Thursday, January 19, 2017

Thoroughly Poetic Thursday

Hey everybody!  We's back dis week wif anudder poem.  Dis week, da letter are F.  And while my momma has a certain F-word purrtaining to current events goin on dis week, I decided to keep things a lil bit cleaner and more bipartisan.  MOL!

This poem are so good, it even has Crockett stickin his tongue out.

I think even Angelique approved . . .


Hey everycat, I has a wish
And it are for lotsa fish
Come on, gimme dat tasty trout
And I promise you I won't pout
Momma, I want fish now, oh my god
Hand me some of that delicious cod
Tuna, salmon, and filet of sole
We're really gettin on a roll
Come on momma, get off your ass
And cook me up some tasty bass
Don't hog the fish, don't be so mean
Gimme it now, I want a sardine
Ya want me to shut my yapper?
Try handin out some red snapper
I like fish grilled, baked, poached, or fried
I'll take it raw, sushi I've tried
Yeah, I really luv me some fish
So please momma, fill up my dish!

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Sunday Selfies

Meowlo everybody!!  My momma are back in town - I didn't like her leavin AT ALL!

We had a purrty good weekend - we got some bacon yesterday!

And even my momma got a treat - dis pawsome New Year's pressie from

I wanted to play wif da confetti, but momma wouldn't let me.

Chewy sent her sham-pain.

She said somefin bout pet bloggin finally payin off wif free alcohol.  Whatefurs momma.

And yeah, it are real sham-pain.  I heard talk bout mimosas.

And yeah, it are real sham-pain.  Hey momma, ya know what goes good wif mimosas???  Dat's right, BACON!

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Thoroughly Poetical Thursday!


I shure do luv me some eats
Some of my favorites are meats
And dere are nuffin dat beats
Bacon bits - dey's da best treats!
I also luv me some ham
Yes please, I'll take double ma'am
And who can resist dat lamb?
I's a treat lover, I am!

Well, to go along wif my poetry (written by me, TRAVIS), here's a Crockett razzberry.

And an Angie look of superiority.  Girl cats . . . 

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Sunday Selfies

So da momma has been CRAZY bizzee dis weekend wif da undecomaratin - apparently it are a lot less fun dan da decomaratin.

I's sad to see da Chrissymouse lights go - I really luv em.  But my momma did somefin real speshul for me to make up for it - I'll show y'all what it are dis next week.

And today my momma found Angie's bandana - it turns out Angelique's present (which included 8 toys!) from my momma wuz still stuck under da tree.  I guess her momma hadn't noticed.  So it was like a late Chrissymouse pressie for Angelique.  MOL MOL!

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Thoroughly Poetical Thursday

So it are poetical Thursday and ya know what dat means . . . anudder poem from da Poet Lauryette of Lone Star Cats - AKA me!

Why are it dat Angie are not impressed??

Ok, so here goes . . .


It's poetic Thursday
And da letter is D
So I wrote about dogs
I haf to live with three
One tries to chase us cats
She's totally insane
Dey bark and howl a lot
Not sure they have a brain
But they can be fun too
To smacky paw and hiss
Gettin up high is good
I watch them jump and miss
I call them lots of names
But dey is not lazy
I luv da silly dogs
Even if they're crazy

Hope y'all liked my poem!