Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Christmas is Coming!

Christmas is coming and today da three of us got an early Christmas present - new fluffy holiday collars!  They are called Calvin Collars and da peeps ordered them from The Cat in the Clover, an Etsy shop run by one of our pals from Catster and da Faceybooks.  Calvin collars are named after her kitty Calvin, who passed away in 2009.  Once 25 collars are sold, she sponsors a kitty at Best Friend's Animal Society in Calvin's memory.

We actually like wearin da collars and think we look pretty stylin.  It are WAY better than antlers or Santa hats.  And by da way, our friend didn't ask us or pay us to menshun her shop or anything, we just thought y'all might wanna know bout it cuz she's got some cute stuff.

Here's are glamour queen - she's even got da pout of a French fashun model.

Crockett says "da button says I've been naughty, da tongue says it wuz worth it."

I believe in Santa Paws.  Please bring me a ton of bacon.

In other news, da mommas wuz busy making decorated sugar cookies today - dey make dem every year and dis year dey wuz real proud of demselves for decoratin em before Christmassy Eve.  Yeah, not really somefin to be proud about, but whatefurs.

Westie cookies, but no orange kitty cookies.  Somefin are not right.

Dey look tasty, don't they?  Well, they are thinkin someone (and for some reason MY name came up) made off wif a Santa becuz dey had 12 cooked and somehow there wuz 11 when they went to decorate.  Innoscent until proven guilty I say.

Da onliest one of us who got caught being naughty today was Angelique.  She jumped right down on da table and knocked over a tree cookie.  Da peeps said better a tree cookie dan da tree.

Which are gettin presents under it - I sure hope some are for me!


  1. I love the collars - and the donation that goes with them! My human is already sick of cookies - she eats them instead of meals this time of year practically! But your humans' still made her hungry!

    1. My momma's substituted cookies for meals a LOT dis month.

  2. Crikey ...... that Angelique ..... how well named is she? She's got the French look alright, aye?? OMD!!!! Keep an eye on her.
    AND those cookies ..... we call 'em biscuits ..... how good do they look? Can I PLEASE come to your house next year for Christmas??
    AND that tree ..... I can't get enough of lookin' at it. That's the BEST tree I've ever seen!!
    AND those pressies ...... OMD! Are you going to have the BEST time or what??
    Surely some of those are for you Travis. Bet that Angelique thinks they are ALL for her, aye?? As I said you betta watch her.
    Have a great Christmas, aye?? Hope you get some bacon and pork and turkey and ham and chook AND some of those cookies'd go down well.. Crikey I forgot ..... you're a kitty. You probably don't like cookies.
    Crikey that Crockett bloke's a cheeky one with his tongue always out, aye??

    1. Crikey .... sorry ...... I seem to have a lot to say today, aye??

    2. Whadya mean I don't like cookies? I luvs cookies, I'll eat just bout anything. Da onliest things I don't try to steal are fruits and vegetables.

  3. Those collars are so cool and you all look awesome! We hope that you get lots of pressies and bacon too! Merry Catmas...and watch out for ol' Clooney Claus lurking around...I'm expecting one of theese cookies!

  4. Lots of good cookies, YUMMY!
    Hey, they need a kitty cookie maker, MOL! So as you can see yourselves in Cookie Form!

    You all look nice in those Calvin Collars. Meowmy giggled really loudly when she saw Crockett! OMC!

  5. Oh Travis y'all awe so gawjus in yous new collaws. And yous twee is just pawsum. Lookit all those gifts!!!! Wow Y'all be in fur a wunnewful Christmas. Hope yous get lots of bacon.

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Lexi

  6. You all look lovely and not long now till the big fat man in red comes down the chimney. Have a wonderful Wednesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  7. Mum says that your cookies are too cute to be eaten ! Meowy Chrissymouse and Happy Holidays ! Purrs

  8. My gosh... You're all ROCKIN' those collars, for sure. Very nice.

    MERRY CHRISTMAS my friends!!!


  9. Travis, you all look very festive and stylish in those collars. our mom may have to check those out for Hollie (she's proly the only one of us that would cooperate and wear one, besides Wriggley of course). The cookies look nomilicious! oh, to give the frosting a lick...
    Merry Christmas! here's hoping there is a side of bacon at least for you under your tree :)

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, Hollie

  10. Those cookies look nommy but I counted 12 and I didn’t even count Santa and the scottie twice. Your collars are quite lovely as is Angelique. Merry Christmas Eve and Happy Christmas! May it be Merry N. Bright!

  11. Your tree is absolutely incredible. And we love your festive collars. Mom is salivating over those cookies. She says that they look super delicious! And Crockett, thanks for showing off your cute tongue. Ho, ho, ho, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  12. Lovin' the new collars Travis! Looks like your Mommas have been busy baking and I say if there's no proof you made off with a cookie then they'd better not hold that against you! Hope you got lots of bacon and whatever else was on your Wish List! Here's wishing you a VERY MEOWY CHRISTMAS!

    Love, Sammy

  13. Your collars are so cute and your cookies are very impressive! I won't even show you all the pictures of our. The Nephews are quite the ummmm "creative" decorators and you can tell the pups we even had some zombie cookies LOL!
    Marty's Mom


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