Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Sad News

Hi pals. We has some sad news about a Facebook/Dogster/Catster friend, Cindy Green (if ya wuz on Catster or Dogster, ya might remember her pups Luna and angels Milo and Hobo). Cindy was found deceased this weekend, her last Facebook post wuz on the 11th (and she posted pretty much everyday). Luna passed away too - she ran out of food and water. They think Cindy died on the 11th or 12th. Momma wuz thinking about her tonight since she always posted about politics and the debate was on.  

Cindy loved animals and she really loved her pup Luna, I know she would have hated what happened to her. 

She wuz a retired pediatrics nurse and a long-time Democratic party activist, she wuz a huge supporter of women's rights and gay rights. She worked for San Diego Democrats for Equality. It's so sad, she will be missed by so many people.

Please, if you know someone who lives alone and is older - check on them and their animals, especially if they stop posting on social media. 

And if you're older and alone, please arrange to have someone check on you and your animals if they don't hear from you. 

We're gonna miss our friends Cindy and Luna.

Sunday, July 28, 2019

Sunday Selfies

So it's never too late for selfies, right??

Cuz we are late nite party animals around here. I mean, zoomies at 3 AM are da best, right??

So is scratching at da grandpa's door at 2 AM - if you're Angelique! Good thing we're cute! 

Saturday, July 27, 2019

Caturday Art

Happy Caturday!

We had a pretty good Caturday today - we got BACON!

Lil Bowie are a bacon fan too - of course he are a fan of EVERYTHING! Kinda like me. Today he had to be removed from da kitchen counter when his momma wuz making a porkchop for his daddy.

I wuz kinda hopin he could steal it for the two of us to share like he did wif da leftover dog food.

My momma caught us in a cat pile yesterday - but of course by da time she got her camera, it wuz over. She interrupted da moment I guess.

No cat piles wif Angelique yet. MOL MOL!

Crazy kitten keeps trying to get everyone to play - he seems especially interested in Kinley (she's especially interested in him too which is why she is only allowed some VERY supervised time wif him).

He wound up a spitty kitty after she slobbered him a couple times. Angelique's just glad it wuzn't her!

Oh yeah, da art part of Caturday Art - my momma has a couple of kitty sketches to share . . .

Last week's (which we missed becuz of da internets isshues) . . .

And this week's! Happy Caturday!

Tuesday, July 23, 2019

We're BACK!

We're back!


Da mommas has been without internet and TV for almost a week!

Da only internet dey could get wiz via their phones, so no blogging. Blogger apparently duzn't like iPhones and is very hard to use on mobile. 

Yeah, da mommas were going CRAZY.

Even crazier than Bowie.

Some contractors for the gas company cut the cable/internet line on Wednesday afternoon and they couldn't get it fixed until today.

We're kinda surprised they survived.

Ya shoulda heard the @#$% coming outta my momma. Things sensitive kitten ears shouldn't hafta hear.

Pretty shure we are the only reason they survived. 

Our week wuz pretty normal - except there wuz some extra play time!

At least Caturday bacon didn't get interfered wif.

Dat woulda been a real emergency! 

Anyways, we are glad to be back online.

And we KNOW y'all missed us!

As you can tell, I'm still handsome.

Angelique's still a diva.

Bowie's still a cutie.

I mean, he duz look a lot like me, so he's gotta be pretty good-looking. 

Da mommas even caught Angelique playing wif him last night.

She's denying it, but we know the truth!

Now we can get back to commenting on our friend's blogs!