Sunday, September 20, 2020

You Tee Eye

A You Tee Eye. Apparently I has one of em. I didn't really know what wuz wrong cept I kept felt like I had to pee and I couldn't. And it hurt. So I meowed at momma and led her right to my litterbox so she would know. But I don't think she quite got it at first, so I had to resort to some drastic measures. I did a lil bit of inappropriate peeing on a bag of old scratched up CDs from Angelique's momma's car (don't ask, MOL). And wuz when she saw da bloods.

Ya don't gotta make dat face Bowie, it wuzn't dat much blood.

And don't worry Angelique, your momma's old CDs are ok as they wuz before. MOL. It wuz really just a lil pinkish - enuf dat da momma's knew to take me to the emergency vet to make shure I wuzn't blocked. Maurice, Angelique's predecessor, got a bad blockage one time, so they knew they had to get me in today.

Well, da vetman said my bladder wuz empty, so I wuzn't blocked. He said I had a You Tee Eye and I got some Aunty Biotics and an Aunty Inflammatory. 

Yeah, wif all those Aunties I'm expecting some good Catmas presents. Maybe I'll share wif Angelique and Bowie. 

Or maybe not. 

Anyways, I had to take two pills tonite and so far I'm still doing ok - da mommas are gonna keep a close eye on me though. I still managed to take a Cowboys selfie today.

And they even managed to win today!

I think all my momma's yelling woke up Angelique, MOL. 


  1. Owwiee!! Poor guy, those are awful. Hugs to you.

  2. Oh! Nos! You Tee Eyes is NOT fun! Wes is sending yous healing purrs! BTW yous all looks fabulishious today! That bandana is sweet!
    Marv, Jo Jo, Kozmo, Cinnamon and Angel Nellie

  3. Paws crossed that the meds help and you can put this episode behind you, Travis. I'm sending healing purrs your way.

  4. UTI?? How unpleasant, UGH. Hope you feel a lot better really soon. POTP!
    Glad that your team won!

    And lovely selfies. Angelique's eyes are beautiful! Like emeralds!

  5. Oh dearie me - I sure hope those meds work quickly - UTIs are icky aren't they! Extra bacon counts as medication by the way....just sayin' !

    Hugs, Teddy

  6. We're sorry to hear you have a you tee eye, Travis. We hope the medicines will help you feel better.

  7. Dang Travis, those are no fun and we hope you feel all better super soon.

  8. I'm so glad your Mama got you to the vet to get all those aunties, and I was yelling and waking up kitties too when those Boys won!

  9. yeee owwzerz dood, we iz sorree ta heer thiz....been ther N we noe itz knot a happee francis' blessingz two ewe buddy....drink yur waterz and add sum ta yur foodz.... ♥♥♥

  10. Oh Travis ! We are so glad your Mama got your message and got you to the vet ! Take your medicine and you will be better soon ! Purrs.

    PS You can clean CDs off with clean water. Or Windex, if water doesn't do the job.

    1. MOL - most of these are scratched and beyond repair.

  11. I hope your aunties get rid of your you tee eye double quick and you are soon feeling better.

  12. Sorry to hear your tinkle tank was bothering you. Hopefully the medications will do the trick and you'll be feeling better soon.

  13. We're sorry to hear this, Travis, and we hope those Aunties will help you feel better. Purrs

  14. We hope you are fine and feeling better soon and are sure you will be as those Aunties work wonders. If you get extra prezzies you can send them here


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