystery when it comes to Angelique's tocks. Look at that fluff!!

Happy TockTober!

Saturday, October 19, 2019

Caturday Art

Happy Caturday y'all! It's been a good Caturday here - we all got some bacon this morning and we had a nice warm afternoon of lying in sunspots.

Bowie is still playing wif dat silly dog all da time - they both have endless energy and can't get enuf of each other.

Angelique says dat Kinley better not get any ideas dat she wants any of that!

Momma is still doing da Inktober challenge, so today we are just showing off Photoshopped pics of us - momma wuz playin around a lil.

It looks like Bowie is staring right at that light! Ok, staring at lights is really more my thing . . .  

Ok, off to go convince someone to feed us again. It's been a whole 30 minutes!