Monday, March 1, 2021

In Like a Lion?

So there's this saying that March comes in like a LION. Well, we don't know what exactly March has done to earn that honor, but we are all for things being lion-like.

I mean, just look at us! Total kings of the jungle. And since this are supposed to be da month of lions - maybe we should make Angelique do all da work dis month and bring us our foods!! 

On second thought, remembering those smacky paws, maybe not. And she's saying this are women's history month so us guys need to be serving HER? What da meow???


  1. For every plus there is an opposing they are cancelling each other out!!! Phew for all of you!

    It was lion-like here today, all windy and blustery...and the only not lion-like thing was the cold. It was in the 20's all day. Lions wouldn't care for that...MOL!

    I like your leonine banadas!

  2. Hmmm, Travis, I would NOT mess with Angelique if I were you!

  3. Travis, I would not argue with Angelique either!!!!
    Our March came blowing in with lots of rain and today, it's cold!!!!
    Mother Nature needs to get back on her meds!
    Purrs, Julie

  4. I have the feeling that Angelique is always going to win! The lamb beat the lion to it yesterday. We had lovely blue sky and the temperature got up to high 50s. Blue sky again today but colder.

  5. So this guy comes on-line amazed about a giant rat. He asks, I wonder if there are giant cats?

    Yeah, tigers... MOL!

  6. Angelique deserves a special month too!

  7. It sure did come in like a lion this year.

  8. Angie definitely does not look pleased with that idea.

  9. It really Roared and now is holding on with both paws but we see it is letting go. You all look really sharp


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