Saturday, March 21, 2020

Caturday Art

Hey pals! Hope y'our humans are healthy and not insane from quarantine yet.

Da mommas ventured out again yesterday on Mission Impossible: Toilet Paper Part 2 yesterday. 4 stores, no toilet paper. Apparently Dallas county now has an order limiting the amount of toilet paper that can be bought, but we are not in Dallas county. Sigh. At least they found the essenshuls, cat food and bacon. 

We've been keepin em entertained wif playtime and snuggles. It's important to stimulate your humans while they're stuck at home. Feather toys work great for this.

My momma has 2 offerings for Caturday Art today. Furst up are a kitty sketch.

Next up are her latest painting. It's not a cat, but it does look tasty . . .

Bowie's momma wanted some sealife critters for da kitchen. So it's a King Crab.


  1. My Mom is doing the endless search for TP too but hoping today's first "Senior Sunday" at the grocery means TP-a-plenty! Thankfully there's plenty of foodables including bacon here though. Let's hope this craziness is over soon - we kitties like things to be as close to normal as possible!!! Stay safe! By the way, we LOVE LOVE LOVE the drawings - the King Crab is FAB!

    Hugs, Teddy

  2. My human would love some crab right about now!

  3. Dad's right there with you on the bacon as an essential (at least in his mind, says mom). Mom managed to secure some toilet paper after searching multiple stores. It seems Target never ran out, and only allowed one pack per person. Craziness abounds...

  4. Well, bacon, that makes everything better.

  5. That is good news that at least they brought home the bacon!
    Both art is cute, but I love that crab!

  6. I bet that king crab would be extra yummy! Glad you kitties are doing well.

  7. We don't get why people are hoarding toilet paper!

    You all look great and we love your mom's art :)

  8. Love that king crab! Its king sized for extra yumminess, MOL!!

    Still crazy here, now we cannot even go to get a haircut...and petcretary was/is due for one she had an appt for the she can join with Benji to be a shaggy lady...

    1. My momma has a hair dye appointment on the 26th. So far, it's still on, but who knows? She's not gonna be happy trying to bleach her own roots.

  9. Bacon was a good find! Love the art, very pretty. Y'all be safe and healthy!

  10. We love your mama's drawings. Toilet paper is hard to find everywhere. Even with the buying limits. We just don't understand it. At least you got bacon.

  11. MOL...that's very funny artwork, Travis, Bowie and Angelique and your sketch is lovely as ever! I think people think they can eat toiletpapurr, why else would they stock it up...MOL...we found toiletpapurr after three days searching and in the last supermarket that we visited last week😸Pawkisses for a Peaceful Tuesday🙏Stay Happy Healthy and Yourselfie🐾😽💞


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