Friday, April 5, 2019

Friday Fill-Ins

Happy FriYAY pals!

Well, if ya is friends wif my momma on da Book of Faces, ya already saw what happened to her. If ya aren't, yesterday she wuz riding her bike wif Kinley and this loose aggressive dog started chasin em. Momma ran da bike off da path, wiped out, and really beat herself up. She needed three stitches and a tetanus shot.

The stitches are on her chin, and since momma are very vain, she are really unhappy about it.

I told her it's bacon dat makes her beautiful, pacifically givin bacon to her favorite orange mancats. Not shure if it made her feel better. In case ya is curious how bad it looks . . . 


Maybe she better make double bacon, MOL!

Le sigh. I tried. 

But now it are time for da Friday Fill-Ins.

1. The highlight of my week is BACON CATURDAY.
2. Only 2 more days until DA BIG DAY.
3. I believe I was born to BE KING OF DA UNIVERSE.


  1. Sorry about the moms crash and stitches. She's beautiful and she'll heal up just fine. Need to be on the lookout for that dog though.

    You kitties are most good looking.

    I love your fill-ins. Cats always do the best job on the fill-ins.

    Have a purrfect weekend. Take care of your mom. ♥

  2. Sorry to hear about your Mama's accident. Hope it heals fast!

  3. Your poor momma, that looks painful! I hope it heals quickly. Tell her that if she has got coconut oil to gently rub some onto her skin but not until it is healed and the stitches are out. I have found it helps to reduce scarring.

  4. Ouch! That looks like it hurt, bad. Of course, my human wanted to know if Kinley was okay!

  5. We're sorry to hear about your mom's accident. It looks painful ! We send her tons of healing purrs.

  6. Oh my CATS your precious Momma I'm so sorry she and Kinley had that horrible experience. Is Kinely ok? Please give Momma a gentle head bump from me
    Hugs Cecilia

  7. OMC! Your poor Momma. We think you all need lots of bacon, even Kinley.

  8. Your poor Mom!
    That happened to my mom with a before dog! And she fell on poor Kokanee but it really scared the dog that had gone after Kokanee! Mom had stiches in just about the same place and she had road rash on her bottom!
    I am sure there will be more bacon .. next week!
    You guys look fabulous and take good care of your Mom!

  9. Ouch! Your poor Momma. I have read that frankincense oil can help to prevent scarring.
    Thank you for participating, great answers. Bacon is definitely a highlight :)

  10. Sending healing purrs to your momma. We bet her chin hurts lots. When it heals, absolutely no one will notice that she ever had a boo-boo. All you kitties look meowvolous, and your fill-ins are purrfect. XOCK, angel Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo, Cooper Murphy and Sawyer

  11. @Sandee - Yeah, she's definitely gonna be watching for dat dog.
    @C.L.W.STEP - Fank you!
    @Memories of Eric and Flynn - She has some she uses for her hair, so she's gonna try it.
    @Summer - Kinley wuz totally fine - momma kinda scarified herself to make shure da dog wuz ok.
    @The Swiss Cats - Fank you.
    @My Mind's Eye - Kinley is totally fine - momma made shure SHE wuz ok.
    @The Island Cats - I'll second dat!
    @Marv - Ouch! My momma has scrapes on her face, knee, foot, shoulder, and hands. YIKES!
    @pilch92 -Good to know, momma's gonna look into dat.
    @Kitties Blue - Fank you.

  12. So sorry about your mom.

    Sending healing purrs xx

  13. Oh NO! Mommy and I didn't know about your momma's accident and that looks so painful and I wish that had't happened to her. Is Kinley alright? Is your momma in less pain now? All of you jkitties are nurses you know. Take care of momma. XXXXX

  14. Oh, dear, I came here to help Travis have a good birthday, and then I see this...YIKES:(

    I feel all ouchie is what petcretary was thinking. She fell over a gate (doggy barricade), and has a bruise, but you look way more sore, bruised and bumped up. OUCH.

    I sure hope that heals well. *she* has a scar on her chin, a little more to the center, and it required a lot of stitches...she fell off a trike when she was 4. Now its just a fine line,and hard to see. I hope yours heals well too.
    Our unfurbro had eleven stitches in his upper lip when it was torn by a frightened MJF (MJF was three, long before we were on Dogster), they stitched it up nicely and its there, but not too easy to see...kind of looks like he might have had a cleft lip repair, Oh-oh. He learned at age 15, when he should have already had some common sense, that you do NOT try to help frightened reactive dogs by getting too close to the teeth parts...

    Hope by now some of that bruising is less. Hope the other scrapes and ouchies are healing too.

    Good kitty cuddles and biscuit making should help!

  15. Deer Travis, Crockett an Angelique'ss Meowy wee are so furry sorry a nastie doggie cam aftur you an Kinley!!! Yore chin lookss so sore! Mee thinks dubbell Tuna STAT iss inn order fore sure!
    Mee iss **purrin** an LadyMew iss purrayin you heel upss quik!
    ~~head rubsss~~BellaDharma~~

  16. Oh goodness, we are sending lots of healing purrs and woofs to the mom! Are you kitties being her helpful nurses? We think you all deserve more bacon! Speaking of bacon, do the birthday noms you mentioned ever include bacon?

  17. @Athena Cat Goddess Wise Kitty - Fank you!
    @Katie Isabella - Kinley wuz 100% fine - momma kinda sacrificed her own body for Kinley, She still hurts but at least she got the stitches out.
    @Meezer's Mews & Terrieristical Woofs - Didja ever hear about Whitley did to momma? She and Finley got in a fight and momma tried to break it up - Whitley wuz swinging from her bicep like it wuz a steak! And then proceeded to lick up the spilled blood - someone wuz on the "bad dog" list for a while!
    @Sherri-Ellen T-D. - Dubble tuna can cure most things!
    @The Menagerie Mom - Of course they do!


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