Monday, February 19, 2024

Mewsic Monday

Well, I wuz glad momma had a three day weekend this week. It meant she was around to feed me more, MOL. So anyways, it are Mewsic Monday again and I are putting back on my DJ hat (I think I need an ACTUAL DJ hat, but whatefurs). Da theme dis week are  . . . no theme! So here's some songs from me!

Yellowcard "The Places We'll Go"

Sabrina Carpenter "Tornado Warnings"

Tyler Childers "In Your Love"

Miley Cyrus "Used To Be Young"

blink 182 "Dance With Me"


  1. The only song I recognized in your set is Miley's "Used To Be Young". Like she's so old, right? lol It surprised me that I didn't know the songs by Yellow Card or Blink 182. Thanks for joining the 4M pawwtry, Travis. I hope you and Mom have a boogietastic week! 🐾😽

  2. You always have great tunes Travis. I didn't know any of those but I liked them.

  3. Glad you had extra time with your mom. I am feeling old again, but I at least knew the last 2. :)

  4. Not a fan of the last but live the others. Enjoy sleeping and cleaning behind thecrstr

  5. YOU look so handsome I feel like I need to slip over there. Let me see if I still have your tunnel coordinates.

  6. My favorites were Yellowcard (totally new to me) and Blink-182.


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