Thursday, December 31, 2015

Happy Mew Year!

Happy Mew Year to all our pals!  We's rockin our Calvin collars and all ready to snag some tasty noms!  Here's hopin 2016 brings ya lotsa bacon, shrimpies, chikken, turkey, and all dat good stuff!

We's been workin on our Mew Year's resolushuns, here are mine.
  1. Eat more bacon.
  2. Figger out how to open da fridge.
  3. Work on findin new hidey holes, momma keeps discoverin mine.
  4. Get my momma to make me more bandanaramas, I like bein a sharp-dressed man.
  5. Steal more foods.  Turkey legs, shrimpies, bacon, steaks, I's plannin some major league heists!
  6. Get momma to keep da Christmas lights up year round.  I luv my lights.

And da King of Razzberries, Crockett has resolushuns too.

  1. Stick my tongue out more.
  2. Make everyday a Razzberry Day.
  3. Get momma just to give me her pillow.
  4. Get Finley to get da hell off of momma's lap so I can sit there!  Of figger out how to put her in a coma so I can lay on top of her, dogs are roasty toasty in da winter.
  5. Get more trackball toys.

Angelique has resolushuns too:

  1. Bite and scratch more.
  2. Claim da top of da cat tree as my bacon poshishun.
  3. Work on makin my meow sound even more tiny and pathetical.
  4. Steal Crockett from Travis for once and for all.

Here's hopin your 2016 are purrfect!!!

Monday, December 28, 2015

Internut Problems

Hey y'all!  We're still havin major league internutso problems - we are gonna be switchin providers since Time Warner just seems to be completely unwillin to fix da problem.  And yeah, Crockett's razzberry are for da bad internets.  Anyways, we wanted to let all our pals now we is ok, speshully after da bad storms dat we had in da Dallas area.  Da tornado sirens went off a couple times and we had to go hide in da bathroom, but luckily our area wuzn't hit.  A town pretty close to us got hit by an F4 tornado though - scary stuff!  Da only damage we suffered wuz a couple of snapped Christmas light strings - da mommas is just gonna have to replace em next year.

Udder dan dat, we has all been doin ok.  We got our Caturday bacon, so we wuz happy kitties den.

We's been playin wif our new toys and enjoyin our new bandanas.  Hope all of our pals are safe from da storms and doin good - we'll be back on and commentin when we can.

Friday, December 25, 2015

Meowy Christmas!!!

Meowy Christmas y'all!

We had a fun day - lots of toys, tasty noms, and boxes and wrappin paper to play in!

What more could a kitty ask for?

Here's our Christmas tree.

Lotsa presents all around - some of em wuz even for us!

Crockett's daddy.

My momma - she wuz way eggcited bout gettin to wear shorts on Christmas.

Angelique's momma.

My momma and Angelique's momma.

Crockett's momma.

My momma and Crockett's momma.

Dere wuz tonsa stuff under da tree!

And lotsa decorayshuns!!

And even more presents!

We got some good stuff, including a light up track toy!

And a peek-a-toy game!

And nip toys and bandanas!

We is gonna be buzy kitties!

And Crockett has a major league razzberry to wish y'all a Meowy Christmas!!!

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Meowy Christmas Eve!

Meowy Christmas Eve y'all!  We got to escape da antlers today and just wore dese plaid bandanas my momma made.  We's all festive and ready for Christmas!

Momma already made up da crabbycakes for tomorrow's brunch and dat meant CRAB time for us orange boys.  Angie ain't too big on raw seafood, she wuzn't even in da kitchen when momma wuz makin em.  She wuz snoozin wif her momma.  And round here, ya snooze, ya lose!

Here are some more of da tasty goodies da mommas has been makin - dey is all done wif da bakin now and ready to relax!!

Chocolate marshmallow treats.

Almond cookies.

More pecan brittle.

More peanut brittle.

Pecan Paulines.


And divinity!

Tonite my momma is makin pizza, so I'm hopin to snag some Christmas Eve sossidge.  And maybe some whippy cream for da egg nog tonite - wish me luck!

Meowy Christmas!!

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Christmas Eve Eve

Anudder day, anudder new bandana.  Dis side of it are mint wif penguin doods.

It makes my eyes look kinda minty, so I likes it.

Even Miss Diva Angelique wuz happy to wear it - it shure beats a Santa hat or antlers after all!

And in udder news, da mommas came home wif CRAB from da grocery store for da Christmas brunch.  Yummmm.  Which means crabcakes bein made up on Christmas Eve, which means crab are tomorrow!!!!  It are gonna be like a pre-Christmas present!!

P.S.  Sorry we has not been commentin on your bloggies very much lately - our internet are having MAJOR problems and we is lucky to be able to get on to get our post posted.  When my momma tried earlier during da day (around noon or so) it wuz completely gone.  Hiss!!  #$#&@ Time Warner!!

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

More Christmas Bakin

Well, today it wuz Santa hats.  And we got to wear da udder side of da woodland bandana.

Does Santa give razzberries??  Crockett Santa does!

And Angelique are even toleratin my momma's silliness.  She must really be anglin for presents.

My momma has been up more Christmas Bakin and not da pork kind.  Dese are some of da yummies she and Crockett's momma has made.

Mint chocolate brownies.


Decorated sugar cookies.

Wait a minute, dere's a westie??  I think dere should be a kitty instead!!

Peanut butter blossoms.

Lemon sugar cookies.

And cashew caramel cookies.  And my momma made even more today and more are on da way.  I's just hopin dat roomer I heard bout Christmas crabbycakes comes true!