Sunday, October 11, 2020

Sunday Selfies

It's Sunday, so it's time for some weekend selfies.

Looks like Bowie heard something out front. I'm not sure what he heard since the cat treats were right in front of him . . .

Angelique didn't even wanna get outta bed for her selfie.

Ok, we're gonna try again. I went paws-free this time.

And Bowie's ears are ALMOST rotated in the right direction.

And hey, Angelique even got out to the kitchen today!

And ok, it's not quite a selfie, but it's almost like seeing double!


  1. Those are great selfies, and I love the photo of you both together.

  2. Great selfies. In the photo with the two of you, the glow from the light looks like an empty thought bubble. But I'm pretty sure you were thinking of bacon.

  3. Those are all great but you two boys together now that's fabulous!

  4. Those are nice selfies. And we really love the one of you and Bowie together, Travis.

  5. Wow - that picture of you two boys side by side really does show how similar you are. And handsome too. Angelique, of course, is as beautiful as ever ! Purrs !

    1. Yeah, Bowie's a lil darker and has a rounder face and I'm bigger, but we look a lot alike.

  6. You all look great. I love the twins photo. XO

  7. That ussie-selfie looks like it has a speech bubble in it, ready to be filled in, MOL! Then I saw it was the lamp...oh-oh...petcretary is so silly sometimes!

    Ya'll look great though, ears notwithstanding, tee-hee:)


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