Sunday, August 23, 2020

Sunday Selfies

Hey pals - it's Sunday, so it's selfie time.

Me and Bowie tried to snag some pasta tonite. Da mommas say we is real life Garfields since we wanna eat everything - yeah, even lasagna (ok, tonite it wuz ravioli, but yeah, ya get da idea). 

Anybody else try to beg anything "unusual" from dere humans?


  1. I didn't beg anything, but I did jump on the table when the peeps were not paying attention, and helped my self to the salmon leftovers from Dinner...MOL!
    I should do that more often...Mmmm! And besides its fun to tease the hooligans from up there, tee-hee!

  2. Nice selfies of you guys! My human rarely eats at the dining room table (usually only when her guy is over), and if she has made something for them, I always want some!

    1. I'm always trying to get what the humans are eating.

  3. I never get the chance usually, but I nearly managed some of Mrs H's peppperoni off her pizza last night! las she hadn't had enough sherry to not notice so I had to make do with just a wiff of the meat, MOL
    Lovely selfies of you all and good luck on your pasta patrol!

  4. I am pretty good about liking my own foods.
    Once in a while I like what mum eats ;)

  5. Lovely selfies.
    Neither Eric or Flynn liked human food, but that didn't stop Eric trying to steal it.

  6. None of us are interested in what is on the human plates, yep, we're weird like that!

  7. I did beg to snack some pizza but the human did not agree! Moew I was angry

  8. Well, I don't think it's exactly unusual, but I will do ANYTHING for butter. And though apparently is is mostly scent-free to the Human, I can smell it at 20 yards! Mmmmmm. Butter.

  9. Pasta? Wow our cats will not touch that. But then again I use Garlic which isn't safe for them so yours may taste so much nicer.

  10. Bowie you are looking wild and Angelique are you giving him the stink eye?


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