Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Not Doing Too Good

Well pals, I'm not doing too good.  I went to the vet today because I've been having diarrhea for a while.  I got some drops to help firm that stuff up.  The vet said he heard an extra heartbeat.

My feet have also swollen up, which is making it hard for me to walk.  The humans could run a whole lot of tests and all that, but I'm almost 21 years old and they don't want to make me go through all that.  I did some get some fluids, along with some vitamins and steroids to help me feel a little better.

But I've had a real hard time walking this afternoon and tonight.  I've been dragging my back legs and mainly I'm just sitting in the typist's lap.  She seems sad, I don't know what her problem is - her legs are working just fine.

I also got to go out in the backyard.  I haven't been out in the backyard for years!  A long long time ago, I used to get to go outside and kill birds and lizards and all kinds of things.  When I was about 18, my momma thought she could let me out some because I wouldn't to do anything, like climb the fence.  Well, I proved her wrong and was on that fence in no time.  Not today.  I just played with the plants a little and sat by the pool.  Well, it figures that the slaves would finally let me back outside when I am too decrepit to do much of anything.  It was nice to be back outside though.

I'm back to sleeping on the typist's lap again.  I did eat a little bit of food tonight, which made the humans happy.  They're really easily pleased I guess.



  1. Sendin' lots of purrs your way, Jezzy...

  2. Sweet Jezebel, You have the bestest Humans ever! They are doing just right by you, darling girl, letting you do all the things you love, and letting you take some lovely walks down memory lane. You are a beautiful LadyCat down to the tippity-tip of your tailio. XOXOXOXO

  3. Sending many meezer purrs and prayers for the meds to help Jez start to feel better.

  4. WeBees Purring our loudest meezer purrs fur ya, Jez!

    Hope the meds do their work, so you can go back to just being regular Jez...

    Hugs, too, lot of them.

  5. We send you healing vibes and POTP. Take it easy sweet Jezebel and rest assured you are in our thoughts and prayers.
    Best wishes Molly

  6. We're sendin real gentle lil hugs to yu Mz Jez.
    Yu jus take it easy.

  7. Momma an' me, Zaidie, r finkin' 'bout yu, Jezebel, an' hopin' yu be feewin' bedder soon, my fwiend. Yu r one 'mazin' kitty, dat's fur shur <3

  8. jez...de mega blessings St Francis has ta offer comin yur way...just coz....we troo lee hope de medsin werks N helps ya ta feel better...N yur mom iz just kinda sad coz....her wants ta bee sad right now...they due that...peepulz due.....

  9. We ish so sorry to hear thish - your humans ish taking wonderpurr care of yew and we ish hoping that you feel like eating soon and that you enjoyed going outshide too. Laps ish furry nice and the bestest medicine of all. PURRlease feel better soon - we send lots and lots of love.

  10. Sending you positive thoughts sweetie. We hope you will be feeling better soon. Hugs.


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