Saturday, December 31, 2022

Happy Mew Year!

Happy New Year! Obviously, I am all dressed up to celebrate.

Angelique is looking her finest in a festive collar.

Bowie is ready for us to start popping open da bottles of nip-pagne.

And Bonham has decided to send 2022 out wif a baby razzberry - don't worry lil dude, your 2023 are gonna be way better! Happy Mew Year!

Friday, December 30, 2022

Chillin Out


So things have been pretty chill around here for da past couple days.

Bonham continues to be a pretty easy going guy and we think he are getting more and more comfortable around here. Da mommas think da way he asks for more food are cute - he just sits by his bowl and waits for it to be delivered.

Bowie seems to be a lil jealous and has been caught pouncing on him some, which Bonham are not a fan of. None of us are really a fan of Bowie's bouncing - I think he musta taken his cues from Kinley or somefin.

But it's not a real big deal or anything, and we're hoping he'll chill out some.

Today wuz a good day - we (at least the ones who like it) got some delishus chikken liver.

Bowie always asks for some but doesn't really wanna eat it - except today he ackshually did.

Bonham's another liver fiend like me. YUM. He also enjoyed some time sunbathing in the window today, as ya can see.

We gotta start making resolushuns for 2023. I'm thinking Angelique is resolving to take over the world.

Sounds good to me!

Monday, December 26, 2022

Boxing Day


Happy Boxing Day!

Most of da boxes got put away yesterday, but we found one to celebrate in.

Bonham already looks like a Boxing Day champ.

Hope you find a box (or two or three) to enjoy today!

Sunday, December 25, 2022

Meowy Catmas!


Meowy Catmas y'all!

Well, we mostly had a good Catmas.

We had new tropicat Christmas bandanas to celebrate.

Da power did go out for about 2 hours tonite. It probably irritated da humans more than us, but I are happy da Catmas lights are back on.

Speaking of lights . . . 

Santa came for da humans. But more importantly, Santa came for US!

I did pretty good - lotsa nip here!

And look at da haul we got from our Secret Paws, Buckwheat, Dixie, and Calvin.

Wow, look at all these toys!

I don't think we know where to start, MOL.

Hmmm, these rainbow ones look interesting . . . 

Well, at nine and a half, I am not too old for some wand action.

I gave it a good bitey.

Bonham really got after dat feather wand - look at him go!

Angelique also scored.

She's getting lost in all her toys!

Hey look, we finally toppled A Christmas tree, MOL.

Bowie wuz sneaking a peak looking for his toys.

Meanwhile, Bonham wuz really enjoying his.

He wanted to lick the feather toys - da humans have never seen anything like it, but he wuz definitely having fun.

Da mommas wuz really happy to see him enjoy toys - welcome to da Lone Star Cats Christmas lil dude!

Ya can lick away all ya want.

Bowie wuz happy to finally get his toys.

I'm betting da nippy nana are gonna get some good kicks later.

Meowy Catmas!!