Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Wordless Wednesday


  1. Well Bowie it would seem you will be in charge of "teef selfies" in the've got a great set of chompers little dood!

    Hugs, Teddy

  2. Bowie well done on your WW...and what a yawn.
    Looks like you have found your niche there in the house as top kitten
    Hugs Cecilia

  3. Boy, you DO have a great set of chompers! Have you shown everyone else what they can do? XXXX

  4. Hehe, that Bowie does have alot to say for himself, such a cutie pie
    He's making us SMILE
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  5. Bowie is so cute but he looks like he's still trying to figure it all out.

  6. Y'all look fabulous! Shout it out Bowie!

  7. Bowie, I know you are new at this but wordless means not yelling at the top of your voice. I could hear you all the way over in the UK!

  8. That itty bitty kitty sure has a big pair of choppers!

  9. Oh my Bowie IS a character!! He has this selfie thing down pat!! xoxo

  10. So is that how Bowie is gonna show us his tongue?

  11. @Pam and Teddy - Yeah, and he likes to show those baby fangs!
    @My Mind's Eye - He's definitely got Top Kitten spot.
    @Katie Isabella - Only lil nibbles.
    @Julie - He's been making da mommas smile tons.
    @Matilda the Boxer - Yup, he's working on his roar.
    @The Whiskeratti - It's a lot to figger out around here.
    @Brian - He has been.
    @Memories of Eric and Flynn - He are definitely a vocal lil dude!
    @C.L.W.STEP - Yeah, and he likes to show em.
    @Cat Chat With Caren and Cody (Caren Gittleman) - He's a quick learner.
    @The Island Cats - I think so, MOL!

  12. Bowie, that is a pretty cute collar you have on. When you get a bit older, maybe Travis will let you borrow one of his bandanas to wear. Purr purr purr.

  13. @Valentine - He's got a lot waiting for him - he gets to inherit Crockett's.


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