Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Talk Like A Pirate Day

Shiver me timbers, it be talk like pirate day! Yeah, we be a wee late, but we wouldn't miss dis day for all da treshure in da Caribbean - ok maybe all da treashure in da Caribbean plus some bacon.

I's Cap'n Travis da Terribull and we has First Mate Crockett Orangebeard and our sassy pirate wench Angelique.

Meow, I mean arrrrr!

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Caturday Saturday

Well, da three of us has been doin ok, even if da humans are all preoccupied. Da Mister Man are still in da hospital - dey moved him to da rehab on Monday, but he had to go back to da Neuro Eye-See-You since he had a brain bleed and wuz not doin good (gettin very confuserated again). Da mommas wuz so upset - it was really tuff on dem to see him go backwards. He are doin a lil better now (dey got him back on steroids and off da blood-thinners, which mighta caused da latest problem), but he are still gonna be in da hospital for weeks.

Anyways, dat are da medical update. We still don't really have any kinda long-term prognosis.

Da three of us have been doin pretty good - we is missin da man and Crockett's momma (since she are sleepin at da hospital), but my momma and Angelique's momma are takin good care of us.

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Sunday Selfies

Fanks for all da purrs and POTP for our grandpa/daddy. He made a whole lotta progress da furst couple days after he woke up from da surgery - now it has kinda leveled off. He didn't have too good of a day today - maybe it are cuz he didn't sleep good last nite, our maybe it are somefin else . . . 

Maybe he is just missin US meowin at him for food.  Yeah, dat must be it.

Anyways, da three of us are doin ok. Well, as ok as three baconless cats (for TWO weekends now) can be. We hasn't really even been whinin bout da bacon too much, da mommas is crazy stressed as it are. Besides, we is still gettin our tasty Fancy Feast and treats and dere are still Kinley to pick on, so all are good wif us.

We's sendin big purrs to all our pals in Florida. My momma and Crockett's momma has visited Florida a couple times and really enjoyed going there. We hope all our pals there will be ok.

Saturday, September 9, 2017

Caturday Update

Well, accordin to da mommas, da Man are recoverin pretty well.  He are sposed to be headed over to rehab on Monday and are gettin kinda antsy bout bein in da hospital (and not gettin to have his computer). He are standin and walkin pretty good and has been gettin to visit wif some friends. I asked momma if WE could come visit (espeshully since da Man are getting a pork chop for dinner), but dere are a no-kitties allowed rule.

Yeah, dat are what Crockett thinks of dat rule.

Anyways, he are makin good progress, but he are still gonna be recoverin for a while. We're waitin for him to come home so we can rub all over his legs.