Tuesday, April 28, 2015

T is for . . .

T are for Tuesday.  But we are havin a debate over what else T are for.

Angelique says T are for tummy.

Crockett thinks T are for tongue.

I say T are for toesies.

Who do you think are right?

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Sunday Selfies

Well, my momma made up for all da torture and aboose of a baconless Caturday by cookin up some bacon dis mornin.  She also made scrambly eggy weggies and toast, but I didn't get any of dat.  I don't mind, I got my bacon!  

So nobody had to pull out dere claws to use on her, MOL!  Angelique thought bout it though.

We's all runnin round like crazy cats dis afternoon cuz storms are comin again.  And dey always make us go a bit nutso, well, a bit MORE nutso dan normal, MOL!

Saturday, April 25, 2015

A Baconless Caturday

Well, my momma are clueless.  She wuz in charge of da brunch dis mornin since Crockett's momma still has a cold.  She are gettin better, but my momma wanted to help out by cookin.  Ya would think since she wanted to help out, she woulda helped her cat out to some bacon.  But instead she made French toast.  Wif no bacon!

None of us wuz happy bout dat.  But even worse - she didn't give us any of dat tasty egg and milk mixture she dunked da bread in before cookin it.  And she didn't give us any of da toast either!!

It were a TRAVISty I are tellin ya!  She promised we'll get bacon tomorrow - I are not sure if I trust her after deprivin us on Caturday.

I are off to dream dreams of bacony goodness.

Friday, April 24, 2015

Da Kitchen Buddy

Well, it are Friday, which normally would mean it wuz sossidge night round here.  See my momma makes a pizza pretty much every Friday and some of da peeps like sossidge on it.  Not my momma, cuz she are a weirdo and just likes da cheeze.  I mean, I luvs me some cheeze, but sossidge and pepperoni and definitely where it's at.

So I wuz hangin out in da kitchen waitin for sossidge, and I smelled somefin different.  It smelled like  chikken.  Now I luvs chikken too, but dat wasn't what I was eggspecting.  Momma made a different kinda pizza tonite, it had a Thai peanut sauce instead of your normal pizza sauce and had grilled chikken on top of da cheeze.

Well, I wuz right over there beggin for chikken.  And I wuz da only kitty who got any chikken since I wuz da only one beggin.

 Sorry Angie, ya snooze, ya lose.

Razzberry all ya want Crockett, ya should hung out in da kitchen.

Sometimes bein momma's kitchen buddy has it's perks!

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

I Luvs Da Princess

When Angelique first came here, she wuz a lil scared of me and Crockett.  She'd been a feral kitten and I guess we intimidated her some.  But she has come around and now are da lil spoiled princess of da house.  Well, her and da dogs who are definitely spoiled princesses.  

I luvs Angie so much I even lets her sleep in my favorite sleepin spot, my basket.

See how she are acting like she owns it . . .

Ok, I luvs ya and all, but I think dere are room for two in here.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Sunday Selfies

Dose dis selfie make my nose look big?

Crockett are also givin da big nose look too - wif a lil mini razzberry.

Angelique are too dignified to go in for da schnooterific selfie.  She always goes for da glamour shot.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Caturday Bacon

Well, it seems like da mommas is finally back on da right schedule since dey managed to remember dat today wuz Caturday and dat means bacon day.  We wuz all happy to get some bacon dis morning.

Crockett gave a razzberry of approval - or maybe he wuz just taste-testin da bacony goodness in da air.

Hope ya got some tasty treats today too!

Friday, April 17, 2015

The Disappearin Bacon Mistereee

Well pals, da peeps has a mistereee on dere paws and none of us is talkin.

Yesterday, our home wuz invaded by all these weird guys who wanted to make tons of noises and hang out in da attic.  Whitley thought dey wuz zombies come to eat our momma's brains.  She wuz barkin up a storm bout it.  But I reminded her dat it are our momma and well, da zombies might leave hungry if dey came here for dat.  But she kept on barkin, cuz she wanted da guys to come admire how cute she wuz.  Dat pup is a total puppy slut for male attenshuns.  Momma says dey wuz here installin a new air condishinur.  Whatefur.  Dat are not da important part.

Da important part wuz dat all of us, includin da dogs, wuz locked up, so we wouldn't get outta da house or in da way.  And while we wuz all unjustly imprisoned, da mommas decided to make a bacon brunch!  Well, ok, dey had fried eggy weggies and toast and coffee and milk too, but da real point are dat dey had da odd-ass-ity to have bacon wifout us kitties around to beg it!

We wuz not happy bout it, ya can tell how Crockett looks ready to punch em.

Anyways, I guess da guilt got to Crockett's momma since she made an extra piece of bacon, just for all of us (da pupses wuz sposed to have some too).  But since we wuz locked up, she left it on da counter in a paper towel and forgot about it for hours.

Da air condishinunin zombies or whatefur dey wuz came and went.  We wuz freed and nobody remembered da bacon until hours later.

But someone smelled it, cuz da bacon had disappeared!  Now, da pupses is not suspects since dey is too short to get to counter.  Angelique wuz off in her room a lot of da day, so da peeps is bettin it wuz a joint job between me and Crockett (we haz done it before and both looked pretty satisamafied wif ourselves).  Nobody's talkin.

So who do you think stole da missin piece of bacon??

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Surprise Ham

Today was one of those beeyootifull wonderful days dat us kitties dream bout.  Ok, da weather outside are not beeyootrifull, it are dreary and gray.  And Crockett's daddy are home from work cuz he are sick, and dat are not too wonderful.

But every cloud has a silver lining and Crockett's daddy decided he wanted a ham sammich for lunch.  Which meant surprise ham for us kitties.  I heard da fridge bein opened by Crockett's momma and came runnin in - I wuz just hopin for kitty food.  But den she pulled out da ham.  OMC, I wuz one happy kitty.  We got some of dat tasty ham - I think Crockett's daddy should stay home from work more often!

 I think I'll just spend da day here on da table, ya never know what udder surprises might happen.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Sunday Selfies

Crockett knows his razzberry selfies are popular, so he delivered one today.  I think he wuz just commentin on da lack of bacon dis weekend.  Momma delivered on da sossidge last night, and I heard roomors bout seafood (shrimp or crawfish) enchiladas tonite, but we needs our weekend bacon too!  And seafood may be a lil tuffer to get since my momma luvs it so much.  She don't mind sharin da sossidge for da pizza since she don't put it on her part, MOL!

Angelique are goin for da glamour shot look again.

And I are givin big eyes - big eyes work great for beggin da foodz off of da peepz!!

Saturday, April 11, 2015


Whatdya get da day after ya turn two?  Ya might think da answer would be bacon or somefin delishus, but no, if ya is me, ya gets abandoned.  Well, ok, not quite abandoned, Crockett's daddy and Angelique's momma stayed here.  My momma (and Crockett's momma and da pupses) left to go down and visit wif my momma's grandparents.  

Ya might think visitin wif peeps sounds kinda borin, but da dogs came home talkin bout how da old peeps handed out bacon and sossidge like dere wuz no tomorrow.  What da meow???  Why couldn't I get to go on dis trip?  I luvs bacon and sossidge.

Anyways, da mommas are back now.  Wif a million and one pictures of bluebonnets.  If ya wants to see more, head on over to Whitley's blog.  I's lettin momma post a couple pictures since she promised me sossidge tonite.  And ya know I'll do anything for sossidge.