Sunday, April 27, 2014

Black and White Sunday

Well, nuffin weird have been comin outta my butt today, besides da usual stinkies.  So dat are good news.  And I gots HAM last night and this morning, OMC, HAM are just delishus!  It are a lot like bacon and VERY tasty!!

Hope y'all had a good weekend!

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Sepia Saturday

Happy Sepia Saturday Caturday!

Ok, y'all, I got a hilarious and gross story to tell.  So if you are da sensitive type, ya's been warned ok??

Still wif me?  Good!

Ok, dis mornin, I were givin myself a bath while I were on my cat tree.  And da humans noticed dis lil green thing on my butt.  Well, my momma came closer and it were not on my butt, but comin outta it instead.  

I'd been tryin to eat Easter grass and throwin it up.  Da humans got rid of all da Easter grass and used Easter fluff dis year instead.  Well, dey thought they got rid of it all, but I guess I found a piece, and it made it through, as ya might say.  Well, momma were pretty grossed out.  Grandma told her to pull it out.

Well, she pulled and I let out a lil "meow" - I mean, dat felt kinda funny.  And she pulled and she pulled.  It came out pretty easy and just slid out.  It were not a short piece of Easter grass, MOL!  And when it came out, it were stinky and dirty.  MOL MOL!  I don't think momma will ever look at Easter grass the same way!!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Yoo Hoo! YOO HOO! Award

I just got da Yoo Hoo! YOO HOO! Award from my pal Charlie.  Fanks so much Charlie, you are one pawsome dude!

Here are da rules for da award.

1.  Post da award on you blog and fank da blogger who gave it to you.
2.  Visit at least three of da other blogs dat are receiving da award along wif you and leave a comment.
3.  Tell us three things you have to celebrate.  Ya know, three things for which you are fankful.
4.  Pass along da award to seven other bloggers and let dem know you have done so.
5.  Enjoy a tasty treat!

So da fings I are fankful for . . .

1. BACON!  I luvs me some bacon and I are very fankful dat I get it so often, specially after I heard dat some of y'all has never even tried it.  Bacon are da stuff dat makes life worth livin, MOL!
2.  Crab.  It are so delishus, even a lil better than bacon.  Da only reason it are not number one are dat it are a pretty rare treat around here, but it are so delishus!  I fink we should have crab everyday - maybe bacon for breakfast and crab for dinner??
3.  I are fankful dat my grandma helped convince my momma to adopt me.  When dey had first seen me, I were doin my bestest sweetie pie impression and dey both fell in luv.  BUt at da adoption event, I were vein kinda crazy and were not really interested in being held - I wanted to play wif my brofur!  But my grandma helped convince my momma I were da right cat, and I would up here - where dey serves bacon and crab!  And my momma definitely knows I were da right kitty now!

I are nominatin:

1.  Maurice's Meowsings
2.  Marty the Manx
3.  One Spoiled Cat
4.  Spitty Speaks
5.  Clooney's Num Num Fund
6.  Prancer Pie
7.  Da Tabbies Of Trout Town

It were pretty boring around here today - my momma abandoned me to go look at bluebonnets and Indian paintbrush.

Da dogs got to go, but me and Maurice had to stay home.  If y'all are interested, you can check out more photos on Whitley's blog.

I fink I deserve some bacon for dis abandonment!!

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter everybody!  Hope y'all are havin a good day.  I were on da lookout for da Easter bunny, but all I saw were dat sassy skwerril raidin da burd feeder.

I did not get no bacon dis Easter, but I finks I discovered somefin I love even more.  CRAB!  Da humans had dis special breakfast called crabcakes eggies benedict or somefin.  And last night, grandma were makin up da crabcakes.  I were meyowlin and scrunchin my face up all cute.  I put my paws up on da cabinet and gave my cute kitten face.  She are a sucker for dat, and crab started rainin down on me!  Oh boy, dat stuff are da best stuff ever.  I still luvs me some bacon, but I really luvs me some crab.  I were goin just crazy for crab, it are da tastiest stuff ever.  YUM!!!!  So even though I did not get my bacon, it were a good Easter for me.  I tried to get momma to give me some of da holland-daze, but she wouldn't.  I fink I deserved it after bein abandoned, but she just ate it all herself!  Some peeples is so rude . . . And me bein so starvin too.

Anyways, dis week da humans made dere Easter eggie weggies.  Dey decorate egg shells - dye them, paint them, turn dem into animals, all kindsa stuff!  Den dey put candies inside - yummy stuff!

Dere were even a Travis egg in my momma's basket!

I fink dat one are da best one of all!  It's handsome, classy, filled wif treats . . . Hey wait a minute, if my eggie are filled wif treats, shouldn't I be filled wif treats???

I'm off to go raid da pantry and get myself some treats - have a good Easter!

Saturday, April 19, 2014


Yeah, dat are right, my momma abandoned me dis week.  How could she abandon dis face?

I's adorable, right?  Anyways, my momma went down to see her grandparents and me and Maurice stayed here with da grandpa dude.  So it were a boys house pawty and we did not let no stinkin girls round.  Ok, actually, we missed da girls, specially since da grandpa dude goes to work and do not stay round da house to feed us kitties non-stop.

So I told my momma off when she got home on Thursday.

"Don't ya even think bout leavin again momma!!"  I also made sure to give her lotsa snuggles and make lots and lotsa biscuits on her.  And to make it up to me dis mornin, I got some bacon!!  

So I's back and not gonna be doing da disappearin act on y'all again.  Here's hopin for some more bacon dis Easter weekend!

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Black and White Sunday

I call dis pose "Insert Bacons Here" - MOL!

It have been a pretty good weekend so far - I gots bacon three days in a row!  Dere are nuffin I luvs more dan bacon - if only I could convense da humans to give me my own strip.  Instead I just get lil tiny pieces.  But lil pieces of bacon are better than no bacon at all!

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Sepia Saturday

Hey everybody!  Happy Sepia Saturday Caturday!  I's had a good week - firstest I had my birfday and I even got a birfday present from my pal Platelicker - he sent me 3 lil catnip mousies, a pretty plaid collar, and a bag of tasty greenies!  Dose treats were da best, I went CARAZY over dem!!

I even got some bacon today!  And I'm hoping for some more of dose cat treats.

Monday, April 7, 2014

It's My Firstest Birfday!!!!

It are my firstest birfday!  And I's been havin a lot of fun.  I started da day off wif some snuggles - I gave my momma lots and lotsa headbonks - and I got some belly rubs too!

And I gots some bacon today too!  I saw da bacon being cooked, dere were seven bacons and I thoughts "oh boy, all of dese are for me!!!"  But da humans ate most all of it, which are not too nice since it were my birfday after all.  I didn't even get a strip to myself - I got a few bites and had to share wif da dogs since dey did not want me to get sick.  I tried to tell dem dat it were starvation from lack of bacon dat were gonna make me sick, but dey did not listen and said somefn bout panky-rea-tie-tis, whoever dat are.  I was very happy to get da bacon I got though.

My momma gave me a new orange collar, I are wearin it in my pictures.  She also gave me a fun catnip mousie and cheese toy - it crinkles too and are a lot of fun.

My grandma gave me a tunnel!  Oh boy, it are so much fun!  I has been running through it, rollin round in it, hidin in it, all kindsa fun!!

And dere are some other cool stuff dat happened for my birfday too!  Whitley won a contest dat Mona and Weenie had to give $50 to da animal rescue of her choice.  And we picked Feral Friends, which are where I were adopted from.  Fanks so much for dis pawsome contest Mona and Weenie.

Den I won da coasters dat Savannah were givin away too - dey are very cool!  I fink momma needs to buy a lottery ticket or somefin - dis must be our lucky day!

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Black and White Sunday

It were a good weekend - I got bacons today and bacons yesterday too!  I'm really hopin for bacon tomorrow too - it are a special day tomorrow - can you guess what it are???

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Sepia Saturday

Happy Sepia Saturday Caturday!!

Maurice tells da funniest jokes!  "What happens when it rains cats and dogs?"

You step in a poodle!  MOL MOL!

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Meet da Family!

I's got a confeshun - I's a nip addict.  I just luvs da stuff.  See dat pink blanket I are lying on?  It were Miss Jezebel's and some pals from Catster gave it to her for her 19th birthday.  I's inherited it.  And it are filled wif nip.  I luvs it.  I has been lyin on it and kneedin it like crazy.  Sometimes I even get real crazy and rolls round.  Sometimes I are just more chill, like in dis photo.

Ok, I's had some requests from y'all to see pictures of da other animals I live wif.

Dis are Maurice, my bestest friend.  Well, at least I fink we is best friends, sometimes he do not agree and tries to bite my head.  He are my momma's sister's cat, so I guess tecknikally we is cousins, but we just says we's brothers because dat are easier.  He are 4 years old and he are HUGE - we fink he is part Maine Coon.  I were hopin to get as big as him, but my momma do not think it are gonna happen.  I fink she needs to feed me more and give me a chance to grow!  A mancat can't grow huge on only three breakfastses.  He has a blog, you can sees it here.

Dis are Finley - she are da grandma and grandpa's dog, do that make her my aunt?  Anyways, she are just a sisfur to me, it are much less confusin dat way.  She are ok, but she wants to steal my cat food to much for my likins.  She are a 7 year old westie.  She also has a blog - you can visit her here.

Dis are Whitley - she are my momma's westie.  So she really are my puppy sisfur.  She are 11 and a haf.  She are pretty nice, I snuggles wif her some and make biscuits on her back.  She do not try to steal my food, but she barks pretty much nonstop so I's had to learn to ignore her loudmouthedness.  She has a blog too - it are here.

Hope ya enjoyed meeting all of dem!